Brooke Alexx Releases Debut EP "Me"

The Nashville native's debut project showcases her infectious sound, her quest for self-worth, and her bright personality as an artist.

Brooke Alexx's debut EP is a charming ode to herself.

Popdust previously featured the debut of Alexx's "Bored" music video, an aloof dismissal of an unimpressive partner. "Bored" is the second track off of Me, the Nashville singer's first official release. It's a far cry from Alexx's other songs, which include "Lemonade," a track about drinking in a new love, and the titular song "Me," a drumline-infused hymn to independence and a brazen statement for a relative newcomer in the music industry.

As a whole, the EP is a sonic and stylistic mishmash, as are the best pop debuts. Rolling trap drums and hiccuping synths accompany Alexx's voice. On "Distance," the project's closer, sensitive and measured piano anchors the singer's intimate vocals, along with the quietest of strings. It's a lovely coda to the EP and an exciting indicator of what's to come from Alexx, who manages to turn well-used pop formulas into her own unique sound. Me is a labor of love: a well-paced, fun debut that shows off Brooke Alexx's raw ability.



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Brooke Alexx Is "Bored" of Men in Her New Video

The synth-pop singer's latest release gets chromatic as she expresses her frustration with a stagnant relationship.

The message in Brooke Alexx's "Bored" is clear: She deserves a lot more than you're giving her.

The Nashville synth-pop singer's new video for her latest single sees Alexx decked out in vibrant colors against lush backgrounds, contrasting with the blank white canvas of the guy she's been dating—a guy with an impressively chiseled jawline but little else to offer. The song itself, released back in March, flows from calm electronic melodies in the verses to the climactic drop of the hook, while Alexx's silky vocals make her frustration plain. The video, directed by Alexx and collaborator Kenneth Herron, makes the most of the song's fluctuating pace, adding a visual playfulness to the sound of Alexx's weary dissatisfaction.

"I want what I want / and I want you to work for it," Alexx croons—as her man blends into the couch next to her while playing video games. The use of color in the video reads as both metaphorical and instructive: Alexx is seen in bright orange, yellow, pink, and red, while her love interest remains vacant in the same all-white ensemble. Not only is he not interesting or invested enough in their relationship, but Alexx's palette makes clear that she is worth the attention she's not getting. Even on the hook, as Alexx dances in her own all-white outfit with a group of friends, their dancing's synchronicity is more striking and palpable than the guy she's singing to. "Bored" demands to be seen, but it still manages to remain aloof in its insistence. Alexx values herself more than the need for validation, and the video for "Bored" communicates that with coy confidence.

Brooke Alexx - Bored (Official Music Video)

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