In October 2021, Surf Mesa first heard Selah Sol’s vocals that would eventually blend into his new single, “City of Love.” Surf spent the same night remixing audio versions that perfectly pairs with Selah’s sound. Finally, after close to a year and a half spent calibrating the track, Surf is ready to share it with the world.

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PREMIERE | Taylor Mathews – A Fresh Single from His Thales EP Due in September

From America's Got Talent to His Million Streaming Single, "I Don't Want to Love You," Mathews' "Run Like Hell" is Hot as Hell

Courtesy Siri Music

A first listen for Taylor Mathews fans!

Fans of television's America's Got Talent fell in love with singer/songwriter Taylor Mathews in 2010 when he made it to the top 10 finalists vying for the top slot on the hit show. Mathews' success continued soaring when in 2013, his first EP, Head Over Feeling, landed on the top 40 iTunes albums chart.

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Chugging along with creativity and charisma, Mathews, signed with Siri Music / Caroline / Capitol Music Group, is set to release his EP Thales next month. The meaning behind the EP… Mathews explains, "'The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.' – A quote from the philosopher Thales. I've had to unpack a few things in myself over the last few years so, ultimately, I gave this record the name 'Thales' to memorialize this coming-of-age emotion I've discovered and I'm continuing to discover in knowing myself. This is the start of some real and broken and sizable truths." Truths we're tuned in to hear.

His 38,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify are anxious for what Mathews calls "more introspective" music this time around. And with a brand new single, "Run Like Hell" exclusively premiering with Popdust, Mathews fans will be the first to give it a whirl.

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