Caroline Romano Releases Empowering New Single, "Damsel"

The 17-year-old pop artist encourages fans to be their own hero in her latest single.

After 17-year-old Caroline Romano created a lot of viral buzz with her 2017 single "Masterpiece," featuring Jacob Whitesides, the rising pop star went on to share the stage with stars like Shawn Mendes, Kelsea Ballerini, Daya and many more.

Now, she is back with her empowering and dynamic single, "Damsel," which focuses on the importance of being your own hero.

The track immediately catapults listeners into Romano's warm and light vocals, creating an immediate bond with the tone and message she is trying to convey. Paired with a persistent percussion line, Romano's voice soars in the song's catchy chorus, especially in lines like, "I'll be my hero/ I'll scale the wall/ I'll keep on fighting/ Until I fall," and "I'll be my hero/ 'Cause my prince was taking way too long."

"'Damsel' is a song that not only emphasizes girl power but touches on what it means to take control of your own story," said Romano. "Coming from a small town, it took a lot of courage for me to stray from the typical path and pursue a career in music, so that's where I drew a lot of inspiration from for the song."

Towards the end of the single, Romano's voice is drenched in determination as she challenges any battles or monsters that may come her way. With one more final sound collage full of bombastic beats and enchanting vocal lines, the song ends just as suddenly as it began, ending on an airy and ethereal note.

Overall, "Damsel" is more than a song, it's an anthem that champions self-empowerment and encourages listeners to be the hero in their own story. According to Romano, she thinks it's important for every person to chase their dreams in the moment and without hesitation, and it seems like "Damsel" is the kind of song that can inspire people to do exactly that.

Check out Caroline Romano's single "Damsel" below.

Caroline Romano - Damsel (Official Audio)