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In many ways, professional wrestling is like a soap opera.

If you remove the spandex and suplexes, you'll find stories of hatred, betrayal, and love. While some of these romances are manufactured purely for entertainment purposes, others are genuine relationships that formed over time, since these performers are on the road over 300 days a year.

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These "WWE 2K20" Glitches Are Hilariously Bad

The newest AAA wrestling romp is an absolute disaster.

The new WWE 2K20 game isn't just bad. It's hilariously bad.

WWE 2K20 is so glitchy that it's borderline unplayable. Since the game's launch, people who made the mistake of pre-ordering have been getting far more enjoyment out of watching their favorite wrestlers' limbs tangled up in ropes than anything resembling and actual match.

The issues are so bad that Playstation is allegedly doling out refunds, and the official WWE 2K20 Twitter account is trying to control the damage.

These glitches are straight-up amazing.

Here's a referee kind of humping and then literally melding into a writhing Charlotte Flair:

Here's someone trying to customize Becky Lynch, and instead accidentally ripping her entire face off:

WWE 2K20 - Insane Becky Lynch

And here's a glitch compilation wherein wrestler decompose into flickering limb piles.

Seriously, though. Stop pre-ordering games.

Hell in a Cell is all about brutality.

Largely considered the WWE's most exciting match-up gimmick, the annual Hell in a Cell battle pits big name wrestlers against each other within the confines of an inescapable cage. There are no disqualifications (DQs) or count-outs––the only path to victory is absolute domination of one's opponent inside the ring. At its best, Hell in a Cell is the peak of WWE's penchant for visceral action.

And then came Hell in a Cell 2019. The match-up seemed great: "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, a hugely popular, horror movie-esque villain, vs. WWE superstar and defending champion Seth Rollins. Would Seth Rollins hold his champion title and bring down the seemingly unstoppable Fiend, or would The Fiend destroy the biggest name in wrestling?

Fans were hugely excited about the match, at least until the WWE broke its own Hell in a Cell rules. For a while, everything was going swimmingly. Fiend gave Rollins a beating. Then Rollins curb stomped Fiend like 8 times, but Fiend kept getting back up. So Rollins grabbed a sledgehammer.

Then, for some unfathomable reason, the ref stepped in and told Rollins not to use it. Why not? Who knows?But Rollins did it anyways and got disqualified. During Hell in a Cell. Which disallows DQs by design. Ex-f*cking-cuse me?

Maybe the WWE wanted The Fiend to win but also didn't want Rollins to outright lose, so instead of making a choice, they tried to cop out and have it both ways. Regardless, it sucked, and now #CancelWWENetwork is trending on Twitter.

So in protestation of what might have been the worst conclusion in WWE history, here are a few other terrible endings to beloved things that still weren't as bad as Hell in a Cell 2019.

Game of Thrones

The entire last season of Game of Thrones was absolute garbage. All logic and character motivation fell to the wayside as the leaders of Westeros chanted "Bran the Broken!" in favor of a spaced out weirdo with the personality of a high schooler who just discovered weed. But at least the Night King didn't get DQed by some random ref for no reason.


Lost had an extremely unsatisfying conclusion. Not only did it fail to answer some of the series most pressing mysteries, but it tripped viewers up by suggesting a "sideways" reality that wasn't technically "they were dead the whole time," but was also pretty much "they were dead the whole time." But at least Jack didn't get DQed by some random ref for no reason.

Hell in a Cell 1998

Oh wait, no, that was amazing (although, to be fair, it did end pretty badly for Mankind). That's what no holds barred WWE Hell in a Cell action is supposed to look like. Know why? Because the Undertaker didn't get DQed by some random ref for no reason.

Yes, the Undertaker literally threw Mankind off the roof of the cell in 1998, but Rollins gets DQed for using a sledgehammer. Nice job WWE, great writing, 10/10. #CancelWWENetwork