Leave Rihanna Alone, You Vultures

Rihanna deserves better than this.

As Rihanna walked the red carpet prior to her NYFW Savage X Fenty show on Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight journalist Rachel Smith had something besides fashion on her mind.

"You about to ask me about my album!" Rihanna said playfully. Rihanna knows how to behave in front of a camera, but there was visible frustration on her face. While the pop-star laughed off the exchange, Rihanna has been unable to escape questions surrounding R9, even at her own fashion show. Fans and pop culture outlets alike have been fervent in their speculation about when we might get new Rihanna music, to the point that it's overshadowed the groundbreaking accomplishments the artist has achieved in the last five years.

The trend continued last night as Rihanna hosted her annual Diamond Ball. In an interview with Essence Magazine prior to the event, Rihanna took a moment to honor women of color. "I'm a black woman. I came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, and I'm going to give birth to a black woman." The singer concluded by saying that black women are "impeccable and special" and that her mother is "an incredible example of how to fight through obstacles in life." The interview caused an uproar on social media, but once again, fans and media outlets alike were quick to ignore the singer's inspiring words.

"Rihanna is Pregnant" became one of Twitter's top trends. "Is Rihanna Pregnant?" wrote Marie Clare. Similar headlines appeared in Women's Health, E! and Newsweek. A rumored Rihanna pregnancy consumed the internet ether, again diluting the groundbreaking work Rihanna displayed last night. The Diamond Ball is a gargantuan fundraising event that supports the singer's Clara Lionel Foundation. For those who don't know, The CLF Foundation fights to stop climate change and provides educational programs to children in underdeveloped countries, among other causes. Most recently, the organization shelled out two massive emergency grants to help with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas. In 2017, the Diamond Ball raised over $5 million dollars to support CLF's mission. But who wants to hear about that when Rihanna might be pregnant? Well, she isn't.

In the last five years, Rihanna has released her most critically acclaimed album and become the creative director of women's collections for Puma. She has developed a line of "size and gender-inclusive lingerie under the Savage X Fenty label," and debuted a makeup line that has revolutionized the cosmetic world by "introducing a foundation palette with 40 shades, from the palest to darkest skin tones." She is also the first black woman to run a luxury fashion house in Paris. That's not to mention, from 2008 to 2012 she released an album every single year, each one met with critical acclaim and enormous commercial success.

As fans, we have just asked for more from Rihanna, and in turn we've attempted to box Rihanna into who we think she should be. But the joke's on us, because at the end of the day she will just keep succeeding, whether we appreciate it or not, and even if she is pregnant, and even if new music is imminent, she would never tell us. As Rihanna fans, we have devolved into nothing more than vultures, picking up the scraps that she leaves out for us. In return, she will always clown our efforts, because it's what we deserve.


Gal Pals Forever: Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne Got Matching Friendship Rings and the Internet is Dead

During a St. Tropez vacation, Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne apparently cemented their entirely platonic love for each other with matching rings.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne are already one of the Internet's favorite pairs of gal pals—and yesterday, a photo of the duo sporting matching rings has sparked a wildfire of rumors that they've solidified their commitment to being friends forever.

Their relationship sure seems close, and it's great to see that the two feel like they can be there for each other and can celebrate life while they're still waiting for the right man.

The rumors started when a photo surfaced of the two embracing platonically on a vacation to St. Tropez. A closer look revealed that both women appeared to be wearing identical gold bands—and Twitter is sure that they're friendship rings.

Image via Pinterest

Though these rings mark a major step in their friendship, it wouldn't be the first time that the two have performed grand gestures to show their affection for each other. They've been hanging out for just a year, but during that time, Delevingne rented out the Museum of Natural History for a night to celebrate her friend's birthday—what a great pal!—and the two moved in together in June.

The two have been quite public about their adorably pure and clearly non-romantic feelings for each other. Later in June, in an acceptance speech at the TrevorLIVE Gala, Delevingne announced her affection for Benson to the world. "I also have another very special woman in this room to thank, and you know who you are," she said. "She's one of the people who help me love myself when I needed it most, and I really needed it. She showed me what real love is and how to accept it, which is a lot harder than I thought." She concluded, "I love you, Sprinkles."

Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Ashley Benson Relationship At TrevorLIVE | PRIDE

Wow—it's so great to see that women can do more for each other than give each other advice about boys (though certainly they must do a lot of that while crying, drinking wine, and watching sitcoms in their apartment, like all single women).

Image via Pinterest

These ladies have yet to officially confirm their commitment to eternal friendship, but one thing is for certain: The two are definitely living it up this summer. They were also spotted holding hands while wandering around southeastern France (friendship goals!)

Image via Radar Online

Neither Benson nor Delevingne has been seen with a man for a long time, so it's inspiring to see that they can be there for each other during this dry spell. Even if they don't know it themselves, they're obviously just waiting around for the right guy to show them what they've been missing.

Of course, they've clarified that their relationship is not just a friendship many times, even lashing out at a good Samaritan who commented the truth on their photos. This is clearly an example of the delusions that feminism has inflicted on our youth, but they're bound to come to their senses.

Until then, it seems that they're pretty set on enjoying girls' nights every night for the rest of their lives.


Inside Indie | New York Film Festival, Week 1

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In Popdust's new column, Inside Indie, we are diving into the world of independent cinema to bring you the latest flicks coming out, in-depth reviews of some of our favorites, and exclusive interviews with the people behind them. Whether it is a foreign language film to impress your friends or a new director making his mark in drama, you will find it here.

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It has little dialogue and puts the situation as one you experience with the characters. It is meant to be a journey that challenges film making. Could this be Christopher Nolan's best movie to date? It has an original take on a story we know only too well, such as the Steven Spielberg classic Saving Private Ryan.

"It places you so absolutely in the situation of conflict — you don't learn the details of characters' backstories or even their surnames, you just see how this group reacts in this situation, make it a nail-biting encounter," Branagh explained... [ Read More about Dunkirk.]

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Model-Acress-It-Girl Cara Delevingne used the occasion of viewing the Mona Lisa to post photos with the masterpiece, because what is art if not a prop for selfies?

Cara posted a series of selfies on Instagram, adding captions about wanting to date Mona Lisa, demonstrating her celebrated sense of humor or limited ability to just be present at the Louvre.

Cara is not the first to mug for selfies in the world's greatest museums and historical sites. Beyonce is a repeat offender, as are Kim and Kanye, Justin Bieber, and probably every social media star who has ventured into a cultural institution of any kind.

Art seems to present a challenge to our current celebrities, who don't know how to bear witness to anything without being the center of attention. Whether it's the Eiffel Tower or the Anne Frank House, celebrities see everything as a backdrop for their mugging faces.

If only the Mona Lisa could take her own selfie with Cara Delevingne!

It's hard to imagine a place sacred enough to instill a sense of wonder or even decorum in today's celebrities. As museums and art galleries relax their rules against taking pictures, there will come a time when nobody recognizes Starry Night without some pop icon sticking their tongue out in the foreground.

As the Daily Beast once noted,

Whenever Anne Frank and Instagram are used in the same sentence, it’s easy to assume that something has gone horribly awry.

Take a moment to check out this list of the 'most famous paintings of all time' while you still have a chance to see them without Cara or Beyonce getting in the way.

Back to the Mona Lisa: How do you think she'd reply to Cara's selfies? Weigh in below.



Just when we're getting used to pierced septums, model/actress/It GIrl Cara Delegingne has upped the ante by showing up in London for the Chanel Exhibition party with a stunning ring in her bottom lip.

She was photographed with the same lip-ring on several occasions, indicating to most viewers that it was going to be a permanent part of her look, much like FKA Twigs and her nose ring.

On a subsequent night, however, Cara was seen wearing a double lip-ring that some took as proof the adornments were temporary.

Us magazine believes the lip-rings are removable cuffs like this one by Established Jewelry ($800 and up.)


Did Cara get her lip pierced or not, millions of girls want to know. The fate of all those lips hangs in the balance until Cara or one of her BFF's decides to clear up the mystery.

Meanwhile, Cara has opened up about other aspects of her life in an interview with Rupert Everett. She talked candidly about her struggle with depression, and how yoga has helped to keep her grounded.

Get ready to fall in love with Cara even harder, if that is  possible.