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Beccs Talks Climate Change-Inspired Song "Such a Love"

"Such A Love" is a gorgeous protest song about sacrifice and hope.

beccs - Such A Love (Lyric Video)

One of many strange things about fighting climate change is the way it involves so many contradictions.

There's love for the people and the planet that allows us to live, and hatred that every day seems to gain power. There's the fear and complexity of the work and there's the simple, eternal beauty of a walk in the woods. There's the knowledge that climate change might require sacrifice, but the alternative is even more destructive than we can imagine.

Award-winning Brooklyn-based musician beccs' gorgeous new single reminds us that at its heart, beyond everything else, fighting against climate change is about love. According to its press release, the song "bears the heartbreak of our wounded environment while dreaming up a love that is self-sacrificing enough to save what is left of it."

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