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It's cliché to say that an artist doesn't fit into a genre. For Sophie Powers, it's true. This is the result of someone making music that sounds cool rather than what she thinks people want to hear. Audiences know when an artist is original, and that's the key to Powers' early success.
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Netflix's Live-Action "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Is Probably Ruined

Hopes for a decent live-action series based on a beloved cartoon are always too good to be true.

Update 2/19/2021: Unconfirmed details emerged this week that are adding to fans' pessimistic outlook on the Netflix adaptation. Among the details that have inspired the most concern are the reported decision to change the ages of siblings Sokka and Katara.

Sokka, originally the older brother at 15, will reportedly now be 14, and 14-year-old Katara will now be the 16-year-old older sister. In addition to changing the dynamics of their sibling relationship, many fans have expressed uneasiness around the fact that the original series focused heavily on 12-year-old Aang's romantic interest in Katara — which would eventually result in the pair getting married.

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The 8 Strangest Anime Ever Made

Want to get into some weird anime? Here is your guide.

jotaro vs dio (part 1)

While anime has maintained a very important place in popular culture, it can remain challenging to convince the uninitiated to give the art form a chance.

It goes without saying that to truly enjoy some of the best anime requires a certain suspension of disbelief, but the experience is so rewarding for those who can let go of real-world details.

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Why "Hunter x Hunter's" Killua Zoldyck Is the Best Boy in Anime

A deep dive into Killua Zoldyck's characterization


MANGA Plus by Shueisha

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most popular anime series, especially within the shōnen genre.

Its main appeal lies in its character relationships, specifically that between the protagonist and deuteragonist, Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck.

The two boys first meet while taking the arduous "Hunter Exam" — a deadly test designed to determine those capable of holding the esteemed title of "Hunter." During the first phase of the exam, Gon, an optimistic kid on a mission to find his father, sticks up for Killua, an assassin prodigy, after another contestant questions his usage of a skateboard. Killua immediately becomes enamored with Gon, and after discovering they're the same age (12), the two become an inseparable pair.

Gon and Killua's relationship grows into an extraordinary friendship, but its bulk is shouldered by Killua. His self-sacrificial nature, his journey toward self-worth, and his incredible complexity makes Killua the most popular and beloved character in Hunter x Hunter, and arguably, in all of anime. His growth is extremely well-written, and he becomes a character one attaches themselves to with great empathy throughout the story.

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Top 9 Best Anime Villains, RANKED

Who doesn't LOVE a good villain?


An anime series is only as good as its villains.

Great villains can make or break any story, and anime just so happens to have some of the best. From over-the-top galactic conquerors to sociopathic high schoolers and psychotic fathers, anime villains are a diverse bunch.

So as an anime fan with a useless screenwriting degree, I'm ranking the best anime villains based on how complex they feel as characters and how well they function within the larger narrative.

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The Top 3 Anime Fights (That Don't Feature Main Protagonists)

Sometimes the undercard matches are better than the headline fights.


Usually the most epic fights in anime are the ones between the main hero and the baddest villain.

Showdowns in the vein of Goku vs. Frieza are the culmination of entire story arcs. These are the fights where the villains pull out their most terrifying powers, and the heroes draw on everything they've experienced so far in order to transcend their abilities and, more often than not, develop a new final form.

But while the headline fights might be the bread and butter of anime hype, sometimes the undercard matches are incredible in their own right. Long-running anime series are particularly great at fleshing out side-characters who would most likely get shoved to the side in a lot of other kinds of stories, and sometimes their battles hit even harder than those of the main heroes.

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