Nights at home are the new nights out — especially as the Winter approaches.

There's nothin' quite like a home-cooked meal, but by the time you get home from work, grocery shop, figure out what you actually want to eat, you're exhausted and have the phone in your hand, dialing the same old pizza place.

Meal kits are the 21st-century solution when you want all of that home-cooked goodness without the work, and there's one that stands miles above the rest.

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that lets you enjoy all of the benefits of good old fashioned home-cookin' without the hassle. They send you pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards to cook up some pretty impressive meals.

There are tasty recipes from a variety of different cuisines, family-friendly meals, and even options for vegetarians.

Every week, you'll get to pick 2, 3, or 4 recipes that will be shipped right to your door. No more grocery store lines, no more food waste - just a delicious dinner whipped up in less time than it takes to deliver a pizza!

Sounds ideal, right? We haven't even got to the best part yet! The #1 meal kit just got even better…...

Chef's Choice

Every week now has a recipe that has been curated and specially chosen by one of the HelloFresh's top chefs. Think Figgy Balsamic Pork with Roasted Green Beans and Rosemary Potatoes, Chicken Sausage and Spinach Ravioli with Tomato and Lemon and so many more recipes you might have thought were too hard to make at home

Garlic Bread, Bacon, And Brownies - Oh My!

HelloFresh's meals are already pretty delicious, but now you can add on some extras to elevate dinner to a whole new level.

You can now add garlic bread, proteins like chicken or bacon, and even yummy desserts like cookies and brownies to your order each week. You never have to leave the house!


Whoever said that variety is the spice of life nailed it. HelloFresh now offers 21+ meals per week to choose from.

There are quick options like Lone Star Poblano Mac & Cheese, Hall Of Fame top-rated recipes like Salsa Verde Enchiladas and even Calorie-Smart options like their drool-worthy Creamy Chive Chicken….the hardest part will be choosing between the impressive options.

Friends Visiting? Can't Decide? No Problem!

You can also now easily add another recipe to your order without permanently changing your plan preferences. So if you have friends visiting or simply can't decide, HelloFresh has got you covered!

There you have it! There is a way to cook a home-cooked meal in 30 minutes or less without having to waste your entire evening chopping and prepping. HelloFresh's meals are simple, quick, and utterly delicious and start at just $6.99.

Let HelloFresh be the answer to your weeknight blahs; No More Microwave Soup Winter 2020!

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