Cassandra Violet Discusses Gun Violence on "Dead!"

Dealing with the existential nightmare of controlling men.

Los Angeles indie-pop singer-songwriter Cassandra Violet released her latest single, "Dead!" a few days ago.

Violet said of the track, "I wrote this song tongue-in-cheek from the point of view of my alter ego. However, gun violence is a real and terrifying epidemic in this country that must be stopped. For the first 2 months of the release of 'Dead,' 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Everytown for Gun Safety."

"Dead!" opens on dark sonic colors, as Violet's velvety femme fatal voice glides overhead accompanied by three-part harmonies.

"Woke up alone in bed, with echoes in my head / My dress is ripped, and I have no more thread / Your blood I've shed, the blankets are all red / Last night we wed, and then I shot you dead, then I shot you dead, then I shot you dead."

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