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Why Is Bella Thorne's OnlyFans Account Hurting Sex Workers?

Thorne raised $2 million in one week on OnlyFans, and users who rely on the platform for their income aren't happy.

Actress Bella Thorne wearing Giambattista Valli arrives at the amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2021

Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Actress Bella Thorne recently joined OnlyFans, a site that allows subscribers to pay for (usually "adult") content.

During her first week on the platform, she reportedly made $2 million in one day. Reportedly, Thorne advertised a revealing, explicit photo that cost $200 to access—but when fans opened the photo, they saw that Thorne was actually covering her chest. Many fans attempted to cancel the charge and demanded that the website refund their purchase.

Shortly after, OnlyFans changed its policy to cap pay-per-view messages at $50 and tips at $100. Many sex workers who rely on the platform for their incomes are upset, blaming Thorne's antics for the platform's sudden policy change.

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From Freud to Bella Thorne: What Is Pansexuality?

"I like sexy girls, I like sexy guys. I like sexy in general, you know?"

Bella Thorne wearing Giambattista Valli at the amfAR Gala

Photo by Image Press Agency (NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Sexuality is confusing, especially if you turn to the 21-year-old "wannabe mogul" Bella Thorne for explanations.

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Apparently Whoopi Goldberg thinks women who fall victim to sex crimes shouldn't be surprised when it happens.

At least that's what her comments about Bella Thorne's nude picture hacking scandal suggest. "You don't take nude photos of yourself," said Goldberg on The View. "Once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud and it's available to any hacker who wants it, and if you don't know that in 2019, that this is an issue, I'm sorry, you don't get to do that."

Essentially, Goldberg seems to be saying that when a woman expresses her sexuality, even in private, she needs to take responsibility if a man uses that to violate her safety or privacy. Make no mistake, hacking celebrities' private nude photos isn't some high-tech heist. "Hackers," in this scenario, aren't amorphous shadow people; they're men purposely trying to extort, overpower, and abuse women. This is sexual assault.

Bella Thorne responded via Instagram:

Bella Thorne Emotional Message for Whoopi Goldberg After Comments on 'The View'www.youtube.com

As all victim-blamers tend to do, Goldberg hears a story about a woman getting violated due to her sexuality, and instead of saying, "The person who violated her was a disgusting sex criminal who needs to be brought to justice," she makes excuses that the woman wasn't more careful. "She shouldn't have taken those nude pictures in the first place" is a victim-blaming argument that functions on the exact same logic as "she was asking to get raped." They're both stances that seem to just accept the idea that men are animals who can't control their urges, so the onus falls on women not to do things that will make men want to violate them.

Here's an alternative, hypothetical variant of Goldberg's quote wherein we replace hacking with rape. Let's see if it reads as level-headedly. "You don't wear a miniskirt. Once you wear a miniskirt, people can touch your body and it's available to for anyone who wants it, and if you don't know that in 2019, that this is an issue, I'm sorry, you don't get to do that."

For the people in the back––THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Everyone should be allowed to celebrate their bodies and sexualities, especially in private settings, without the fear that someone will attack or otherwise harm them for it. And if someone does harm them for it, the responsibility for that crime lies SOLELY on the shoulder of the person who commits it. That's how crime works.

A jewelry store that gets robbed isn't responsible just because it had something shiny in the window. The robber is. A woman who gets raped isn't responsible because someone else felt entitled to her body. The rapist is. And a woman who gets her private pictures hacked by someone who intends to extort, abuse, and violate her isn't responsible for the fact that someone else felt entitled to her intimate moments. The hacker is.

Bella Thorne is absolutely right. Whoopi Goldberg's comments truly are "disgusting" and show disdain towards women as a whole. She should be ashamed.


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Prince Fox - Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) [Official Music Video]

It's here and you're invited.

Recently rising future pop producer and artist Prince Fox announced a tour and we're too excited. The tour is named after Prince Fox's most recent single premiering with us today: "Open Invite." Prince Fox has always been playing guitar and started producing electronic music after going to an electronic music festival. Since then, his career certainly has taken off. Working with A-list talent on several collaborative projects, Prince Fox is quickly becoming a household name. One of Prince Fox's popular collaborations was his recent single with Disney Channel's Bella Throne. Throne and Prince Fox's song "Just Call" has over 5 million streams and 1.7 million views on the accompanying music video. In addition to working with Bella Thorne, his recent single, and his current tour, Prince Fox has also collaborated with Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld on her song "Fragile" and new comer Quinn XCII on "Space" recently.

Watch "Just Call" here.

Today Prince Fox releases his single "Open Invite." The slow jam has a definite groove to it that's perfect for that time of the night when you're riding an awesome vibe. No wonder he'll be the soundtrack to many people's spring break. While on this track Prince Fox's vocals take the spotlight on this song, they are complimented by the intricacies and layers of his track. The song really revs up and gets you excited when the beat drops. The song gives you some serious euphoric and chill vibes and sounds just like what Prince Fox is saying in the hook. "Baby come through," he casually croons. The song feels reflective of our generation's culture. Our everyone is welcome, living in the moment philosophy is a prominent undertone in the song. I'm dying to see Prince Fox perform this one live. It's no doubt an invitation to have a good time. Though relatable to everyone, this song will definitely be one of spring break's hottest party anthems.

Check out the full tour list here.

Prince Fox's tour kicked off last Friday in Philadelphia, PA with his next show in Washington, DC. On the tour he's hitting some major cities like New York and Boston, but is also heading to some more surprising places. He has a three night run in the Bahamas as part of their spring break celebration. Sounds like the best tour ever to me. His live show is said to be infectious. Including some of his songs and also some of the best of future pop he guides his audiences through a night of music, dancing, and great vibes. If you are curious about Prince Fox's performance style, check out his set with Dilpo and Friends. The show is a major deal considering Diplo is one of the biggest figures in music production. You can listen to Prince Fox's set here.

Follow Prince Fox on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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