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Piers Morgan vs. Rudy Giuliani Is the "Godzilla vs. Mothra" of Our Era

They are two masters at the top of their game—their game just happens to be making fools of themselves.

Once in a generation two titans in their fields go toe-to-toe in a battle that will echo through the ages.

Ali vs. Frazier. Venus vs. Serena. Kasparov vs. Topalov. Now we have a new match to mark down in the annals of history. Not between two great athletes or cunning strategists, but between two of the most unflappably obnoxious ghouls the world of TV punditry has ever known: Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan.

In interview after interview they have each proven themselves incapable of allowing others to speak or of recognizing when they're making asses of themselves. No call for civility or reminder of their contradictions will convince either of these mythic figures to back down, apologize, or allow someone else to finish a thought. To see such paragons of interruption and phony outrage sparring over President Trump's disgusting handling of the George Floyd protests—shouting over each other through a delayed video feed—is like watching Baryshnikov and Nureyev stomping on each other's toes.

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This Wednesday, April 22, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Prior to the onset of the current pandemic, people across the world were planning on taking to the streets to celebrate 50 years of environmentalism–and the urgency of the climate crisis.

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Are You Less Privileged Than Chelsea Handler?

Is Chelsea Handler woke now? Absolutely not.

How should a white person talk about racism?

More specifically, how should a wealthy, famous white woman talk about white privilege? In Chelsea Handler's new Netflix documentary, Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea, she makes a go of it using an uncharacteristic amount of self-conscious confessional mixed with her signature bawdy humor and, most effectively, a generous amount of silence. She interviews disparate groups of black students, activists, and comedians, as well as conservative Republicans and white liberals, all in pursuit of her well-documented quest: "I'm clearly the beneficiary of white privilege, and I want to know what my responsibility is moving forward in the world that we live in today where race is concerned."

Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea | Official Trailer | Netflix

If the documentary were marketed as the story of Handler's personal evolution from the low-brow comedian who wrote the New York Times #1 Bestseller titled Uganda Be Kidding Me to a civically-minded and socially conscious Woke™celebrity, then Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea would work. The 64-minute runtime would be candid exploration of one white woman's privilege and how she found American fame and success through a nuanced blend of excellent luck, a loud mouth, and hard work.

And to be fair, that story comprises about one-third of Handler's documentary. The rest affirms the obvious, which Dr. Laura Smith of Columbia University describes simply: "One of the parts about being a white ally is realizing that every single thing that you have to say about racism, all the people of color you know already thought of it a long time ago, and they've lived it out." Handler travels between the high and low ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, meeting with professors, activists, students, working class people, Bel Air Republicans, a white southern rapper, other comedians, the young, and the old all in pursuit of answers: How can she be a better white person? What should a conversation about white privilege look like? Who should be having those conversations?

Handler faces her own discomfort asking those questions early on, when she's "put in [her] place" by a group of USC students. She attends an open mic coordinated by Jody Armour, a law professor who invites her to participate in their discussion and performances of spoken word about the topic of white privilege. In the first reminder of many throughout the documentary, one audience member points out that the solution is "deeper than a documentary," while another holds Handler accountable for her self-promotional intentions and her privileges as a successful, white comic. "Feel free to edit this out, because I'm embarrassed to be here with you," the student says, "because this is just another example of white privilege. What are you going to do with it other than come into this space and take?"

Handler calls the exchange "intense" but welcomed based on her approach to race and privilege these days, which is simply: Chelsea Handler is one lucky b*itch. The documentary opens with clips of Handler's comedy over the years, including plenty of short-sighted commentary, from fetishizing black men to saying "political correctness is the handicap of any real conversation and I hate it" in her generally maligned 2016 Netflix docuseries episode, Chelsea Does Racism. Handler reckons with her past problematic takes in candid interviews filmed throughout her Bel Air mansion. Her progress can be summed up in her opening words: "I was white, I was pretty, and I had a big mouth and for some reason, that was rewarded in Hollywood." In other words, she got away with a lot—and was even rewarded for it—because of her white privilege.

The most compelling part of the documentary is her delve into her past. "Until doing this film, I didn't realize all the things that I'm guilty of that I've never been arrested for, that black people do get arrested for," she says. At 16, she found herself flunking out of high school and living with her black boyfriend, Tyshawn, who began dealing drugs and with whom Handler was pulled over multiple times while she was also in possession of drugs. She recounts how each time he was arrested she was let go. After becoming pregnant twice, Handler's middle class family forced her to stabilize her life, putting her into an alternative high school which allowed her to graduate "right on time." In the span of the documentary, Handler ends up visiting her ex-boyfriend for the first time in decades; she finds out that after his arrests he never regained his promising future from when he was a teenager with multiple offers to attend college on football scholarships. Instead, he spent 14 years in jail for armed robbery.

Handler is clearly well-intentioned in this special. She earnestly seeks out open discourse with people of color and white people to flesh out the reality of white privilege: "We need to talk to people who are white and stop asking Black people to solve our problems because it's a white person's problem." And when confronted with less informed white people who would only utter the phrase "white privilege" with air quotes around it, she shows genuine frustration. A young woman in a man-in-the-street interview says, "It's not something I see very often," to which Handler responds, "But would you see it if you're white?"

So is Chelsea Handler woke now? Absolutely not. Among other things, she exclusively interviews black and white people, as if to reaffirm the false binary that racism is only an issue between black and white people. As an aspiring "white ally," Handler has continued to promote and discuss civil rights activism, taking to Twitter to promote "Chelsea Handler's Action Center" run by Countable, "the first digital platform that activates, engages and retains your [company's] audience...not once, but every day, on your terms."

She recently posted, "Will you join me in showing up for racial justice? Learn more about @WP4BL, a white anti-racist collective and the Los Angeles affiliate of Showing Up for Racial Justice, and start taking action!"

But despite her good intentions, Handler mostly re-affirms that a demoralizing amount of ignorance exists in America. As she told Jimmy Kimmel while promoting the special, "It's not about how you mean it, it's what that person takes it as." She was speaking about the sensitivity training she had to undergo after a woman at the USC open mic complained about her behavior during filming. She apparently touched the black woman's butt while hugging her after an impressive performance. As Handler told Kimmel, she had no intention of offending the woman, who later enlightened the comedian that black women have been fetishized for their hair and asses for too long and Handler had no right to touch her body. It's a prime example that Handler had little to no understanding of white privilege before filming. "I always thought it was a certain group of people that get into Harvard or Yale or that have rich parents," Handler admits to Kimmel. "It's a privilege just to have white skin in this country, it's a privilege just to go into a grocery store and not be stared at, it's a privilege to get pulled over and not worry if it's a life or death situation."

That anecdote echoes one of the special's flashes in the pan of near-enlightenment. When speaking to wealthy, white, self-described conservative Republican women, Handler gives a simple example of white privilege: She's never been pulled over and felt in danger from the police officer. One woman, a Republican political consultant, is silent for a moment before commenting that she's never considered that before; in fact, only moments prior she had denied the existence of quote-white privilege-unquote. In that new light, the woman admits that "it is a problem" and even says "I don't think there's any way we could deny that." But in a telling moment, her friend asks her if by "it" she means "white privilege" and she says no; she means "black dis-privilege."

Khloe Kardashian appeared on Chelsea Handler's Netflix chat show Chelsea and revealed that not only did she hate her entire experience on Celebrity Apprentice, but that she does not think Donald Trump would make a good president.

Handler, who is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, gathered together a number of ex-Celebrity Apprentice contestants to find out if the Republican candidate was actually real or if his whole persona is just an act. Khloe was joined by Real Housewife favorite, Nene Leakes, singer Clay Aiken and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

Funnily enough, none of them are going to be appearing on stage campaigning for a President Trump anytime soon.

Scroll down to watch the video...

Kardashian didn't even want to appear on the 2009 season, and she was even more pissed when she was fired for nothing to do with her work on the show, but her 2007 DUI. During the boardroom discussions, Trump learned that Khloe had not been able contribute to some of the previous week's task due to having attend a mandatory class regarding the DUI.

Trump, ever the barometer of morality, said;

"I hate people who drive under the influence. I know three families who lost children to drunk driving."

Kardashian dished to Chelsea;

"My mom wanted me to do it and I hated every minute of it. It's just something I would never do. I'm put in these situations I would never be in in real life. I went to home school, I don't know how to do a fucking PowerPoint. I don't care. What is that going to prove in my real life? I'm just stressing myself out and then dealing with him and about to be fired, I was like, 'Fuck you, I don't need this'."

When Handler then asked her if momager Kris Jenner thinks a Trump presidency would work, Khloe replied;

"I don't think so, no."

Handler confirmed she asked about what Jenner thinks because then we know what Khloe thinks (love the shade) and Khloe confirmed;

" I don't think he would make a good president."

Nene Leakes meanwhile, revealed that she had been approached by Trump's people who asked her to reach out and try to connect with black voters (as he has done with notorious Apprentice contestant Omarosa). Nene said;

"They sent me an email and asked me to speak at one of his rallies. I didn't."

Handler said; "You didn't want to represent him?"

"No." replied Leakes to huge applause.

All the guests agreed that Trump was pleasant enough on a personal level, although Lampanelli said his misogyny was obvious in the boardroom;

"Trump is effing crazy, because in that boardroom he will say some crazy stuff to the women. We all know he loves beautiful women. And at the time I wasn't the gorgeous thing I am now, as I lost 107lbs...

...The things he said in the boardroom to the women were so funny, and at the time I felt so left out because I was kind of a battleaxe, He would say to every girl in the boardroom, 'Oh Teresa (Giudice) you look so beautiful today. 'Oh Aubrey (O'Day) you look more lovely with every passing week,' except for me. And then he says to me one day: 'Lisa. Doesn't Teresa look beautiful today?'"

Aiken said that he believes Trump's campaign is about proving he can win rather than believing in policies that he wants to see through, but that he suspects the controversial candidate will probably win, which "is frightening to me."

You're not alone Clay.

On another completely shallow note—LOVING this combo!

Watch all the guests including Khloe Kardashian giving their opinion on Donald Trump as President...

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10 Chelsea Handler Unusual Facts

See what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF

Chelsea Handler unusual facts—see what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF

The brassy, bold, and busty Chelsea Handler is not one to keep secrets.

She's back on TV with a brand new show on Netflix, and although she's far from being a wallflower, there's lots of juicy stuff Chelsea doesn't generally share with her fans.

She's quick to bear her breasts on social media, but these 10 Chelsea Handler unusual facts may be even racier!

See what you know about the TV host and Jennifer Aniston funny gal BFF.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —1

And Baby Makes Six

It's no wonder Chelsea's such an outspoken lady.

Growing up, she was the youngest of six kids, as per Nassau Paradise Island.

A native of New Jersey, being the baby of the bunch must have been chaotic, but most rules probably went out the window after her parents raised six children.

It's also no surprise her parents stopped reproducing after dealing with a daughter like Chelsea!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —2

The Book of Mormon… or the Torah?

Chelsea's mom is Mormon and her pop is Jewish, as reported by BoomsBeat.

Chelsea was raised Jewish, but one may wonder what her stand-up routine woulda been like had she been raised Mormon.

Chelsea Lately would have been far more buttoned up… literally and figuratively!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —3

Want Fries with That?

As per Biography, Chelsea made ends meet by working as a waitress up until the age of 26 when her career really began to flourish.

While it's hard to picture the comedian serving up burgers and beer, she no doubt let her customers have it if the tip wasn't sufficient.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —4

Playmate of the Year?

Who knew Chelsea was on the cover of the Dec. 2009 issue of Playboy magazine?

Uproxx reports she had a pictorial in the rag too, but she was not fully nude.

Silly and sexy… is there any bunny who's not into that?

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —5

Well, That Socks

Don't tell Rob Kardashian, but according to Celebrity Toob, Chelsea's no fan of wearing socks.

She claims her “feet smell like ginseng," so she doesn't need socks to wick away the sweaty smell.

I guess she shaves off a few seconds getting dressed in the morning.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —6

Pageant Princess

Prim and proper, she is not, but as a teen, Chelsea competed in the Miss New Jersey beauty pageant, as per Britannica.

She didn't win and never competed again, but she's surely fairing a lot better than her competition today!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —7

Don't Put a Ring on It

Us Magazine reports that Chelsea has no desire to become a 'Mrs.

While she'll never say never, it's not a dream of hers to walk down the aisle.

Perhaps that's what broke up her surprising relationship with rapper 50 Cent.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —8

Scholarships by Handler

As posted by AXS, Chelsea is a giving boss.

She reportedly set up college scholarship funds for the children of her staff members.

Knowing Chelsea, she'll require invites to their future frat parties!

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —9

Under the Influence

Chelsea made Time Magazine's list of the '100 Most Influential People' in 2012.

Now, if she influenced them to drink excessively and flash their Instagram followers, the accolade makes plenty of sense.

Chelsea Handler unusual facts —10

Woman of Which Year?

Glamour magazine named Chelsea 'Woman of the Year' in 2011.

With her quick wit, TV success, fab friends, and endless charisma, it's easy to see why.

She would have likely crowned herself if not given the honor by the magazine anyhow!

Can you handle the Handler Who Knew? info?

Chelsea is one-of-a-kind and one to be watched.

Check her out on her new show on Netflix for endless laughs and Chelsea chutzpah!

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There’s a disturbing new trend in Hollywood—a trend that seems to be gaining momentum with the velocity of a Kardashian hopped up on a fat-free chai latte.

Beautiful starlets…..are now funny. And they’re getting better looking and funnier every year.

First there was Chelsea Handler. Not exactly a piece of ass, but when you factor in how funny she is, suddenly you wouldn’t kick her and her saggy tits out of bed.

Next there was Whitney Cummings. A solid 7.5-8 with good lighting, and dirtier than Haitian tap water.

Now, Popdust gives you Chelsea Skidmore: think Larry David trapped in Miss July’s body.

Suzy McCoppin sat down with the sexy stand-up to talk Guy Fieri, fat men eating pussy, Kim Kardashian and sex tapes, butts or boobs, Marilyn Manson, and Hillary Clinton jizz facials.....

Popdust: When did you know you were funny?

Chelsea Skidmore: When I was in middle school I would leave crazy voicemails on all of my friends answering machines trying to make their families laugh and they all called me "weird" but what they probably meant was "funny." They just had poor adjective choices.

Popdust: How often do you get hit on in a day?

Chelsea Skidmore: I'm bad at math but it pretty much depends on how often I go outside.

Popdust: Do you ever get too much attention?

Chelsea Skidmore: Not really, I wish.

Popdust: Who is someone that's really over rated?

Chelsea Skidmore: Guy Fieri. Plenty of guys have been on cocaine in kitchens with bleached tips for years.

Popdust: You have to be funny or hot, pick one..

Chelsea Skidmore: Funny

Popdust: What joke gets the biggest laughs?

Chelsea Skidmore: There is no excuse for an overweight man to be bad at eating pussy. How can they be so good at eating everything else?

Popdust: What joke are you most proud of?

Chelsea Skidmore: (Since it takes so long to get cum out of your pussy when a guy busts in you..)

Do you think on a busy morning Hillary Clinton gets jizzed in? Or is she like, "just cum on my face I have a lot of paperwork to sign."

I don't know if this is what I'm most proud of but it makes me laugh and shocks people every time.

Popdust: What is the best story you have about being a hot chick in LA?

Chelsea Skidmore: Getting to party at Marilyn Manson's house was definitely my favorite LA story because I've been a longtime fan and it was really surreal watching him sing along to his music in his living room.

There are always tons of other celebrity house parties stories because it's LA but once you meet these people that everyone idolizes you realize they suck and have bad personalities. Don't meet your heroes.

This one famous actor from my childhood wants to pay me $300 to do standup for him at the Polo Lounge, which is really weird and random. I'll probably do it soon when I feel poor and bored.

Popdust: You get 30 minutes with Kim Kardashian.... Are you going to bang her or yell at her?

Chelsea Skidmore: I would get her doctor's number, ask her why she talks in that fucking baby voice, and find out who the best distributor is for sex tapes.

Popdust: Who is your dream man?

Chelsea Skidmore: My dream man is someone who is funny, smart, has a good personality and knows how to fuck.

Also someone who gets the real me is important - I kind of play up an overly-sexual exaggerated version of myself who is 'too cool for school' but it's not really who I am on the inside, it's just a defense mechanism because I'm really shy. All I want is someone to take me on the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel overlooking the ocean during the sunset to tell me I'm pretty.

Popdust: Butts or Boobs? Why?

Chelsea Skidmore: I kind of like boobs better. But butts are super chill too.

Popdust: Who do you hate the most?

Chelsea Skidmore: There are so many people that I hate it's probably better to not name any of them, but just assume everyone.

Popdust: Who let the dogs out?

Chelsea Skidmore: Sarah McLachlan.

Popdust: If you could go back to high school and beat the shit out of someone, who would it be and why?

Chelsea Skidmore: This dude who spit on me at a party. It made me feel awful. Now I would fuck that bitch up. I think at the time I just wiped it off and sat in the corner alone.

Popdust: Funniest TV Show of all time?

Chelsea Skidmore: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is the best. I just really get everything he does.

Popdust: Is comedy tragedy plus time?

Chelsea Skidmore: I think honesty is the most interesting stuff to hear in comedy and things that are really honest tend to be more tragic. People get uncomfortable by the truth.

Popdust: Why you buggin’?

Chelsea Skidmore: I'm kinda buggin' because I just ate spaghetti and have to go to Pilates in an hour and hope my food digests in time.

Popdust: Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Chelsea Skidmore: Sloth. I'm lazy as fuck.

Popdust: Craziest thing a fan has done?

Chelsea Skidmore: This guy made a compilation video of me and posted it on his Instagram. It was actually pretty cool but had like CGI or some shit. It was pretty technologically advanced in the edit. I like when people spend time on me.

Also one time some random stranger dude from the Internet showed up to my birthday party and it made me really uncomfortable.

Popdust: Ultimate goal?

Chelsea Skidmore: I just want anything creative I do to be paid attention to. I want my point of view to be seen and heard in any capacity.

Popdust: What would you change about yourself?

Chelsea Skidmore: To focus on just one thing and stick to it. I want to do so many things, which isn't wrong but sometimes I spread myself too thin. I wish I had better leadership skills, direction and self-discipline.