Slow Dakota's Tornado Mass for Synthesizer & Voice is not a conventional album, but because of that, it might be especially well-suited to this current moment in time.

During this pandemic, the vast dissonances between our respective experiences as humans are being cast into stark relief. As some linger at home, others wait for unemployment or loan checks that have actually been cast straight into the arms of big businesses. Some insist that this is a time of rebirth and collective unity, others politicize and pontificate, others know only devastation or return to its front lines over and over.

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With the constant onslaught of complicated news that 2020 has brought, sometimes you just want to be able to shut off your brain, relax, and feel happy.

Enter comfort films. These are the feel-good movies that feel like a warm hug when you finish them, the ones that allow you to escape for a short while. We often turn to these types of films in times of trouble or extreme stress, and when we're not sure what films of this nature we should watch, we turn to the Internet for options.

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Hollywood Is Terrible at Climate Change Movies—But Here Are 7 of the Best

In a world where Flint still doesn't have clean water and where massive corporations continue to fund the climate crisis by keeping the fossil fuel industry alive, the connections between our disregard for each other and our disregard for the earth are growing clearer.

Climate change is a difficult concept to wrap one's mind around. Who wants to spend too much time thinking about the dangers of global temperatures rising 0.5 degrees because 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions?

Hollywood has been slow to create movies about climate change, and when it has, the products haven't always been successful. "It's a tricky thing, this topic. Its vastness almost doesn't agree with its reality; we can imagine big things like that in fiction, but only there," writes Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair.

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