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Cot Dammit Elizabeth—When You Ask Your Boyfriend To Help You Diet

Be careful what you wish for......

cot dammit elizabeth best videos compilation—ever considered asking your boyfriend to help out with your diet and exercise routine? Think again ladies…

You know what it's like when you can't squeeze yourself into your favorite jeans anymore.

You're desperate right?

So desperate you're willing to do just about anything in that moment…

A drastic diet and exercise regime… pills….. stomach stapling….anything to drop those damn pounds.

But, you pull on your "fat jeans" instead and before you know it you're chowing down on the Haagen Dazs and sprawled out on the sofa once again.

Now, if only you had someone to help you.

Someone to remind you of your goals when you falter….to motivate you to get out there and exercise.

How about your loving boyfriend?

He's there with you all the time, right?

Who loves you more? Champions you more?

Who wants you to achieve your goals, more than your loving boyfriend, right?

Hmmmm….. think again ladies.

As the Cot Dammit Elizabeth video series shows, taking that route might just land you with a 28 year stretch in Rikers rather than the 28 inch waist you were aiming for.

Elizabeth made the fatal decision of enlisting the help of her asshole boyfriend, Ekow Fynn, to help her get in shape for Summer, and the couple documented their "journey" on video.

As they explain on their website:

So to start things off my girlfriend, ELIZABETH, realized that summer is right around the corner and wanted to get into shape in time for the upcoming season.

In her desperation, she made the best move of her life by enlisting me, her boyfriend, to help her whip her back into the shape. So I decided to snap her rigorous training and document our journey.

She has a tenancy of slacking and going off track when it comes to difficult tasks like working out, but not this time, not on my watch!
She gon' learn today cotdammit!

Join us on our adventure as I try my very best to be a great motivation in getting my baby the summer bod she dreams of!

We hope to inspire other couples to have fun when it comes to living their lives just as we are.

We feel that as long as you have a partner that has your back, you both can conquer the world and have a blast doing it.

Sadly, for Elizabeth, Ekow's idea of "motivation" is most people's idea of "utter nightmare" as he quickly turns into the drill sargeant from hell.

Luckily, for anyone watching the resulting videos, it's hilarious.

You can watch a compilation video of the best vines below.

Oh, and don't worry, Elizabeth is actually in on the joke—and laughing all the way to the bank it would appear.

The couple has turned the series into a money-spinning enterprise, with social media pages, mugs, T-shirts, caps… you name it.

So, yeah, win-win…and maybe, just maybe, Elizabeth will get the last laugh by rockin' a bikini once again.

Scroll down to watch the cot dammit elizabeth best videos compilation.

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My600LbLife Joes extreme weight loss is truly inspirational

On tonight’s My600LbLife Where are They Now? We check back in on Joe Wexler.

Joe has come on leaps and bounds since his story was first documented last year.

As Popdust previously reported, trapped inside an 800Lb body, Joe’s quality of life was nonexistent.

He had lost his job, was no longer able to drive, was mostly housebound and dependent on his mother to care for him.

Things became so bad for poor Joe that he had even contemplated suicide, and he was clearly struggling with both mental and physical pain.

After working with a therapist, Joe slowly started to re-gain control of his emotions, before then going on to address his physical ones.

He successfully managed to lose the 150 pounds needed to be able to undergo weight loss surgery—and, now he is flourishing!

Joe has lost a whopping 200Lbs over the past year, and is firmly on track to do the same this year.

The change in Joe’s mood and demeanor is amazing—it’s like night and day!

He’s clearly proud of his amazing achievement—as he should be—and he’s relishing the new lease on life he’s been afforded.

Joe’s able to be fully mobile and to care for himself.

He goes to the gym, and he can even fit back behind the steering wheel of a car once again.

Oh, and Joe’s finally ready for love—he even has a girlfriend now!

And, things are going so well between the two of them that he’s getting ready to propose to her.

But, with love and marriage on his mind, Joe’s eager to get rid of all the excess skin he’s been left with following his extreme weight loss.

So, he’s trying to qualify for skin surgery.

To find out if Joe’s successful—and if the girlfriend says “yes!”—tune in to My600Lb Life: Where are They Now? tonight at 9/8c on TLC.

In the meantime, watch sneak peek video below to see My600LbLife Joes extreme weight loss

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Check out My600LbLife Joes extreme weight loss

My600LbLife Joes extreme weight loss

My600LbLife—Food Addiction Has Wrecked Randy’s Marriage And Life

My600LbLife—Ashley Drops 400Lbs Then Slams Into Weight Loss Wall

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My600LbLife Joes extreme weight loss

How the Miss Universe unhealthy beauty standards affect today's women

Watching the video of Miss Universe contestants over the years exposes the unhealthy beauty standards today's women are held to.

The video is part of a study commissioned by Superdrug Online Doctor to expose how unattainable—and unhealthy—today's appearance standards are.

It's truly eye-opening to see the change in winners' bodies throughout the 63 years of the pageant, not to mention the clothes gradually falling off layer by layer to reveal yet more of their ever-shrinking frames.

As time progresses, the stomachs become noticeably flatter, the arms more toned, the contestants taller, and much, much thinner.

So much thinner.

The study is made all the more interesting by the data comparing contestants weight and body mass to that of average women throughout the same time period.

Case in point, there's been a sharp rise in obesity when it comes to the average woman, but an ever declining BMI among the Miss Universe contestants.

The Body Mass Index was created to measure the degree of obesity of the general population.

It's calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared to give a measure of an individual's body fat.

When the pageant first started in 1952, contestants and average women were pretty evenly matched, with a BMI of around 20.

But the study shows a steady increase in BMI for average women—up to the current level of over 28.

Whereas the Miss Universe contestants' BMI has steadily fallen—to today's level of below 18.

Some would argue the rise in obesity is down to laziness, or women “letting themselves go" but Superdrug Online Doctor argues poor body image could actually be one of the greatest factors.

They cite a study that shows teen girls suffering from poor body image actually gain markedly more weight than their body-positive peers.

And argue that “negative feelings do not trigger healthy behaviors."

The study focusing on Miss Universe contestants' weight throughout the pageant's history is even more startling though.

Back in 1952, the average woman actually weighed significantly less than contestants.

The average woman was 105 pounds, compared to contestants' at over 120 pounds.

During the past 63 years however, the weight of average women has climbed to over 170 pounds.

Whereas contestants' weight has stayed the same—even though their height has increased significantly.

Average women have remained at a height of 5ft 3" but contestants have shot up from 5ft 5" to today's height of 5ft 9".

Miss Universe was founded by the Pacific Knitting Mills clothing company. It's held in 190 countries worldwide and watched by more than half a billion people annually.

It's been the subject of controversy right from the get-go, after the first winner, 17-year-old Armi Kuusela of Finland, handed back her sash and crown after ten months so she could marry her fiancé.

Over the decades there's been a slew of controversies, including anti-muslim comments, nude photo scandals, transphobia, pregnancies and accusations of homophobia.

There was a jaw dropping moment during the 1969 pageant, when Miss Austria Eva von Rueber-Staier, lauded Mao Tse-tung as the greatest historical figure in the world.

And, a truly cringe-worthy four minutes after host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia the 2015 winner, instead of Miss Philippines.

But, perhaps the most controversial of all, was back in 1996, when Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, was warned by the organization that she was gaining too much weight and was in danger of losing her crown.

Donald Trump—then-co-owner of the pageant and renown anti-misogyny champion (ahem)—went on the Howard Stern Show to fat shame Machado—branding her “an eating machine."


However, the Miss Universe Organization denies they objectify women and promote unattainable beauty standards.

They insist they're actually all about “empowering women".

On their website they claim:

The Miss Universe Organization empowers women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best. A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience.
We encourage every woman to get out of her comfort zone, be herself, and continue to define what it means to be Confidently Beautiful.

Declaring their mission is:

To provide the tools which help women to be their personal best. Self-confidence is the key.
Every woman should have the confidence to stand up in any situation and declare, "I am secure and that's what makes me beautiful!"

However, mandatory weigh-ins are part of the pageant process and it will come as little surprise that one judge openly admits it's all about the beauty when it comes to winning the crown.

Scott Lazerson told Forbes:

Beauty, beauty, beauty. It's all about beauty. But read their bios. Every single one of them is smart too.

So very empowering.

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Watch the Miss Universe unhealthy beauty standards video:

Miss Universe unhealthy beauty standards

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Miss Universe unhealthy beauty standards

My600LbLife Christina

On tonight’s episode of My600LbLife—Where Are They Now? We get to check in on Christina.

Christina has dropped an absolutely incredible 300Lb—and her extreme weight loss has revolutionized her life.

As Popdust previously reported, when her story was featured back in 2014, Christina’s weight had ballooned to over 670 pounds.

My600LbLife—Ashley Drops 400Lbs Then Slams Into Weight Loss Wall

The then-23-year-old hadn’t left her home for two years due to her size, and was reliant on her husband Zach and her mom, for her everyday needs.

Confined to a wheelchair, couch and bed 24-7, Christina’s depression sunk to such bad depths that she had even attempted to take her own life.

In a last ditch effort to save herself, Christina underwent weight loss surgery—and, to say the result has been amazing, would be an understatement.

My600LbLife Milla—Bedridden 700Lb Mom’s Five Kids Are Her Caretakers

However, as many learn the hard way, surgery isn’t the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to keeping the weight off.

Christina committed—and stuck—to a radical change in eating habits though, and her new healthy diet combined with the surgery, has resulted in her 300Lb weight loss.

She also divorced Zach, after determining he was an enabler when it came to her overeating—and she is in a new, loving relationship, with a long time friend.

My600LbLife—Food Addiction Has Wrecked Randy’s Marriage And Life

Christina looks absolutely amazing, and, it would seem, from the outside, that she has every reason to be loving life.

But, her depression has returned once again, and, despite her extreme weight loss, she still views herself as “the fat girl.”

You can watch sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below, and tune into TLC tonight at 9/8 central to watch My 600Lb Life—Where Are They Now—Christina

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my600lblife ashley hits wall

On tonight’s episode of TLC’s My600LbLife—Where are they now? We catch up with Ashley.

As Popdust previously reported, Ashley’s food addiction resulted in the 26-year-old tipping the scales at over 700Lb at her heaviest.

My600LbLife Milla—Bedridden 700Lb Mom’s Five Kids Are Her Caretakers

Gain brings shame my600lblife ashley hits wall

When she was featured earlier this season, the mom-of-one’s extreme weight had seriously hampered her mobility, and she was so ashamed of how she looked, she rarely left the house.

Adding to her woes, Ashley feared that if she didn’t manage to get a grip on her over-eating, she would soon be unable to look after herself in any way.

My600LbLife—Food Addiction Has Wrecked Randy’s Marriage And Life

As it was, Ashley’s son Patrick had been saddled with providing pretty much full time care for his mom.

Mom's keeper my600lblife ashley hits wall

The young boy was running all of his mom’s errands, and carrying out the majority of the housework—something, no 5-year-old child should be subjected to.

Ashley eventually underwent bypass surgery in the hope of gaining control of her body once again.

My600lbLife—Dottie Is Eating Herself To Death And Unable To Stop

However, post-op medical setbacks soon had her spiraling back to her old bad habits and reaching for the cookie jar.

Dropping the poundage my600lblife ashley hits wall

She worked through her issues though, and thanks to exercise and smart food choices she managed to get her weight down to an impressive 260.

But, that’s when she hit a wall—and in true addict style, Ashley buried her head in the sand and started slipping back to her bad old habits.

My 600LB Life—Meet Olivia, A Prisoner In Her Own Body, ‘My Weight Is Killing Me!’

Burying her head my600lblife ashley hits wall

In a sneak peek clip from tonight’s episode, Ashley confesses to having no idea how much she weighs right now, and has been avoiding all and any Dr. visits and check-ups.

Oh Ashley, you poor poor thing.

Tune into My 600Lb Life—Where Are They Now, tonight at 9/8c on TLC to watch the whole episode, and to also get an update on Melissa.

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chicago reporter fat shamed

A “concerned” TV viewer took the noble step of sending a 50-year-old Chicago reporter an anonymous letter, advising her to lose weight if she doesn’t want to lose her job.

The anonymous asshole made his “clear concerns” made “with great respect”… so, that’s OK then, right?

Forever21 Is Really Sorry If You Were Offended By Their Rapey T-Shirt

Be less asshole-ish chicago reporter fat shamed

Marcella Raymond, who has worked at WGN for 18 years, made the decision to post the letter on her Facebook page, in hopes it would encourage others to be less asshole-ish.

Good luck with that honey.

Kim Kardashian Responds To Slut-Shaming Haters With Empowering Essay

The letter: chicago reporter fat shamed


You are an excellent reporter. Content is no problem. You have good broadcast skills and are a good communicator.

However, please allow me to point out (with great respect) that you have gained too much weight. Being heavier than you probably want to be does present a message to the viewer: this person is not able to discipline herself in a visual medium. It interferes with your real message when reporting.

You know as well as anyone that the TV news game is a young person’s business. Being overweight makes people look older than they actually are and an overweight body takes its toll on the actual aging process, especially facially. At the very least, television is a visual medium and its performers (and each reporter IA, to a degree, a performer) should put forward their best visual presence.

I hope you can discern from this unusual letter a clear sense of concern. That’s it, it’s only concern. It’s hard enough to keep jobs in TV; why make it more difficult on yourself? At some point, management will view your being significantly out-of-shape as a reflection of your not caring or not “keeping your house in order.”

Well, at least the anonymous asshole approves of Marcella’s reporting skills.

Thanks Mattel, But What Little Girl Wants A Fat Barbie?

Photos please anonymous asshole chicago reporter fat shamed

Hopefully, in the future he can enclose a few photos, to provide examples of exactly how he expects his female TV reporters to look.

You know, just to give them a clear idea of what physical ideal they need to work hard to adhere to.

Want To Lift A Surfboard With Your Vagina? This Woman Will Teach You!

In an interview with US Weekly Raymond explained that although she was hurt by the completely unsolicited “advice” she plans on totally ignoring the anonymous asshole.

Honestly, if I lost 20 pounds I would feel better about myself, but I would do it for me not anyone else. I've learned to not be so hard on myself.

This is me and, at 50 years old, I've finally accepted me. My job is to report the news in the best way possible so it's informative and viewers get a clear message. I pride myself in my writing.

When I come on TV in their homes, I hope viewers are interested in what I have to say and how I tell a story. Not about how gorgeous or skinny I am.

Peeps, do NOT feed the trolls! chicago reporter fat shamed

She went on to further explain her motivation for going public with the letter.

The letter writer just made me mad like, ‘Who do you think you are to send such a stinging letter?’ It did make me step back for a minute and feel a little pain, but it was short-lived.

I didn't publicly post the letter to say, ‘Poor me. Tell me how pretty and wonderful I am.’ I posted it because I couldn't believe someone would take the time to send an anonymous letter to someone they don't even know under the guise of being ‘concerned’ about their job.

I think, as a society, we've become more mean and intolerable of anyone different from us or not perfect. Perfection is too hard to try to get to, let alone maintain. I would rather enjoy my life than be obsessed about my weight.

I hope, because of my story, someone will think twice about what they say.

Not surprisingly—because, nasty angry little troll—the anonymous asshole hasn’t offered up any further “advice” to Raymond.

Gillian Anderson XFilesRevival Pay Offer Was Half Of David Duchovny’s

Meanwhile, one comment on Raymond’s Facebook page sums it all up perfectly:

That person is a real scumbag.

Indeed,  a real scumbag no less, with, of course, the greatest respect.

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