Bill O'Reilly Is "on His Last Legs Anyway"

The former host of The O'Reilly Factor wants us to remember that people who are old like him barely matter

Does anyone remember who Bill O'Reilly was?

We probably shouldn't talk about him in the past tense. He's still alive, after all, though probably not for much longer. He's only 70, so he could live another 30 years, and probably someone in the world would be happy to see him still shuffling about, mumbling about writing another Killing So-and-So book, but most of us can see that he's on his last legs. How else could you explain the idea of a man who was once considered a sharp political commentator speaking dismissively about the deaths of tens of thousands of people?

That's exactly what O'Reilly did when calling in to Wednesday's episode of The Sean Hannity Show. Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently ravaging the hospital system in New York City, Hannity and O'Reilly started out by pining together for a return to normal life, which prompted O'Reilly to find an optimistic angle, saying, "We're making little steps. Bernie Sanders, you know, he's—he's gone, that's really good for everybody."

Seann Hannity Bill O'Reilly Two47 News

It's unclear what O'Reilly might have meant by that—if he felt that the Vermont senator dropping his bid for the Democratic nomination was a positive move in terms of Trump's reelection chances, Joe Biden's shot at the nomination, or just for the country in general. While it seemed to be a complete non-sequitur, perhaps O'Reilly was under the impression that Bernie Sanders' campaign was somehow responsible for the spread of the coronavirus—when people get on in years, it can be hard to tell what they're even talking about.

But after that brief tangent, O'Reilly managed to get back on topic, producing some figures downplaying the on-going tragedy in a way that almost seemed to suggest that the disruption of familiar routines was actually the bigger issue: "The projections that you just mentioned are down to 60,000, I don't think it will be that high. 13,000 dead now in the USA. Many people who are dying, both here and around the world, were on their last legs anyway." As always, O'Reilly is demonstrating the pinnacle of emotional restraint by keeping things in perspective

Bill O'Reilly - We'll Do It LIVE!

The "projection" he mentioned is the current estimate for the eventual US death toll from the coronavirus. While it's not clear if that figure will include the deaths that are currently being left out of the total count, 60,000 is significantly less horrifying than previous estimates, which put the expected fatalities closer to 100,000. The fact that Bill O'Reilly happens to think 60,000 is still an overestimate cannot be attributed to any expertise in medicine, epidemiology, or statistics, so the best bet is that he's simply confused—as tends to happen to people who are barely clinging to life. It's good to know that when Bill O'Reilly passes—whether that's a week from now, a year, or twenty years—his loved ones can skip the mourning process and shrug their shoulders because, however he dies, he was old anyway. He was on his last legs.

We can leave aside the fact that many of the people who have already died as a result of contracting the novel coronavirus have been in the prime of their lives. O'Reilly would seemingly acknowledge that those cases deserve our sorrow. His point is just that most of the people who are dying are old like him, and therefore not really worth getting that upset about. If we look at Italy, for example, the death rate for people in their 40s who contracted the virus is less than 1%, while with people in their 70s (like Bill O'Reilly) the virus has killed nearly a quarter of the infected. But they're old anyway, so no big deal. Right, Bill?

Three Bill O'Reilly Sexual Harassment Accusers Speak Out | The Last Word | MSNBC

The overall message seems to be that if you've ever lost a loved one who was old, you were wrong to get upset about that. They were on their last legs anyway. And if that seems like a heartless, cruel message, please keep in mind that—before he was outed as a serial sexual harasser and removed from Fox News—Bill O'Reilly once hosted the highest-rated show on cable news. These days he is a c-list radio personality.

In other words, he is mentally and physically a hollowed-out husk of his former self—withered away and rapidly deteriorating. We can either wait for him to die, or accept that his life is already devoid of value and start ignoring him now. He's on his last legs anyway.

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Bill O'Reilly and our world of ignorance

What is there to take away from O'Reilly's firing?

Ilya S. Savenok- Getty Images

After weeks of pressure from advertisers and viewers Fox News decided to remove O'Reilly's show from its network.

[Editor's Note: the following opinions are entirely my own.]

Bill O'Reilly no longer has a TV show. I know it probably shouldn't be surprising, given the backlash that emerged after The Times' profile on O'Reilly's multiple accusations of sexual harassment. Advertisers abandoned his show by the dozen and placed enough pressure that Fox News was willing to kill their golden goose. This is a good thing, right? The voices of a disgusted public were heard and acknowledged, as a man who'd performed predatory acts on colleagues was no longer saved by their personal profitability. But somehow as the fallout continues I can't help but find my optimism tamped down by the painful uncertainty whether or not anything has really changed?

We're undeniably better off without O'Reilly in the television landscape, but there's something unsettling about the way he was removed. As much as people will likely remember this event as the result of citizens' backlash, remember this news comes 18 days after the report was released and prepared themselves to stand by the successful newsman. This comes after Fox News had settled with his accusers for millions of dollars and still opted to renew his contract. There was no excuse of surprise or ignorance from their side. They knew what he'd been accused of but just didn't care. Bill O'Reilly was saved at first because he was profitable and he was let go because he wasn't anymore.

Perhaps this is a simplistic way of looking at the matter, but still it would be nice to know that even when the right decision is made it is done for the right reasons. We live in a world where not only a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women sits in the White House and throws his full support to the entrenched O'Reilly. Where many politicians who admonished Trump for his words, quickly forgot about the entire incident when his poll numbers rose again. Where the journalist who playfully bathed in Trump's words on the Access Hollywood bus receives millions in buyout money and is now plotting a comeback via his bizarre Instagram videos today. Despite the protests and fighting from activists, everybody still wants to live in a world of ignorance. Only when their financial or political futures become questioned does contrition even become considered.

There is a good side to this story, one about the pressure and protesting that made Fox News finally cast O'Reilly aside. That consumers made it known there was money to be lost if they were to continue supporting O'Reilly. Hopefully this teaches a lesson on the standards we require for our public figures. Yet, I already fear the moment ignorance sets back in and O'Reilly finds himself his next job because somebody remembers he was profitable. Trump made it to the White House, Mel Gibson is an Oscar nominated director again, and countless other men continue to skirt by because there's money and power to be found. As much as there is a temptation to call this decision a win, it will only be one if people continue to remind the decision of what men like O'Reilly do. In a world that prioritizes money, it's up to us to make them see beyond dollars and cents.

bill oreilly black lives matter

Bill O’Reilly just crossed over from professional troll to totally delusional fucktard.

The Fox News blowhard went after the Black Lives Matter activists last night, along with fellow bigot, Andrea Tantaros, and the result would have been comical, if not so jaw droppingly ignorant, inflammatory and dangerous—Popdust has video.

Riff Raff Knows How To Stop Racism—Because DUH! Of COURSE He Does

O’Reilly kicks off the segment by labeling the movement “a radical group”, bolstering the purported radicalization credentials by name checking those well known revolutionaries, Jay-Z and Beyonce.

“A radical group called Black Lives Matter has threatened to shut down the Republican Convention in Cleveland next year and is generally causing trouble all over the country,” O’Reilly says.

Playwright Slams Ohio Kent State For Casting White Guy As Martin Luther King

“The group, partially funded by George Soros, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Last Sunday a reporter tried to cover a Black Lives Matter conference at Cleveland State University.”

Cue video of activists asking the aforementioned reporter to leave the gathering, as they are not of African American descent.

This Ben Carson Rap Ad Is Some Of The Craziest Shit You’ll Ever Hear

O’Reilly then introduces Tantaros, along with Fox News contributor, Jehmu Greene, to offer her perspective, as a person of color—but, hey, it’s O’Reilly’s show, so we all know nobody is ever going to really be able to offer up any kind of reasonable discourse or opinion without being either shouted over or cut off mid sentence.

And sure enough.

Tantaros backs up O’Reilly’s intro, by saying, ‘This is par for the course, I mean, this group is funded by George Soros, and these far left groups take whatever tactic they need to bully and intimidate to get their point across.”

Interesting…. Bullying and intimidation….. not things anything one would ever associate with either O’Reilly or Tantaros.

Bill O'Reilly Slams Beyonce For Being 'Too Sexy'—Shows Off His Thinly Veiled Racism

“Now, if this was any other group on the right this would be a story that would be run on other cable news channels over and over and over,” she goes on to assert.

“And you know what Bill, when they were asked, their founder Patrice Cullors was asked the other day, ‘do you plan on shutting down the democratic convention,’ she said, ‘no, they are on our side’ and if you look at the incidences where you’ve seen rioting and things happening, its black leaders… Democrats, like in Baltimore and a lot of these cities that are responsible for these incidences, and yet it sends a message that I think is very important, that Black Lives Matter—just not in Democratic cities.”

I'm Not Racist But.... The Top Celeb Bigoted Blunders

Kanye West Says Racism Is Not a Real Thing, Just A Silly Outdated Concept - See more at:

Kanye West Says Racism Is Not a Real Thing, Just A Silly Outdated Concept - See more at:

Kanye West Says Racism Is Not a Real Thing, Just A Silly Outdated Concept - See more at:

OK, so first off Tantaros—you’ve just asserted that this is a “far left group” then gone on to say it’s black Democrats who are protesting… so., why exactly would you expect them to shut down the Democratic convention? I mean, quite frankly, I’m not a fan of either side, but it’s usually Republicans that are trying to disenfranchise black voters, and it’s usually the right wing who are most vocal about being ‘condemned” as white society.

But, hey, who cares about talking sense? Because, you know what, she’s just perfectly set up O’Reilly to get on his soap box and bang on about the right wing change the subject  go on black crime.

411 On Baltimore City Corruption, Racism, Witness Coercion And Coaching

“In various things like violent crime,” the odious mouthpiece kicks off. “You don’t see the Black Lives Matter crew on the south side of Chicago…”

“Democratic city, there you go,” Tantaros interjects, seemingly validated.

In Defense Of Sweet Home Alabama—Why Its Racist Legacy Is Not Deserved

“The death rate of young black males in Chicago is…” O’Reilly continues, before Tarantos interjects once more, “Through the roof…”

But, how about we give a second or two to the token black person here? See what they have to say. Maybe add a little balance or rationality?

“What say you Jehmu?’ O’Reilly asks, feigning interest in her response.

“Look, I don’t think these activists, who are angry, I don’t think their tactics of keeping reporters out of hearing what they are trying to share with the entire world, I don’t think that’s the right tactic,” she says. “But, I do understand why they are angry. I understand that when black people are killed, the media doesn’t pay attention. When white people are killed, the criminal justice system acts… they want to say very clearly….

Bill O'Reilly Is Finished—Finished!—With Lady Gaga

“Here’s an example for you Bill…if a house is on fire and the house next to it is not on fire and the fire department shows up and starts putting water on the house that’s not on fire…are you going to say, ‘that house is on fire’? What they want is for everyone to understand what is going on here…that black lives…. when killed by police officers….”

OK… enough of you Jehmu, Bill’s simply not interested….he’s got a GREAT Nazi analogy to bring in…before making a simply astounding claim…. oh, this is sooo good….

“Alright, but their message means nothing if they do these Gestapo tactics,” he says as poor Jehmu just shakes her head sadly.

Donald Trump Hair Mystery—Combover, Toupee, Transplant, Follicle Faux Pas?

“See, they lose all credibility, the group is never going to be taken seriously and their message is going to fall on ears only sympathetic to them. Now, the reporter in this country who has shed the most light on young black men being killed is who Jehmu?”

“Well, I think there are many…” she begins, before ORreilly, in a very non-bullying and intimidating manner, cuts her off, “No, no, who is the one reporter who has done the most on it in the national media, who?”

George Zimmerman's Latest Artistic Travesty Pokes Fun At Prosecutor Angela Corey

A bemused and sad looking Jehmu concedes that she does not know, but, yeah, we’re pretty sure she knows what totally unsubstantiated bullshit claim is coming next.

“That would be, that would be me,” O’Reilly claims. “Alright? That would be me. Report after report after report.”

"Well, thank you for that coverage,’ Jehmu begins, before the ever humble O’Reilly cuts in again, “No, I don’t want to be thanked, I don’t want to be thanked.”

Donald Trump Is Truly The Most Amazing Troll Of Our Times

“But they want more action,” Jehmu attempts to continue. "They want more action from the police…”

“And, if they want more action they should join with me and demand that the mayor and police chief of Chicago, police the south side in an effective way, which means flooding the zone with officers and stopping the madness.

“Yet, those people will not do that because they are only interested in condemning white society. That’s all. Right, now, your say…”

[Which means, shut up with your nonsense Jehmu, we’re going to get back to some more serious, intellectual discourse, (ahem!) courtesy Tantaros.]

Hulk Hogan Ditched By WWE Over Reported Racist Rant

“You’re right, if they want to enact change like Jehmu says, they would go exactly where the crime rates are the highest,” she opines. “And, if you want to have credibility then you go into those cities, like Chicago, like Baltimore, and you protest.”

“Was that over the top with my being the…..I AM the guy!” O’Reilly asserts.

Cue more bullshit distractive drivel about black on black crime, during which O’Reilly compares Chicago to a “mini Holocaust”….

Right. OK!

Then, over to poor Jehmu for the “last word”…

“With all due respect to police officers who keep us safe, when you assume that a black person is a criminal, when you pull them over, and treat them as a criminal from the moment they open their mouth,” she says, “And this has happened to me, this happened to me on the way into an interview..”

Kanye West Says Racism Is Not A Real thing—Just A Silly Outdated Concept

“But, this is not what we are talking about tonight,” O’Reilly insists..obviously completely, utterly missing the point, because this is EXACTLY what the Black Lives Matter movement is about… systematic racism and white privilege.

“There is an anger out there because people are not paying attention to this structural racism in our criminal justice system..” Jehmu continues.

“And that anger should be demonstrated in a responsible way,” O’Reilly cuts in. “Not threatening reporters and threatening to shut down conventions.”

Oh Bill. Seriously?

There’s what’s wrong with the U.S. right there. Right there.

Constantly attempting to deflect away from institutionalized racism and the murder of innocent black civilians at the hands of cops, by bleating on about “black on black crime” is both sadly predictable, and distracting from the real issue at hand.

Plus, it is just blatantly misleading and insulting to insinuate that black people do not care about black people being killed by other blacks.

As Ta-Nehesi Coates wrote in the Atlantic, "The policy of America has been, for most of its history, white supremacy. The high rates of violence in black neighborhoods do not exist outside of these facts — they evidence them."

Michael Moore has slammed Clint Eastwood over death threats the actor-turned-director made against him back in January 2005.

The 60-year-old took to Facebook to express his dismay over Eastwood’s “bothersome” remarks, branding him—along with other longtime Michael Moore detractors, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck—the “American ISIS.”

The Eastwood-Moore feud was reignited last week, after the Canadian-born documentary maker criticized Clint’s latest Oscar contender, American Sniper, in a series of scathing tweets.



Not surprisingly, Moore’s critics were quick to strike back—with Tea Party darling and former Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, leading the charge.

After attacking Moore for his “disrespect” of American troops, Palin, was quick to jump on a press opportunity—holding up a sign that read “Fuc you Michael Moore” whilst posing with Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, during the Iowa Freedom Summit last Saturday.

In yesterday's Facebook tirade, Moore revisited Eastwood’s decade old threat, explaining that at a National Board of Review Awards dinner, the 84-year-old announced “to me and to the crowd that he would 'kill' me if I ever came to his house with my camera for an interview. 'I'll kill you,' he declared.”

Moore continued:

Having just experienced a half-dozen assaults in the previous year from crazies upset at Fahrenheit 9/11 and my anti-war Oscar speech, plus the attempt by a right wing extremist to blow up my house (he was caught in time and went to prison), I was a bit stunned to hear Eastwood, out of the blue, make such a violent statement.

But I instantly decided he was just trying to be funny, so I laughed the same nervous laugh everyone else did. Clint, though, didn't seem to like all that laughter. ’I mean it,' he barked, and the audience grew more quiet. 'I'll shoot you.'

I tried to keep that fake smile on my face so as to appear as if he hadn't 'gotten' to me. But he had. I then mumbled to those sitting at my table. 'I think Dirty Harry just said, ‘Make my day, punk.’

After conceding Eastwood is a “great filmmaker” Moore opined, “something started to go haywire with Clint in the last decade” before going on to criticize American Sniper yet further, calling it “a mess of a film that rewrites history” and claiming the movie perpetuates “racist sentiment to Arabs.”

Moore finished off by admitting what he found most “bothersome” about Eastwood’s menacing warning, was that it backed up similar death threats that had previously been made against him by Beck and O’Reilly... Concluding:

This past week or so of hysterical attacks on me only proves that the American lovers of violence and the issuers of fatwas in OUR society haven't gone away.

They are our American Isis—Criticize or mock those whom we deify, like our sainted sniper, and we will harm you most assuredly.


Are you #TeamEastwood or #TeamMoore?

Vote in Popdust's poll and sound off in comments below!

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Bill O’Reilly is slamming Beyonce—once again—over her “too sexy” videos and performances.

The 64-year-old is also showing off his thinly veiled racism (and his penchant for referring to himself in the third person) during his Queen Bey takedown on David Letterman’s Late Show Friday night—Popdust has video.

“It’s very hard to criticize someone like that.. she’s very talented…and we like Beyonce,” O’Reilly tells Letterman. “But her new recordings and video is pretty raunchy and a lot of young girls who don’t have responsible parents idolize her.”

Letterman points out that she’s not the only sexed-up performer out there—citing Miley CyrusWrecking Ball video as an example—which, amazingly O’Reilly claims to know nothing about.


“Here’s my question for Beyonce if she ever came on my program…and if she comes here you should ask her,” O’Reilly continues. “She’s got 350 million bucks according to Forbes right, she doesn’t have to do this. I mean, some of these thugs… that’s all they can do.”

Some of these THUGS?!!!! Seriously?!!!

Letterman is quick to interject, “Well, first of all, we don’t go calling people thugs,” he says…. but, well, O’Reilly does….

The ultra-conservative then goes on to equate Beyonce’s sexed-up image with the rise in unmarried mothers in the African American community, before going on to offer up a little career advice.

“Right now in the African American community 72 percent of babies are born out of wedlock,” he says. “Back when Motown was hot in the ‘60s it was like 10 or 12 percent so what we’re seeing then is a deleterious affect on American society and what I’m saying to somebody like Beyonce is look these girls love you… they idolize you…you have all the money you need…you are very talented….do some uplifting stuff and you’ll sell as many records.”

Guess the fact that Beyonce is a happily married mother herself doesn’t factor into O’Reilly’s equation…

Do you know who he is? Do you? DO YOU?

Shephard Smith is known for being less explosive than his fiery Fox News cohorts—but it seems he's no less of an asshole than Bill O'Reilly et all once the cameras stop rolling.

Jenna Jameson Battling Addiction To Pills, Friends Urging Her To Go To Rehab

Gawker has a delightful tale of an epic meltdown by the 49-year-old—as told by the poor waitress who was on the receiving end.

Katya Minskova claims the incident occurred last March at her now ex-place of employment, Chelsea bar, Bathtub Gin—and that it all kicked off after Smith took umbrage at his drink not being refilled promptly enough.

Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Will Make An Excellent Wife And Mother—Based On Her Sex Tape

“He got up from his table, grabbed my elbow, and started yelling,” the waitress tells Gawker, claiming the anchor continued screaming at her, “Where the fuck is my drink! Where is my fucking drink! Get my fucking drink!”

And, it just gets better from there…….

You can read the full, beautiful, story at Gawker.