Pot laced tampons—Marijuana users and innovators came up with a way to really "stick it" to your period—weed-infused tampons! Like Tampax to the max...

Pot laced tampons are here to relieve period pain... for just $44 a box.

For any woman who has suffered miserably through mind-numbing menstrual cramps, it's agreed upon that no OTC tablet or hot-water compress could even come close to relieving the throbbing pain and resulting horrid mood of that dreaded monthly visit from "Aunt Flo."

Indeed, womanhood is remarkable - the majority of us have the ability to grow another life inside of us, bear children, and feed them – but this comes at what many would consider to be an inconvenient price.

The bloody hell which since our pre-teen years has ruined many a pair of nice panties, had us cancelling plans, and worst of all, leaving us balled up in the fetal position in bed praying the crushing cramps would go 'F' themselves.

But periods are here, period.

So marijuana users and innovators came up with a way to really "stick it" to your period… weed-infused tampons!

Like Tampax to the max.

Fiora, a company with a fix for females on the brain, came up with "cannabis vaginal suppositories" which are said to relieve period pain for gals with an axe to grind with Mother Nature.

The pot-laced blood absorbers are said to contain THC and CBD – the main active cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana.

These handy hot-to-pot elements relieve pain, relax nerves and muscles, and give that "feel good" sensation thanks to the chemicals released to the brain. This ain't your grandparents' way of getting stoned.

But there's a catch; not everyone will be able to get or use the Snoop Doggy Dog version of tampons easily.

First and foremost, you must join Fiora's collective, and based on the state you reside in, you may need to submit an application plus a doctor's note.

Hopefully, Dr. Feelgood is your OB-GYN and you've hit the pot lottery.

What's more is the expense of these pot pops.

A box of just four will set you back $44!

You may just be better off buying a box of generic tampons at your local drug store and hitting up your dealer on the way home.

For the sake of your savings account, naturally.

In any event, it's refreshing to know that there are folks out there who care about what we women must endure month after month and are willing to raise the bar (high) to help us feel like ourselves.

All the other remedies will go to pot if this craze catches on.

Till then, we'll forgo the baby powder and dust our maxi-pads with cocaine.

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rock vs country music hot messes—From having assistants blow cocaine into your vajayjay, to cold-blooded murder, rock stars party like rock stars while country stars party like, well criminals

Find out who tied up a groupie and shoved live fish into her orifices.

Who murdered his wife in front of their daughter.

And who snorted up his deceased father's ashes!

Some are alive, some overdosed long ago, and then there's Keith Richards.

No one can be sure exactly what's going on there.

But we do know this: Every cigarette you smoke, adds one year to Keith Richard's life.

So, rock Vs country music—which has produced more hot messes?

Breaking it down:

Rock N Roll hot mess hall of fame:

rock vs country music hot messes 1: Keith Richards

rock vs country music hot messes keith richards

The Rolling Stones guitarist has done more morphine, heroin, cocaine and booze than any given wing of the Betty Ford clinic.

Yet, despite this, he's never overdosed!

He attributes this to only using “high quality drugs."

Rumors are rampant that Keith even snorted his father's ashes, mixed with cocaine.

When asked if the rumor was true, he clarified that it was indeed false.

He actually snorted the ashes straight, and chased them with a quart of Jack Daniels.

When cops raided a party at Keith's country estate in 1967, Richards' was tripping so hard on acid, he mistook them for uniformed dwarfs and welcomed them in with hugs for all.

Those friendly “uniformed dwarves" almost threw him in the slammer!

For two years Keith Richard's thought the handsome, chiseled-jawed guy hanging out with his son Marlon was just one of Marlon's drug dealers.

Then one night it hit him.

“Whoa! Scissorhands!"

He finally recognized that the drug dealer was not in fact a drug dealer, but friggin' Johnny Depp!

The two have since become bosom buddies and as recently as 2015, allegedly got thrown out of Hollywood steakhouse Musso and Frank's for being drunk and disorderly.

rock vs country music hot messes 2: Fleetwood Mac

rock vs country music hot messes fleetwood mac

The members of Fleetwood Mac were such coke fiends, they even thanked their coke dealer on the Rumours sleeve!

Speaking of rumors, legend has it that all that snorting left Stevie Nicks' nose so ravaged, she had to enlist a roadie's help to blow drugs into her vajazz!

She denies the story, but admits that she could "put a big gold ring" through her septum.

rock vs country music hot messes 3: The Doors

Jim Morrison was such a bad ass that he was actually placed on the US Government's watch list, because of his tendency to incite riots.

In 1967 he incited one such riot after explaining to the audience that the show was delayed because cops had happened upon him making out with a girl back stage, and decided to mace them both!

The crowd went crazy, and Jim was arrested.

He was arrested on stage at another concert for indecent exposure after stripping off his clothes and encouraging the audience to do the same.

And then, Morrison turned down a plea bargain from the Miami Police Department, refusing to do a free concert in exchange for having the charges dropped!

Once a sinuous sex-god, Jim was a bloated alcoholic near the time of his death, allegedly putting down 36 beers a day.

On July 3, 1971 his body was found in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris.

Although he was only 27-years old, the cause of death was ruled as “natural causes" and no autopsy was done.

But singer Marianne Faithfull says she knows who killed him.

In her 2014 interview with England's Mojo magazine, Faithfull said her then-boyfriend, a heroin dealer named Jean de Breiteuil dealt him a lethal strain of heroin.

Faithful claims:

I could intuitively feel trouble.
I thought, I'll take a few Tuinal and I won't be there.
And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him.
I mean I'm sure it was an accident. Poor bastard.
The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died.
And I didn't know anything about this.

rock vs country music hot messes 4: Iggy Pop

rock vs country music hot messes iggy pop

Presumably taking a cue from predecessor Jim Morrison, Punk God Iggy Pop frequently performed Full Monty.

He was also the first performer to do a stage dive.

When the band wasn't committing lewd and lascivious acts on stage, they were hanging out at “the fun house."

And what a fun house it was!

The Igster and his The Stooges crew liked to decorated the walls of the Detroit area home with the blood that would quirt out of syringes after they shot up.

rock vs country music hot messes 5: Keith Moon

rock vs country music hot messes keith moon

Drummer for The Who, Moon was a hope-to-die booze bag who pretty much laid off the drugs, but still managed to earn the nickname “Moon the Loon" for his hobby of blowing up toilets with cherry bombs and M-80s.

Moon trashed so many rooms, The Who was forced to stay in neighboring towns when doing concerts because they were banned virtually every local hotel!

He once even drove his Lincoln into the swimming pool of a Holiday Inn!

During one concert Moon passed out on stage so many times the band turned to the audience and said “Is there a drummer in the house?"

Some random dude got on stage and finished the concert.

Moon died at the age of 32 from overdosing on a prescription drug that was intended to help him quit drinking.

rock vs country music hot messes 6: Eric Clapton

First clue that Eric Clapton liked to party?

One of his biggest hits is called Cocaine.

And even though the cocoa plant inspired him enough to croon such an ode, he was still dropping $16,000 a week on heroin!


And this was back in 1976!!!!

Allegedly he was donating a fair amount to The Beatles, with whom he consorted frequently back in the diz.

Clapton was so loaded once he did an entire show lying down, and no one batted an eye!

rock vs country music hot messes 7: Pete Doherty

rock vs country music hot messes pete doherty

Pete Doherty, who enjoyed being Kate Moss' more effed up half for about 5 years, has a police record longer than his track-marked arm.

And nearly all of his arrests pertain to possession: crack, heroin, ketamine, and cannabis.

A staunch heterosexual who dated one of the most legendary supermodels of all time, Pete admitted to prostituting himself to pay for his astronomical drug habit.

He even admits to once robbing a male client to get drug money.

Taking a cue from Iggy Pop, Pete created an art exhibit coined “arterial splatter," made up of paper glued onto canvases with various drawings and poetry all created from the spray of the blood from his heroin syringe.

He was eventually jailed for six months in 2011, following his 26th drug-related arrest.

Yep, 26th...

rock vs country music hot messes 8: Nikki Sixx

rock vs country music hot messes nikki sixx

Mötley Crüe bassist and lyrics writer, Nikki Sixx was once pronounced dead after overdosing on heroin, but the EMT was a huge fan, and vowed to revive him.

When he finally came to in the hospital, Nikki ripped out all of the tubes and wires, and went AWOL to do more drugs.

The incident inspired the song Kick Start My Heart.

One Valentine's Day he overdosed at his dealer's house, and the panicked dealer shoved ice down his pants, and when that failed to rouse him, beat him to a pulp with a baseball bat.

Nikki wouldn't wake up, so the dealer dumped him in a dumpster and left him for dead.

Eventually he came to, crawled out of the dumpster and scored more smack.

Because, that's how he rolled....

rock vs country music hot messes 9: John Bonham

rock vs country music hot messes john bonham

Not sure if this qualifies as partying, or misogyny, or depravity, or insanity, or some perverse combination therein.

But Led Zeppelin drummer and hardcore drunk John Bonham, decided to fish off the balcony of his room at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, Washington one night after a concert.

He was joined by Zeppelin manager, Richard Cole and they managed to fill the room with various types of fish, including several mud sharks.

A ginger-haired groupie turned up and announced that she loved being tied up during sex.

Bonham and Cole obliged her predilection and then proceeded to stick fish in the orifices of the bound girl, while saying things like “I'm putting a red snapper in your red snapper".

Frank Zappa immortalized the revolting incident with the song Mud Shark.

And when there were no groupies to be found, “Bonzo" would attend to The Beatles.

One night, he shaved the hair and eyebrows off an unconscious Ringo Starr.

At the age of 32, Bonham died by choking on his own vomit after doing 40 shots of vodka.

Rock 'n roll baby!

rock vs country music hot messes 10: Ozzy Osbourne

rock vs country music hot messes ozzy osbourne

It's safe to assume that Ozzy Osbourne was pretty wasted when he bit the head off a bat during a concert.

And when he peed on the Alamo, and managed to get himself banned from San Antonio, Texas for a decade.

1984 saw an unholy union when Mötley Crüe opened for Ozzy during his Bark at the Moon tour, which has come to be known as one of the craziest, drug and alcohol fueled tours in the history of rock-n-roll.

One night Nikki Sixx snorted a huge line of cocaine, and told Ozzy to “beat that".

Ozzy did, when he noticed a convenient procession of ants marching along the sidewalk.

The Prince of Darkness bent down, snorted the line of ants, stood up, peed on the remaining insects, and then licked up the wretched urine/ant concoction.

Nikki then whipped out his little fireman, sprayed the sidewalk, but before he could lap up the puddle, Ozzy had already swallowed.

rock vs country music hot messes 11: Duff McKagan

rock vs country music hot messes duff mckagan

Guns N' Roses' guitarist, Duff McKagan ingested such large quantities of drug and alcohol that his pancreas exploded backstage after a concert!

He tells the story to Gavin Edwards:

You get third-degree burns on the inside of your intestine and your stomach.
For a lot of people, they split their skin open to get the steam out.
I had morphine in this arm for the pain, and then I had lithium in this arm for the DTs.

Beat that Country music!

Well, here goes!

Country music hot mess hall of fame:

rock vs country music hot messes 12: Mindy McCready

rock vs country music hot messes mindy mccready

When she was just 15-years old, Mindy McCready had an affair with married Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, who was 28 at the time.

In 2004, McReady was charged with prescription drug fraud after illegally obtaining OxyContin.

She was sentenced to three years of supervised probation and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

In 2005, McCready was arrested again and charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license.

A few days later, her ex-boyfriend William McKnight was charged with attempted murder and aggravated burglary after allegedly breaking into her home and beating her up.

Just weeks later, McCready was charged with identity theft, unlawful imprisonment and hindering prosecution, then hospitalized after attempting to kill herself.

She left the hospital and went back to McKnight, her abusive boyfriend.

Two years later, she landed herself in jail for a probation violation after resisting arrest and committing battery during an argument with her mother.

She served several months.

In 2008, she went to rehab.

By 2009, McCready starred on season three of VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

In 2010, McCready was hospitalized again, for a mystery ailment, but hospital staff suspected she overdosed on prescription pills.

In February of 2013, Mindy died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.

rock vs country music hot messes 13: George Jones

rock vs country music hot messes george jones

George Jones' second wife, Shirley Corley, once tried to stop him from driving to the liquor store by hiding his car keys.

But, according to his autobiography, I Lived to Tell It All, he was so determined to get hammered that he drove there on his John Deere lawnmower.

Corley divorced him, and he married singer Tammy Wynette, who had to contend with the same shenanigans as her predecessor.

In her 1979 autobiography, Stand by Your Man, Wynette recalled waking up in the middle of the night to find Jones gone.

After driving 10 miles to the nearest bar, she found his John Deere lawnmower sitting in the parking lot.


rock vs country music hot messes 14: Janis Joplin

rock vs country music hot messes janis joplin

Even though she was known as the Queen of Rock 'n Roll, Janice Joplin's music was firmly rooted in blues and country.

Her life though was more conventionally rock 'n roll.

Joplin was only 27 when she died, and her will funded $2,500 to throw a wake party in the event of her demise.

Joplin drank so much Southern Comfort that she managed to get the company to give her a lynx coat as a thank-you for boosting their sales!

A belligerent drunk, she once broke a bottle over Jim Morrison's head at a party in San Francisco.

The Texas native also enjoyed her heroin and cocaine.

On October 4, 1970, Janis joined the 27 Club by overdosing on whiskey and heroin.

Many believe that Jean de Breiteuil, the same dealer that allegedly dealt Jim Morrison the potent batch that killed him, dealt Joplin the lethal dose.

She died within sixteen days of Jimi Hendrix, and ten months of Jim Morrison.

rock vs country music hot messes 15: Johnny Cash

rock vs country music hot messes johnny cash

In 1965, Johnny Cash was arrested by a narcotics squad in El Paso, Texas with 688 Dexedrine capsules and 475 Equanil tablets in his guitar case.

He broke his toes trying to kick the bars out of the jail cell.

He was also the first person ever to be sued by the U.S. for igniting a forest fire, after taking his camper, Jesse James, out to the desert for a methamphetamine binge.

It caught fire, and the blaze killed almost every endangered condor in the refuge, to which Cash replied, “I don't give a damn about your yellow buzzards."

In the late 1950s, Cash and his band bought 500 baby chickens and let 100 loose on each floor of the hotel they were staying at.

Another time, Cash and Co. flushed cherry bombs down a toilet, destroying the plumbing system.

Cash also stabbed a reproduction of the Mona Lisa that was hanging in a hotel because it didn't quite reach his standards.

rock vs country music hot messes 16: Waylon Jennings

rock vs country music hot messes waylon jennings

Jennings had a wicked appetite for cocaine, and by his own account, during the 1970s he was spending over $1,500 a day on marching powder.

$1,500 A DAY..... in the 1970s....!!!!.

In 1977, federal agents arrested Jennings for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

But the charges were dropped because he flushed all 27 grams of cocaine down the toilet while authorities waited for a search warrant.

The incident was ultimately recounted in his classic song, Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Outta Hand?

rock vs country music hot messes 17: Spade Cooley

rock vs country music hot messes spade cooley

Spade Cooley was known as The King of Western Swing, and when he drank, things could get ugly.

How ugly?

Well, in 1961, Cooley's wife of 15 years told him that she was leaving him.

He responded by savagely beating her in front of their 14-year-old daughter, whom he forced to watch under threat of death.

He didn't take his battered wife to a hospital for five hours, and when she finally made it to the emergency room, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Cooley told authorities that her injuries, which included a ruptured aorta, head-to-toe bruises and numerous cigarette burns, were the result of her falling in the shower.

He was convicted of murder and died of a heart attack in 1969.

rock vs country music hot messes 18: Johnny Paycheck

rock vs country music hot messes johnny paycheck

Johnny Paycheck rose to fame in the 1960s with folksy murder ballads like Pardon Me, I've Got Someone to Kill and It Won't Be Long and I'll Be Hating You.

In December 1985, Paycheck shot a man named Larry Wise in a bar because he asked the singer if he had ever eaten deer meat or turtle soup.

''Do you see me as some sort of country hick? "Paycheck, replied, then whipped out a pistol and shot at Wise's head, blowing his cowboy hat cleeeeaaan off.

Paycheck served almost two years in prison.

He died in 2003, age 64.

rock vs country music hot messes 19: Elvis Presley

rock vs country music hot messes elvis presley

You may not think of Elvis Presley as a country singer, but the Pelvis belted out such farm favorites as Kentucky Rain, Blue Moon, It Keeps Right On A Hurtin', and many more.

And when he wasn't crooning country ballads or pop hits, Elvis was doing lotsa drugs, thanks in part to his personal physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos.

The good doc was found to have written Elvis 199 prescriptions totaling more than 10,000 doses of sedatives, amphetamines and narcotics in just the first 8 months of 1977.

Elvis and Dr. Nick kicked off each tour with three locked suitcases filled with prescription drugs.

One time Elvis's road manager, Joe Esposito, raided Elvis's bedroom at Graceland.

He found three giant pharmacy-sized jars, each containing 1,000 high-dose barbiturates, Dexedrine amphetamines and tranquilizers.

He even found vials of pills hidden in the seams of the curtains.

Dr. Nick was so terrified that Elvis would overdose, he once convinced Knoll, the manufacturers of Dilaudid, to make a special batch of a thousand pills without any active ingredients to trick The King into taking less.

Elvis Presley died anyway on August 16, 1977. On the toilet no less.

rock vs country music hot messes 20: Keith Urban

rock vs country music hot messes keith urban

The squeaky-clean American Idol Judge?

Yes, there was a time that Mr. Nicole Kidman was “crawling around the carpet looking for a rock of crack."

Keith was such a hot mess, his friends would even “make fun of him behind his back, saying, 'Man, that guy can't hold his substances,'"

He was so wasted one day, he, (GASP) missed a recording session with The Dixie Chicks!

Congrats, Mr. Urban/Kidman whatever, The Rock Bottom Award goes to you!

rock vs country music hot messes 10. Ray Charles

rock vs country music hot messes ray charles

Given his raging heroin addiction, it's pretty impressive that Charles managed to sire twelve children (by nine different women).

Charles kicked off his drug dalliance by smoking weed, which soon escalated to heroin.

The singer struggled with heroin addiction for 16 long years—and was arrested on narcotics charges three times.

He finally kicked his addiction in 1966, and went on to immortalize his struggle in songs such as I Don't Need No Doctor, and Let's Go Get Stoned.

rock vs country music hot messes—(dis) honorable mention : Whitney Houston

rock vs country music hot messes whitney houston

During a 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, proving denial isn't just a river in Egypt, Whitney Houston broke it down:

First of all, let's get one thing straight.
Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack.
Let's get that straight. Okay? We don't do crack.
We don't do that. Crack is whack.

But Tina Brown told a different story, revealing that her former sister-in-law spent days locked in her bedroom “smoking crack, using sex toys to satisfy herself and ignoring personal hygiene".

“I did crack with Whitney. She won't stay off drugs. It's every single day," Tina said. “It's so ugly. Everyone is scared she's going to OD."

Whitney was so deep in her addiction that her teeth started to fall out, and she was forced to wear dentures.

“She loses them in the house and when she's out on drug binges," Tina claimed. “They cost $6000 and the dentist has to keep FedEx'ing her a new set."

Whitney even regularly hallucinated that she was being attacked by the devil, and she would punch and bite herself until she was covered in cuts and bruises!

Houston died February 11, 2012—age 48.

The singing legend was found unresponsive, face down in the bathtub, surrounded by drug paraphernalia, in her Beverly Hills hotel room.

Didn't she almost have it all?

Just say no kids.

So the winner?

It has to be country…

Because, rock stars will just kill themselves—country stars though?

Day-am, they'll kill themselves and anyone unlucky enough to be standing in the surrounding area at time of implosion.

Last word to Johnny Cash:

When I was just a baby
My Mama told me, "Son
Always be a good boy
Don't ever play with guns,"
But I shot a man in Reno
Just to watch him die
When I hear that whistle blowin'
I hang my head and cry

Keith Richards

Fleetwood Mac

The Doors

Iggy Pop

Keith Moon

Eric Clapton

Pete Doherty

Nikki Sixx

John Bonham

Ozzy Osbourne

Duff McKagan

Mindy McCready

George Jones

Janis Joplin

Johnny Cash

Waylon Jennings

Spade Cooley

Johnny Paycheck

Keith Urban

Ray Charles

(dis) honorable mention—Whitney Houston

Selma Blair Carried Off Plane After Mid Flight Mexican Meltdown

Selma Blair was carted off of a plane following an Oscar-worthy meltdown on the way home from Mexico...

Actress Selma Blair has been forcibly removed from a plane by stretcher after a mid-flight episode.

She was traveling from Cancun, Mexico to Los Angeles on Monday night with her son, Arthur Saint, 4, when she had a meltdown in first class.

She had posted a cute pic with her son on board the outbound flight and appeared in good spirits, however pictures taken of her over the weekend show her not looking quite so together.

We're leaving on a jet plane. Dad is already asleep. Not for long. Bwahahahha . #fathersdayweekend
A photo posted by Selma Blair (@therealselmablair) on Jun 16, 2016 at 1:46pm PDT

Sources also on board the Delta flight spoke to TMZ ;

"Blair was in first class and drinking wine. The witnesses say it appeared she put something in the glass and mixed it in."
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prescription pill abuse epidemic —Jennifer Gimenez is mad as hell that people are dying every day in frightening numbers—and you should be too

The prescription pill abuse epidemic that’s sweeping the nation makes Jennifer Gimenez mad as hell.

And, it should make you mad too—because people are dying every day in frightening numbers.

You probably know Gimenez from VH1’s hit show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But, did you know she was a major fashion model in the early 2000s?

And that her hard partying, fast-lane lifestyle nearly killed her?

Gimenez strutted the runway alongside Naomi Campbell and other supermodels of the time—jetting all over the world.

She graced the covers of dozens of magazines like Elle, and Vogue, and shot with the most legendary photogs of our time.

But the whole time, Jen, who was discovered at the tender age of 13, was dying from the disease of addiction.

Now, on the heels on Prince’s untimely death at the age of 57, the beauty is delivering a powerful message about the prescription pill abuse epidemic that’s plaguing the U.S.

It’s the silent epidemic that is taking lives at an alarming rate.

In 2010, enough prescription painkillers were prescribed to medicate every American adult every 4 hours for 1 month.

In 2016, the numbers have skyrocketed to even higher.

The United States makes up 5% of the world’s population and consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs.

So, are the people fueling the prescription pill abuse epidemic hope-to-die junkies you might see on street corners or in alleys?

Nope, they are your mom, your cousin, your nephew, neighbor, teacher, grandmother, daughter…. maybe even you.

They are people with legitimate pain from injuries, surgeries, and wear and tear.

They go to a legitimate doctor who prescribes them legal pain medication.

Then they need more. Then they need more. Then they need more.

Then they’re addicted.

Now 10-years sober, Gimenez has been very candid about her descent into drug and alcohol addiction.

At the height of her addiction, even Dr. Drew proclaimed her a lost cause.

Back in 2009, Gimenez told Life & Style:

When I first started recovery, Dr. Drew was horrified.

He thought there was no hope for me. He thought I'd be dead in a year.

But something finally kicked in. I stayed in there 9 months.

I've been sober ever since.

Now she’s using her platform to put a stop to prescription drug addiction and death.

Scroll down to watch Popdust’s exclusive interview with Jennifer Gimenez, addressing the prescription pill abuse epidemic

Head to SoberBook to learn more about Jen’s work—and check back on Popdust tomorrow to hear about Gimenez's crazy journey to sobriety.

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Jennifer Gimenez talks about the prescription pill abuse epidemic:

Nelly Arrested On Drugs Charges In Tennessee

Andy Cohen Hilariously Gets Gwyneth Paltrow To Admit Taking Hard Drugs

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Madonna Goes Topless For Interview, Talks Drugs, God, Kids And Prostitution

prince death overdose not aids—the official cause of death has been revealed as opiate overdose, securing that place in Hell for the National Enquirer

Prince’s cause of death has been revealed.

The singer died from an accidental opiate overdose—securing that place in Hell for the National Enquirer with their despicable salacious AIDS front cover.

And no, we are not AIDS-shaming—there should be no stigma attached to HIV and AIDS—it is a disease that should be viewed no differently to others, such as cancer, diabetes etc.

We are National Enquirer-shaming, for a bullshit, fabricated front cover story, jumping on what they perceive to be the most salacious outrageous line, designed purely to sell copies of the tabloid.

We are National Enquirer-shaming, for their relentless policy of AIDS-sensationalizing celebrity deaths at each and every opportunity—as shown earlier this year with their David Bowie “secret AIDS battle” story.

You can read that gem here, if you can stomach it.

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Demi Lovato brawling coke fiend sober journey was a crazy ride—she opens up about her descent into addiction, and how she got clean again

Demi Lovato’s addiction was so bad, back in the day, she admits she couldn’t go an hour without cocaine.

That's right—after only one hour, Lovato, the ex-Disney darling, would be fiending for another line of coke.

When her parents would try to discipline her she would say, “Try to ground me — I pay your bills."

Which is actually kind of badass, but don’t try it at home—especially if you DON’T actually pay the bills..

In 2010, at age 18, she punched out a backup dancer while on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Shortly after, she checked in to rehab to get treatment for her eating disorder, cutting and cocaine addictions.

The Cool For The Summer singer openly details her days as a boozy blow hound and her path to recovery in a new interview with Refinery29 :

I had to learn the hard way that I can’t do parties anymore.

Some people can go out and not be triggered, but that’s not the case for me.

Prior to getting sober, I was one of those people who was like, I don’t give a fuck, whatever.

And I used that as an excuse to do whatever I wanted. I was a nightmare to work with.

She recently told ET that when it comes to staying clean:

I think what inspires me is remembering that I deserve to be the best that I can be and also knowing people look at me as a role model.

It gives me the fire to continue to be strong.

Still, Demi appreciates the cunning, baffling, and powerful nature of addiction and has to be vigilante about avoiding temptation.

She couldn’t even watch the Oscar-winning documentary Amy, about the troubled life of late singer Amy Winehouse.

She tells Refinery29:

To see white powder in a movie.... To see someone shooting up?

It’s too triggering.

If I feel even 1% unsure that I’m in a place where I can watch it, then I just don’t do it.

Lovato says that although she has achieved mainstream stardom, she still has her haters.

And, the 23-year-old says that she thinks she still has more to prove:

I’m still underestimated… I still have more things to prove—not just about the things I can do with my voice.

Some people think that because I’m young, I can’t stay sober.

But these are things I want to prove to myself.

Lovato also opens up about her friend Kesha’s ongoing battle with Dr. Luke:

There’s way too much shame put on victims coming forward talking about being date-raped, raped, sexually abused.

So then people feel like they can’t come forward anymore because they’ll just be torn to shreds.

And, she talks feminism—insisting, don’t talk the talk unless you’re willing to walk the walk.

With that in mind, she gives major props to Lena Dunham and Beyonce:

My thing is, don’t brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work.

I have an immense amount of respect for women like Lena Dunham… or Beyoncé, who make amazing political statements through their work.

Demi celebrated 4 years of sobriety in March.

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Demi Lovato brawling coke fiend sober journey confession

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Demi Lovato brawling coke fiend sober journey confession

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Demi Lovato brawling coke fiend sober journey confession