Recently, I made the switch from glasses to contact lenses, and I just couldn't seem to get used to them. Anyone who wears contacts knows the struggles: remembering to remove them before bed, squeezing that last drop of solution into their tray so they don't dry out, accidentally falling asleep and waking up with bloodshot eyes... The worst is when you drop a fresh lens on the floor, and try to salvage it by dousing it in solution, blowing on it, and praying to the contact spirits: anything to avoid paying for a whole new box.

A good friend of mine has contacts, so I asked her for advice on how to manage them. That's when she told me about Hubble, a contact lens subscription service. At first, I was quite skeptical. I mean, I'd heard of magazine - and even meal kit! - subscriptions, but couldn't understand how it might work with contacts lenses.

My monthly lenses just weren't working for me. So, I decided to check out Hubble - and see what it's all about. Here are the 5 things I was surprised to learn…….

Super convenient. You take a 30-second quiz, provide your prescription, and optometrist's information, so that they can verify it, and boom, you got contacts.

Zero maintenance. After you take them out every night, simply toss them away, and put in a fresh new pair in the morning.

Better value. I thought 60 daily disposable lenses were bound to cost a ton, but they're only $36/month (that's, like, $1 a pair).

High-quality lenses. FDA-approved and manufactured at St. Shine Optical, a company with over 20 years experience.

Flexible Frequency. If you don't wear lenses every day, you can change the frequency of your subscription.

When I saw my first order included 15 pairs of Hubble lenses for free (just $1 S+H), I had to subscribe. I'm thrilled I did, because their lenses let me see clearly without the inconvenience of monthlies. I've been using Hubble for two months now, and every month without prompting, a pretty box of lenses arrives on my doorstep.

Hubble takes the hard work out of wearing contacts. I don't have to trek to my optometrist to get a prescription. Plus, If I drop them or lose one - no big deal - there's a fresh pair ready to use tomorrow. If you struggle to maintain your monthly contacts, Hubble is definitely for you. Try it, you can thank me later.

Get YOUR CONTACTS: Take this quiz to earn your first two weeks FREE (just $1 S+H)!

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