What Happened at the Met Gala 2022: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, and Questionable Invites

How to survive Met Gala night — even if you’re just watching in your peejays

Why Does the Met Gala take it out of me? It’s my Super Bowl — and every year I feel like I’ve played the big game, or attended the big event — falling into my bed completely wrung out. All this, after doing nothing but sitting on my couch. Why?

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Culture News

Timothée Chalamet, ​Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman: The Met Gala Co-Chairs of Our Dreams

We thought it couldn't get better after Harry Styles in 2019, but the 2021 Met Gala is already our favorite.

The Met Gala hosts were just announced and they're a Gen Z dream: Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman.

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Is It Time to Boycott Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish has apologized for her Anti-Asian behavior — but is her self-serving statement enough?

Billie Eilish in her new video, "Lost Cause"


On Monday night, Billie Eilish issued an apology for the anti-Asian behavior she had been exposed for in a video that recently made its rounds on TikTok.

Eilish took to her Instagram story to address the issue, posting a full statement addressing the video and people's reaction to it. She claimed that her statement was not the PR stunt typical of many celebrity apologies responding to viral scandals, saying: "this is something that i WANT to address because i'm being labeled something that i'm not."

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Billie Eilish's Next Collab? Air Jordan

The singer is joining the exclusive ranks of female Jordan collaborations with her neon green Jordan 1 sneakers

The Jumpman x Billie Logo is already fire

Billie Eilish is booked and busy.

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New Releases

Billie Eilish Throws a Summer Shindig in Self-Directed "Lost Cause" Video

The new track precedes Eilish's upcoming sophomore record, "Happier Than Ever."

Billie Eilish, "Lost Cause"

Billie Eilish has shared a new song called "Lost Cause."

The laid-back track marks the fourth single from Eilish's upcoming sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. "Lost Cause" also arrives with a self-directed music video that depicts Eilish having a house party with a small group of friends. Watch it below.

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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has had a major week.

A new photoshoot on the cover of British Vogue featured Eilish in stockings, heels, and a corset, a highly stylized and feminine look that was a sharp difference from her usual baggy clothes. To say the photos went viral was an understatement — one after the other quickly became the first photo to break one million likes in six minutes on Instagram, becoming the fastest photo ever liked.

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