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8 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Still Alive

At 90+, these celebrities have seen a lot of sh*t go down.

Old people: They're reservoirs of hidden wisdom, and if all goes well, we'll all become them someday.

Despite the fact that—barring outside circumstances—everyone gets old, it's surreal to imagine our favorite celebrities as wrinkly elders. But time will have its way with all of us. That doesn't mean we should forget our elders, though; we would do well to learn from them.

Here are twelve celebrities you may not know were still living…

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Can you distinguish the truth from the lies? No Googling!

1. Woody Harrelson's dad was a contract killer.

woody harrelson ABC via Getty Images

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"How you doin?" If you're talk show queen, Wendy Williams, then just fine indeed!

Wendy's straight-shooter attitude, no-nonsense realness, and zest for life make her one to watch every day. Her interviews cut to the chase and her statuesque physique makes her stand out in any crowd. "Wendy watchers" must think they know all there is to know about her, but these 10 interesting and unusual facts will have many people ready to "take several seats." Here is the scoop on Wendy that will have you spilling your tea next!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 1

Liver Lover

Wendy once told Us Weekly that she loves eating liver for breakfast! Perhaps it's nourishing, but for most, a bowl of Raisin Bran would be a much more palatable selection. Let's hope she pops a breath mint before interviewing celebs on her talk show.

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 2

Get Her Digits

Did you know that Wendy was born with an extra finger on her left hand? She told Us Weekly that it was removed, but she wishes it hadn't been. Think of all the additional finger pointing she could be doing towards those misbehaving celebrities!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 3

Bestseller (Times Seven!)

We all know that Wendy's a star on screen, but she's a princess of the pen too. According to She Knows, Wendy made the New York Times Bestseller list seven times. Three books are non-fiction and four are fictional. Always a page turner, that Wendy!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 4

Robe Runner

Wendy's into fashion, but robes are one of her favorite types of clothing to wear. She even likes to wear a fancy one on her trips to Walgreens as per She Knows. She owns more than 20 robes, so there's surely one for any occasion. Wonder if she snagged them from hotel stays?

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Wendy Williams unusual facts - 5

Say "No" to Drugs

According to Celebrity Toob, when Wendy was in her 20s and 30s, she was addicted to cocaine. She finally got herself clean and has remained that way for over 15 years. We're glad Wendy turned her life around so she can now dish the dirt on other celebs.

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 6

Wigging Out

You may know that Wendy never goes out of the house sans wig, but did you know she has her very own weave and wig line called Wendy Williams Hair World? Her wigs cost anywhere from $25 - $700 as per Celebrity Toob. Not sure how realistic the $25 ones look, but if Wendy's hocking 'em, they must be satisfactory.

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 7

Snail Mail Only

Wendy told Us Weekly that she's never sent an email in her life and doesn't even know how to! It must be good to have assistants on set!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 8

No Mani-Pedis

Wendy doesn't hit the salon like most celebs for a manicure; she prefers to do her nails herself, as per Us Weekly. She finds it relaxing. Plus, she can dry her nails as she gestures during her "How you doin'?' moments!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 9

Broadway Babe

Who knew that Wendy was once on Broadway as Mama Morton in the hit, Chicago? As per She Knows, Wendy appeared in the musical in 2013 for a seven-week run. Bravo!

Wendy Williams unusual facts - 10

Emmy Noms

As per She Knows, Wendy was up for two Emmys in 2015, but unfortunately didn't take home the trophy. That's OK, Wendy, you're a winner in the eyes of all your adoring fans!

Now that you are Wendy-wise, you'll love to watch her talk show even more. It's always fun to dish with the Queen of Talk!