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The Secret To St. Patrick’s Day Shopping 2023

Green Is In

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. A huge holiday for those who like to find excuses to ignore work and hit the pub. And there truly is no better way to celebrate the Irish than with a green beer.

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Before there was TikTok, there was YouTube. The old me would sit down with a snack and watch endless storytimes, challenges, moving-out videos, makeup tutorials, cooking shows, you name it. I ended my nights with budding influencers like Emma Chamberlain, Tana Mongeau, James Charles, and David Dobrik.

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Asher Monroe is back with an exclusive Behind The Scenes look for his XR Concert. While you may know how strong his vocals sound and beautiful his music is, you may not know the work that goes into producing an extended reality concert. In this inside look, fans can see Monroe create art through each scene.

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Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford? Or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

These problematic couple costumes weren’t just cringe — they’re making light of serious issues

Billie Eilish

By Fred Duval via Shutterstock

Halloween: a holiday for spooky-themed debauchery. Its allure can partly be attributed to its unabashed celebration of our inner children. We’re encouraged to be creative. To carve pumpkins, dress up in costume, and revel in our shared silliness. We show off our interests — from our favorite characters and to our favorite memes — with our elaborate get-ups. Even if you opt for a minimal, last-minute, or outright “sexy” outfit — bunny ears or cat ears included — it’s all about the fun.

Until it isn’t.

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It appears that Beyonce, RIhanna, and Taylor Swift collectively agreed to descend from the music heavens to grace our mortal ears with new albums. What a time for female musicians to swoop in and save the music industry as we know it.

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Fall isn’t really the time for pops of bright neons and bold statement colors. It could be because our tans are fading and hot pinks will wash us out, or because the weather is colder and we want to blend in as much as possible. Either way, I’m convinced it’s something about our moods and the weather that affects what color we wear.
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