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Red-Headed Boy Sues Parents For Being Born A Ginger

A 13-year-old sued his parents for being born a redhead...true or false?

Sometimes a story comes along that just can't be real, right? Or is it?

Well this is one of them...

According to World News Daily Report, A redheaded child is suing his parents for $2 million for being ginger.

But, is it true?

The story goes:

It ain't easy being green… or red apparently.

At least according to Liam Murphy, a 13-year-old boy who is suing his parents for $2 million for being born a ginger in a "Wrongful Life" lawsuit.

While many a redhead is bullied and made fun of, hair color isn't exactly "chosen" by the parents, kid. Don't they teach science in junior high?

Sure, the parents are both redheads too, but if they were satisfied enough with their strawberry topped lives to bring a new one into the world, can't this freckle-faced teen learn something from them?

But no, the teen says they planted a "voluntary prejudice" on him with the very probable chance that his life would be a shear misery thanks to his carrot topped cranium.

For his recessive burden, the kid is asking for $1.35 million in "pain and suffering" and $800,000 on top of that for his "loss of enjoyment of life."

At just 13, this kid must be a real punching bag for his classmates. Perhaps he can run to the drug store with his allowance and grab a box of brunette hair dye and go about living among the other humans.

His lawyer, James Franklin O'Conner (a ginger too, maybe?), is confident about winning the case citing scientific data about the real social troubles redheads must deal with on a constant basis. Rejection, name calling, and the like were all things Murphy's parents "knew" would happen, but they procreated anyway.

The thing is, the parents don't even have this kind of money, even if Murphy wins the case. Dad is an electrician and mom is… wait for it… a hairdresser! A ginger hairdresser – and clients actually allow her to style their dos without the fear of "cooties" or cross-genetic contamination.

So.... is it true or fake?

C'mon now!

As Snopes points out, this story is faker than Kendall Jenner's lips.

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All she had to do was keep quiet and she could have had a $15 million payday.

Back in 2010 Oksana Grigorieva and her then boyfriend Mel Gibson had a huge fight which turned physical. She alleged that he had hit her while she was holding their then 7 month old daughter, Lucia.

Disgusting behavior everyone would agree.

It then transpired that Grigorieva had audio tape recordings of Gibson screaming obscene abuse at her, telling her that she "deserved" the assault and that he'd "bury" her, as well as making racial, homophobic and sexist slurs. Nice guy huh?

General opinion was that Gibson is revolting POS, his career nose-dived and he pleaded no contest to the charge of misdemeanor battery.

Sympathy, naturally still with the victim.

However, it then became apparent that Grigorieva thought she could make herself some big bucks off her famous ex. Gibson obviously didn't want the appalling recordings going public, and offered the mother of his youngest child a staggering $15 million custody settlement—but only if she turned the tapes over to him.

The Russian singer walked away from the deal on the table—sadly, not so that she could stand up for battered women everywhere, to take on her attacker no matter how rich and famous he was. No, she walked away from the deal thinking she could get even more from Gibson if the world could see what a violent asshole he was.


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So Oksana tried to call his bluff and promptly leaked the shocking tapes via Radar in July 2010.

Her plan backfired though.

It turns out she couldn't make more money once the tapes were broadcast after all (disgusting as they were), and following a year of bitter negotiations the warring pair struck a deal for $750,000 instead—critically, one of the key elements of the deal was a gag clause. Oksana was not to talk about the violent incident with Gibson in public.

The settlement was to be made in three installments of $250,000 each—first when the deal was struck in 2011, the second in September 2013 and the final payment by September 2016.

However, in 2013, Oksana appeared on the Howard Stern Show and her loose lips got the better of her. Sure enough she had a chat with Howard about the 60 year old actor.

BIG mistake. The judge had explicitly warned Grigorieva not to speak in public about any of the allegations or the settlement would be void. Now the California Court of Appeals has ruled that Gibson will not have to make the remaining two payments—totaling $500,000 as she broke the agreement.

Now I get that what Gibson did was hideous, and I think that any perpetrator of domestic violence deserves to be outed. Nobody in their right mind would never condone Gibson's actions and his money should not make any difference to justice.

However, Oksana Grigorieva already made it clear that justice was up for sale when she tried to use the recordings as a negotiation tactic to get money out of Gibson.

She wasn't all about standing up and speaking out against domestic violence. She was about making as much money off her rich and famous ex as she could.

So I really can't feel sorry for her that she's ended up with 1/60th of the original $15 million offered and just ⅓ of the actual settlement.

Check out the clip below of part of the Stern appearance—she definitely looks uncomfortable...almost like she can feel the dollars slipping through her fingers.

Kelly Osbourne is getting sued for defamation and all we can say is it's about goddamn time someone called her out on her revolting behavior.

Kelly, as we know, is the big mouthed offspring of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne who has ridden to "fame" on her parents' coat-tails.

First on our screens in 2002 as the epitomy of a vile teenager, Kelly shouted, swore and flounced around her dysfunctional family life on The Osbournes as the spoiled little brat that she had been raised to be.

31 year old Kelly literally sums up every stereotype of a kid who has never heard the word "no". But you know what? It was totally her parents' prerogative to raise her that way and it's her continued prerogative to carry on behaving as an obnoxious and nasty member of the human race.

Using the springboard of her father's fame, she moved into music (!) and then settled into being a professional loudmouth. With stints on Fashion Police (which she quit in a complete overreaction of moral outrage), to The View (on which she famously managed to offend Mexicans with her attempt at Trump humor), she has more recently been working down under appearing as a judge on Australia's Got Talent. We hoped to God she was going to stay there, but no, she's popped up on Project Runway Junior.


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Kelly stuck her lavender head above the parapet in May when it was revealed that her 67 year old father had been having an affair with celebrity hairdresser Michelle Pugh and that her mum had kicked him out (Sharon subsequently took him back and is now claiming Ozzy's sex addiction caused the affair).

In a petulant Twitter rant, Kelly gave out Ms Pugh's personal telephone number suggesting users should call her for a blow job and even further, suggested Ozzy had been the victim of 'elder abuse' at the hands of his mistress.

Pugh sent Osbourne a cease and desist letter in May, but the offending Tweets weren't deleted for nearly a month.

Michelle Pugh decided enough is enough, and has now filed a lawsuit against idiot Kelly. The lawsuit reveals that the affair was actually going on for four years and claims that Ozzy was the one who initiated it. Pugh is claiming defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts.

F Edie Mermelstein, her (fantastically named) lawyer told People;

"In the age of social media, reality TV and the internet, anyone, especially a celebrity can launch a global attack leaving an indelible and permanent stain on a chosen target, while inciting masses to demean, degrade, comment and harass.

Kelly Osbourne, with over four million followers and a strong media presence, intentionally did exactly that to Michelle Pugh on Twitter."

The suit goes on to allege that the hairdresser has lost business due to the cyber-attacks by Kelly and says;

"Not only had Plaintiff begun to be slut-shamed, bullied, and harassed for allegedly breaking up a marriage, but was wrongfully accused of a crime that further held her up to ridicule, hate, and shame,"

We say, good for Michelle for standing up for herself.

The only cheating going on was on Ozzy's side. Whilst it's obviously not very nice to have an affair with someone's husband—the main fault lies with the married man who is doing the cheating.

Plus, slut-shaming, especially between women, is never ok. The fact is that it's only ever women who get shamed, men get congratulated. Calling out a woman for engaging in and enjoying sex just reinforces the message that women who want sex are sleazy and bad.

Michelle Pugh (by her account) fell in love with a man and had a lengthy affair with him. HE was married, HE cheated on his wife, HE lied to his wife, HE deceived his family.

Kelly Osbourne's issue was with her father, but no, she stamped her foot and erupted at the easy target—completely in character.

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Phoenix Couple Arrested After Abandoning Toddler Son To Play Pokemon Go

When ya gotta Pokemon Go, you gotta Pokemon Go... right?

Phoenix couple abandon son Pokemon Go—when you gotta Pokemon go you gotta Pokemon go, right?

When you've got to Pokemon Go, you've got to Pokemon go, right?

Even if you have a 2-year-old child at home….

Well, that was certainly the case for one Phoenix couple, who abandoned their toddler to head off on a much needed and essential Pokemon Go adventure.

As you do.

The call of Pokemon Go was just too strong for Brent and Brianna Daley to resist apparently, so, off they went, leaving their son to fend for himself.

It's all about priorities for this couple, clearly.

The parents-of-the-year were gone for over 90 minutes, and only returned at that juncture because cops had called them.

According to the police report, authorities were alerted after a neighbor noticed the 2-year-old wandering around on his own outside the San Tan Valley home in Arizona.

When cops arrived they found the little boy screaming and crying and trying to get back inside the house.

The report states that the boy was "sweaty, dirty and wearing only a Mickey Mouse-print diaper and a green T-shirt."

The temperature at the time was a toasty 96 degrees, and the kid had no access to water.

Police found the house was unlocked, and once inside they called dad Brent to inform him that they had his son.

However, clearly preoccupied with his thrilling and pressing Pokemon Go adventure, dad Brent replied "whatever" and hung up apparently.

Like we said, priorities, folks.

When they did finally make their way back home, the parents-of-the-year lied through their teeth, insisting they had briefly left their son sleeping while they went to fill their car with gas.

They later admitted however that they were actually out chasing and capturing Pokemon Go characters on the streets and in the parks of San Tan Valley.

The buzzkill cops had clearly never been subjected to the power and the lure of the call of the Pokemon Go.

The buzzkill cops arrested the parents-of-the-year and charged them child endangerment and child neglect.

Following the arrest, Sheriff Paul Babeau announced in a statement:

Our agency and many other law enforcement agencies have been warning people about personal safety while playing this interactive Smartphone game.

But we never could have imagined that parents would abandon a child to play Pokemon Go.

The deputies found the child locked out of his home in 96 degree weather with no water.

The unnamed 2-year-old is now in the custody of the Department of Children's Services.

Leaving the parents-of-the-year to play Pokemon Go to their hearts content.

Glass half full folks…. glass half full.

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The new trial that Adnan Syed, subject of the famed podcast, Serial has been waiting so many years for, is facing even more delays as the state intends to appeal the ruling in June that overturned his 2000 murder conviction.

As Popdust previously reported, the Adnan Syed case garnered world wide attention after it was featured on NPR reporter, Sarah Koenig's uber-successful podcast, Serial.

Now possibly one of the most famous inmates in the country, Syed is currently serving life in prison after being found guilty of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

Syed, now 35, was 19-years old when he was convicted of murdering Lee, back in 1999, and he has always maintained his innocence. A follow up podcast to Serial, Undisclosed dug into the case in way more depth and from more of a legal standpoint than Koenig's episodes. The Undisclosed team of lawyers were led by Rabia Chaudry, a lawyer whose brother is a close friend of Syed. Together, the team pulled apart the state's case, uncovered a whole heap of evidence and a potential alibi witness, as well as totally debunking the prosecution's timeline of the day of the murder.

They discovered a crucial fax cover sheet from AT&T which undermined the reliability of cell phone records that placed Syed in the area where Lee's body was discovered—something that was a key factor in the prosecutor's case. The prosecution's own cell phone expert was unaware of the document and signed sworn affidavits stating he was concerned about his testimony during the trial in the light of the fax cover sheet.

adnan syed new trialThe affidavit signed by the state's expert who testified at the original trial.


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Despite a hearing in 2014 where a request for a new trial was denied, Syed's lawyer, Justin Brown has been working tirelessly to get his conviction overturned. The new evidence, together with a ruling by Judge Martin P Welch that Syed's original defense attorney Cristina Gutierrez provided ineffective counsel, meant that on June 29 Syed was finally granted what he has waited so long for—a new trial.

However, it now appears that Adnan may have to wait up to ANOTHER year before his case is re-heard, as Maryland's attorney general has asked that the new trial be delayed pending their appeal of the June ruling.

They have until August 1 to file that appeal, and the process could take months, with the losing side then having the right to appeal further to the state's highest court for intervention. It is only at the end of that process, if Judge Welch's decision is affirmed, that a new trial date would be set.

The Maryland AG's office said that it would "defend what it believes is a valid conviction."

The thing is, if they are so utterly convinced that Adnan is guilty, why aren't they confident that they would get another conviction at a new trial? They are totally blinkered (as they have been from the start) and won't even begin to entertain the possibility that a series of seemingly unlikely events conspired and meant that they got it wrong.

At this point defending their office, the cops and their reputations is more important to them than a flawed conviction and a potentially innocent man in jail.

But hey, Adnan's been in prison for 16 years now, what's another couple of years right?

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Justin Timberlake Got Bitch Slapped On The Golf Course

But why would anyone in their right mind want to slap a former member of 98 Degrees?

justin timberlake bitch slapped golf course—Trousersnake attacked on the golf course… what's the world coming to?!!

So there Justin Timberlake was, bringing sexy back to the golf course, when out of nowhere, some crazed spectator came up and bitch slapped him!

Maybe he didn't care much for the time Justin jazzed in his pants, perhaps he's bugged Justin got to pop Britney Spears' cherry

Or maybe he just didn't like the way he handled a nine iron. All these and more question will be answered below.

So why did Justin get 5 fingered?

TMZ has obtained video of JT shot Saturday at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe -- and SMACK!

Right in the grill, and the 35-year-old What Goes Around Comes Around singer looked like he was about to cry a river…of rage.

Justin pivoted around and yelled, "Why would you do that?"

Then he angrily walked off while security had some words with the suspected slapper.

Justin opted not to press charges and tournament reps saw the slap as no big deal since Justin had no slap marks on him.

No harm no foul, right?

Well, not exactly. As sheriff's deputies attempted to escort the man off the course, he kinda bugged out.

Law enforcement insiders claimed he just wanted to "touch" Justin and once he got a palm full of Timberface, he refused to leave the golf course.

Apparently he was drunk and belligerent, so cops had to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Thank you for reading.

Now please enjoy these Justin Timberlake fun facts:

Did you know Justin's mom became Ryan Gosling's legal guardian for six months while they filmed The Mickey Mouse Club because Ryan's mom had to go back to work in Canada?

Justin has a freakishly good memory.

He composed all of his album Justified without ever putting pen to paper!

Once a waiter sold Justin's half-eaten French toast on eBay for $1,025!

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