J-Lo Casper Smart Dubsmash J-Lo Casper Smart Dubsmash WhiteGirlsAnthem Is Strangely Mesmerizing

The J-Lo Casper Smart Dubsmash #WhiteGirlsAnthem video is bizarre, yet strangely mesmerizing.

Mesmerizing in a weird, soothing, almost hypnotic way—and you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

Jennifer Lopez Keeps Looking Better And Better! Plastic Fantastic Or Au Natural?

J-Lo Casper Smart Dubsmash

The couple re-enact the popular “Starbucks, Yas” Vine...and it's actually pretty entertaining.

At first glance you don’t even recognize Lopez—with no make-up and hair pulled up in a messy topknot, the 46-year-old seriously looks like a teenager—especially when you take into account the variety of faces she pulls throughout the brief video, as she provides her “yas!” backing track.

Jennifer Lopez Wears Most Flawless Dress Ever During Idol Performance—Watch Now!

Then you notice the diva-tastic fur trimmed bathrobe, and yeah, J-Lo.

But, it’s a shirtless Smart that’s the real star for once—up front and central, busting out with his #WhiteGirlsAnthem mantra.

Repeat after us





Yoga pants


More Starbucks

Oh, and is it just us, or is Smart looking almost kinda hot these days? Almost, kinda?

Viva Las Vegas

Smart and Lopez are currently living the high life in Las Vegas, as J-Lo performs her mega-bucks residency show at Planet Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez, Wedding Singer

As Popdust previously reported,  Jenny from the block inked a lucrative 72 show deal with the casino—for 3 shows a week over a 1 or 2 year period—raking in an estimated $350,000 per performance. Definitely not to be sniffed at.

Wonder Woman J-Lo

Smart raved about his girlfriend’s hustle during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the opening night of Lopez’s residency.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Flawless Body In Sexy ‘Complex’ Cover Shoot

She is Wonder Woman. I’m telling you, between the No. 1 show, Shades of Blue, American Idol, this, she’s all over the place.

The adrenaline that starts pumping through your veins and body right before a show, especially a show of this capacity, is indescribable.

The 28-year-old went on to explain the couple’s working relationship

I just counsel from afar. I just help with ideas and whatever she needs from me.

Of course I pick it apart, just like she picks my stuff apart, and that's what we do for each other, because it's our professions.

I really excel in that kind of dance world and creative direction. And she excels obviously in acting, and has been in the business. So she helps me, I help her.

We're going to hazard a guess that Smart's never watched Gigli....

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A video posted by B Smart (@beaucaspersmart) on

It seems that back in June of 2014, when Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart released a public statement announcing they were broken up, they were really just toying with our emotions.

The plain truth is, they were never really apart, and their alleged split was merely a business move. And we were all  pawns in their cruel, cruel game.

 Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, that they did kind off break up—but only for a few weeks, and only for the sake of publicity.

Jen and her peeps were trying to build buzz around her film, Boy Next Door, by “leaking” that she was hooking up with co-star Ryan Guzman.

Apparently, Smart was totally more than happy to participate in the charade because he was shooting Street, a UFC fighter movie, and producers loved the idea of pitching their leading man as unattached.

That explains how a paparazzo got shots of Smart and Lopez in a convertible BMW two months after their supposed break-up. When JLo realized she was being photographed, she slid down the passenger seat and tried to hide.

Then in December, a dog bit Jennifer’s neighbor, and Casper came running out of the house in his jammies to subdue, what turned out to be, his dog.

Smart and Lopez tried to pull another fast one in February at a GQ event. Casper was there solo, and when he left he walked down the block and jumped in a car J-Lo was driving, like the final scene in The Usual Suspects.

Moments later a snapper busted them photog walking a restaurant together.


Terrell Owens has a mad crush on Jennifer Lopez and he’s putting the word out to see if the feeling is mutual.

On March 5 the former NFL superstar told Us Weekly that Jenny from the Block is his dream girl and he is single and ready to mingle after his short-lived marriage to Rachel Snider in 2014.

"I think everybody has somewhat of a Hollywood crush, I guess, coming from elsewhere," the 41-year-old said. "Mine is J-Lo."

And he wants her digits.

"I've been trying to find her," the Celebrity Apprentice star confessed. "If somebody can reach out to her and tell her I'm looking for [her]."

Meanwhile, as Popdust previously reported, the 45-year-old mom-of-two is also single and ready to mingle after ending her two-and-a-half year romance with Casper Smart back in June last year.

Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her serial dating past, admitting her low self esteem fuels her fear of being single.

The 45-year-old, who has three marriages and a slew of high profile romances under her belt, sat down for a candid interview with Maria Shriver on the Today show this morning.

Lopez, who is mom to twins Max and Emme, with third husband, Marc Anthony, told Shriver she’s always been “scared to be alone” but believes it would be a good idea to remain single for a while.

As Popdust previously reported, Lopez split from her last boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, back in May, after the 27-year-old was accused of cheating on her with a model.

J-Lo, who is currently on a media blitz, promoting her new book, True Love, said that although she is “open to love, right now I think it's just better to be on my own for a bit.”

She went on to explain she had an epiphany, following her divorce from Anthony—leading her to realize she had been searching for love in the wrong places—jumping from man to man, instead of fulfilling her need from within.

“The first person who shows up and gives me a little comfort and we have a little chemistry, boom, we're in!” Lopez confessed.

“The true love, I realized, was the love that I was missing inside of myself, for myself,” she continued, going on to share that her low self-esteem stems from her childhood, growing up in the Bronx.

“I had confidence in what I could do, I didn't have confidence in who I was and what I had to offer just as a girl,” she admitted. “[Self-esteem] is still a work in progress for me.”

Meanwhile, Lopez said she hopes her children won’t follow in her serial dating footsteps, and that they will grow up to be independent, “whole people.”

“I want both of them to be independent, good on their own first. Like, whole people — what they have to contribute, what they have to offer,” she said, adding, “They save me. Their love and loving them and them coming into my life really made me reevaluate what I was doing with my life, and the relationships and the choices I was making in relationships sometimes.”

J-Lo first walked down the aisle in 1997 with Cuban waiter, Ojani Noa, they split 11 months later; shortly after, she began dating Diddy, but they parted ways after he was indicted on gun charges. Lopez immediately fell into a relationship with backup dancer, Cris Judd—they got hitched in September 2001, but were over by the following June.

Next up, the infamous, drama packed Bennifer romance—which occurred after Lopez fell in love with Gigli costar, Ben Affleck—the pair became engaged in 2002, but never wed, postponing their nuptials, one day before the planned ceremony in September 2003, blaming media intrusion—they formally announced their split in January 2004. Lopez immediately jumped back in the dating saddle, hooking up with longtime friend, Marc Anthony—they made it official just months later, marrying in June 2004—they welcomed their children in February 2008, and then split in July 2011.

True to form, Lopez instantly rebounded, this time into her relationship with "great partner" Smart, whom she gushed about "walking this life with" back in September 2013, just months before they split.

Despite her many heartbreaks, J-Lo has vowed to "never give up" on finding her elusive Mr. Right, telling Elle UK magazine:

Everybody has seen that I make mistakes. Every single album I have ever made is about love. But I am not going to give up. I have to look at what I do wrong. I rush in, I get swept up, I ignore the signs. But so many of us are guilty of these things. Each time it goes wrong, it's hard. I get really hurt but I have to let myself go: 'What did I do? What can I learn?' And as hard and as hurtful as things get, I want to believe I will be able to go one step higher," she says. "I've got to hope that if I keep going I will eventually get it right.


Casper Smart is defending himself against accusations he cheated on now ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez with two different transsexual models.

The 27-year-old has shot down claims made by one of the models, Xristina Marie, who told Britain’s The Sun she hooked up with the back-up dancer, and that he was fully aware of her being a transsexual.

“I said, ‘You know what kind of girl I am?’ And he said, ‘I’m not stupid. My name is Smart,’” the 25-year-old recalls, alleging they first met up at a Miami club a few weeks back.

“I was in a club and Casper was smiling and being flirty. Everyone in Miami knows who I am. I think someone would have told him [I'm transgender]. Then a few days after that I got a friend request from him on Instagram.”

She went on to claim they exchanged messages, shared sexy photos and met up in person too.

However, Smart denies her account of things.

“There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter,” he insists to Us Weekly.

“I am weighing my options on the appropriate action to take against Xristina Marie and/or The Sun.”

As Popdust previously reported, reports of Casper cheating first emerged two weeks ago on TheDirty.com.

Nik Richie broke the news that Casper was allegedly hooking up with transsexual model, Sofie Vissa and then the next week followed up with the story that he was also getting friendly with Xristina Marie.

Meantime, Smart was spotted moving his belongings out of J-Lo’s Hidden Hills mansion on Sunday.

Looks like Casper Smart and J-Lo are on the outs as the backup dancer’s cheating scandal continues with news he's been hooking up with a second transsexual model.

TheDirty broke the news last week that Smart had been sexting with transsexual model Sofie Vissa—posting a series of racy messages between the two along with allegations they had also been hooking up in person.

And today Nik Richie broke another exclusive and embarrassing Casper story, posting more incriminating text exchanges, this time between Smart and transsexual model Xristina Marie, with claims he had “inappropriate relations” with her in Miami.

As Popdust previously reported, initially it seemed Jennifer Lopez was standing by her man—as the two reportedly jetted off to Boston together on Friday, along with the singer’s twins and her mom.

However, it appears the tide has turned, with reports claiming J-Lo is through with being humiliated and is kicking Smart to the curb.

Meanwhile, TheDirty claims there’s naked photos of Smart out there being shopped around—so looks like his really bad week won’t be ending anytime soon.