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31 Halloween Movies to Watch This October

Juxtapose the horrors of Fox News against the more enjoyable horrors of Stephen King movies.

This autumn, our world is grappling with a bevy of horrors—an ongoing pandemic, relentless unchecked racial injustice sanctified by our legal system, the gaping void of an open supreme court seat, and an election that could potentially unravel all of American democracy.

Of course, October also brings with it a far more pleasant kind of horror: The blissfully distracting, transportive, folky wonder that is Halloween season. This October, we'll all have to intersperse pre-election phone banks and protests with some spooky autumnal entertainment in order to avoid burnout and keep our spirits alive.

The good thing is, fall offers plenty of options in the realm of transportive art and culture. Namely, these dark autumn nights are perfect for playing through your favorite horror movies. From the kitschy to the gory to the downright spine-chilling, horror movies have a way of bringing many of us an odd kind of peace. Plus, a recent study discovered that people who love horror movies might actually be faring better during the pandemic.

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The Infallible Legacy of "Heaven or Las Vegas" 30 Years On

The Cocteau Twins' 1990 masterpiece is still the blueprint for dream pop.

For a band whose lyrics were famously difficult to make out most of the time, the Cocteau Twins left an indelible impact on the world of pop music.

The Scottish trio emerged in the 1980s as some of the most notable pioneers of dream pop, a subgenre of alternative rock defined by airy, sublime sonic textures. But it was their sixth album, Heaven or Las Vegas—which turns 30 today—that truly withstood the test of time, affirming the Cocteau Twins' status as perhaps the most important dream pop act of all time.

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Witch’s Wall Premieres Wistful Love Song “Lady Love”

A merge of dream-pop with experimental psych-rock.

Witch's Wall

Brandon Lett

Witch's Wall introduces "Lady Love," a single from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, slated to drop spring 2020, via Cornelius Chapel Records.

Made up of David Smith, Benjamin Giles, Matt Perkins, Brandon Lett, and Dylan Corker, Witch's Wall enchants listeners with their unique sound. Merging dream-pop with experimental psych-rock, the band skirts the edges of avant-garde art-pop. Originally going by the name KYLE, the quintet changed their name to Witch's Wall to reflect their new sonic focus. With sparkling guitars and falsetto tones, "Lady Love" is a nostalgic song about the mystery of infatuation.

Witch's Wall - Lady Love (Official Video)

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