Playbill for Bohemian Rhapsody Soho, London

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Films "based on a true story" tend to blur the line between fiction and reality as thoroughly as Trump's Twitter account.

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Film News

Green Book Is This Year's Best Feel Good Movie About Racism

The Oscar for Best Picture goes to a movie about racism made without almost any input from the minorities it represents.

GREEN BOOK Trailer (2018)

When Green Book won the Oscar for Best Picture, Spike Lee was noticeably outraged, very nearly leaving the theater before calming down and returning to his seat.

While some might view his behavior as poor sportsmanship, his anger makes a lot of sense considering the content of Green Book compared to his own Best Picture-nominated movie, BlacKkKlansman.

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The 2019 Academy Awards felt like a tense, forced dinner party that never felt comfortable no matter how many rounds of charades and glasses of wine forced on the guests. A dinner party without a clear host is always going to struggle, and if you throw in some racial tension and sexual assault allegations, you've got yourself a real cringe-worthy way to pass a Sunday night. To the credit of the Hollywood elite, everyone tried hard to make the best of the evening, and there were some high points worth noting, with plenty of low points worth noting with even more emphasis.

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BOX OFFICE BREAKDOWN | A Cannes Release Comes Stateside

AUGUST 10TH-12TH | What's Coming to Theaters This Weekend?

Spike Lee brings us his latest in this romping crime flick.

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