8 Celebrities Who Peaked Before They Were Famous

Because it turns out celebrities exist even before we hear about them.

So many celebrities seem to build their entire lives around careers in entertainment.

Good for them. They knew what they wanted to do, and they were actually lucky and talented enough to be successful. But for a lot of these people, it's hard to imagine how they would function in the world without their celebrity status. That's why people freak out when they find out that Taylor Swift can cook. She not only eats people food, she actually knows how to prepare it! Do you think she even washes her own dishes?!

But there is another class of celebrity. People who had full, interesting, and often insane lives before anyone had ever heard of them. People like...

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Before They Were Stars—Madonna Pre-Fame Jobs

Even before fame, Everyone wondered, Who's That Girl?

madonna pre famous jobs—before music, dancing, movies, and motherhood, Madge had some gigs she would Live to Tell about

Today's most famous Material Girl wasn't always a mega-star.

Madonna worked some "normal" jobs before wearing ass-less chaps and playing tonsil hockey with Britney Spears.

Of course, "Madge" has a full-time staff and enough money to never work again for even a day for the rest of her eccentric life, but she still rocks the concert stage like no other bitch in the business.

But before music, dancing, movies, and motherhood, Madonna had some gigs that she would Live to Tell about.

Take 4 Minutes and read on for a few surprises from Madonna's past.

You'll be wondering, Who's That Girl?

As per Biography, Madonna attended the University of Michigan with a full scholarship to their dance program.

A sorority sister she was not, but her dancing skills led her to the opportunity to study with the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in The Big Apple.

However, she dropped out of school to pursue her dreams of stardom.

Biography tells us that in order to make ends meet, Madonna took some "interesting" jobs in the city.

Madonna pre-famous jobs:

One of which was nude modeling for art classes.

Madonna's not shy about showing some skin, so this must have been the perfect gig for the exhibitionist. Sitting around while others were ogling her was something she'd probably do for free!

She was also a waitress at the swanky Russian Tea Room.

Vodka and caviar are right up Madge's alley so she must have swiped a taste or two from some unfinished dinner plates. Classy.

In other food news, Popcrush notes that while in NYC, Madonna also worked at Dunkin' Donuts. While donuts don't make for a dancer's body, a munchkin here and there helped keep Madonna's energy up.

Lucky for her, the "time to make the donuts" was short-lived.

In fact, Popcrush quotes Madonna confessing, "I was sacked from Dunkin' Donuts for squirting the donuts jelly all over the customers!"

Well, that's one way to Express Yourself, we suppose.

More appropriate for Madonna's taste, Zimbio notes that the singer did some modeling as well while in NYC.

Anything to get in front of a camera is a job well-done for Madonna.

Soon, as per Biography, Madonna got a studio band together and a friend wrote her first hit, Everybody.

It soared to the top of the dance charts in 1982 and by the next year, a full-length album was recorded.

Madonna must have had her own Lucky Star, because ever since, she's been one of the biggest celebs of all time.

Take a Bow, Madonna, you're Into the Groove for life!

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It's hard to imagine a time when the name Sarah Jessica Parker came up and the first thing that came to mind wasn't "Carrie Bradshaw."

Sex and the City will go down in history as one of the best NYC-based series ever created, and thanks to the part played by SJP, any modern gal knows whether or not she's a "Carrie."

Sure, all turned out splendid for Carrie—she became a published author, her friendships stayed tight year after year, and of course, she finally got hitched to "Mr. Big."

And as we know, SJP's real life ain't all too shabby either. She lives luxuriously in Manhattan with her actor hubby Matthew Broderick, and hangs with A-list pals including reality TV host with the most, Andy Cohen.

But before fame and fortune, Sarah was a girl from a large family of modest means trying to make her way into the spotlight. As we know, Sarah succeeded, but not without struggle. Here's a taste of SJP pre-fame, and why you'll be rooting for our fave sex columnist even more once you're done reading.


Before They Were Stars—Jon Bon Jovi Pre-Fame Jobs
Before They Were Stars—Brad Pitt Pre-Fame Jobs
Before They Were Stars—Nicki Minaj Pre Fame Jobs

According to Biography, Sarah grew up in "relative poverty" as the fourth of eight (take that Kate Gosslin) siblings. Her talents blossomed early, either due to need or desire, and Sarah helped the family monetarily by performing in dancing and singing gigs in the community of Nelsonville, Ohio. Just like Honey Boo Boo… kinda.

Despite the family's hardships, the family moved to Cincinnati where Sarah took singing, theater, and ballet classes, as per The Muse, and was cast in the Broadway revival of William Archibald's The Innocents, as per Wikipedia, after she and four of her siblings appeared in a production of The Sound of Music in Missouri.

In 1979, Sarah landed a dream-come-true role for a young girl as the star of Annie on Broadway in Manhattan until 1980, as per Biography, and before long, she landed a gig in Footloose, according to Viralscape, in the role of "Rusty."

Soon SJP made it to the small screen as a total geek in her role on the TV show, Square Pegs, according to Biography. Her geekiness was a far cry from the Carrie Bradshaw she'd portray in decades to come!

From there, movie roles and more TV gigs took Sarah to the next level in her career, eventually landing her the iconic SATC role and many more since.

From rags to riches, this leading lady was a born star!

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Brad Pitt

Nicki Minaj


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Luann de Lesseps

Sarah Jessica Parker

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