When the Rio Olympics kicked off on August 5, some of the first events took place in the Olympic Diving Pool.

This is an open air pool and sits immediately alongside the water polo pool. The pools looked glorious, the water shimmering brightly and a beautiful shade of clear blue.

All was well during the initial diving events on Monday, however by Tuesday viewers noticed the water had turned a definite shade of green, getting murkier by the hour until the divers were practically invisible when under the water.

Obviously this set the internet alight with conspiracy theories...

olympic pool conspiracyThe diving competition on Monday...

olympic pool conspiracy...and on Tuesday

olympic pool conspiracyNow the water polo pool is turning green too...

The Theories

  • Urine
  • Pollution
  • Algae
  • Green ink from the banners next to the pool
  • Shrek infested
  • Kermit influence
  • Jealousy
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Fake tan
  • The Hulk got pissed

The Offical Explanation

Rio officials have been desperately trying to find the answer and reassure the world and competitors alike that the water is safe. Bearing in mind the troubles that Rio2016 have been beset by (Zika virus, kidnap, rape in the athletes village, flooding to name just a few), it's hardly surprising the Brazilians were quick to undermine the risk;

The embarrassed organizers quickly announced that their investigations had deduced that the water in the dive pool had turned green due to and excess of algae in the water.

According to FINA, the international governing body for the sport, the pH level in the pool dropped as some of the chemicals in the water treatment process ran out. The fact that the dive pool is kept warmer than the regular swimming pool, and the heat and lack of wind apparently meant a proliferation of algae.

Rather worryingly, the spokesman Mario Andrada admitted during a press conference Wednesday;

"We kept the same level of maintenance as we did before but we had far more athletes. We had more dirt in the water and that generated more algae."

Errrr....is this amateur hour? A 6 year old could work out the pool would be getting more use during the actual Olympics than in the run up to the Games!

Even more worryingly, the water polo pool is now going the same hue as the dive pool, and the athletes are struggling to see under the water or open their eyes due to the huge volumes of chlorine being pumped into the pools in an attempt to rectify the problem.

olympic pool conspiracyAnyone for water polo?

The latest theory;

British gold medal winning divers Jack Laugher and Chris Mears have their own theory and think that it's something to do with the decorative boards at the side of the pool.

They told an interview on 5Live following their win;

"We've got some big plastic boards that go into the water just for decoration and effect. But you can see on the waterline that they're blue when below the waterline, and above the waterline it's green.

And we think maybe a load of ink has run into the pool potentially. It's safe and the doctors have given it the all clear or whatever..."

However they did stress that they kept their mouths shut when in the water just in case;

"We wouldn't want to have swallowed that!"

Is it really safe though?

The Rio officials stress that the pools are completely safe. But then they would.

The vice-chariman of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group said;

"It's great that they're saying there's no safety threat to the divers. But I'm not sure that that means.

If it has gone green and it's due to a lack of disinfectant, then that means there is some sort of implied threat or risk."

Would you swim in that green water?

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Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Is Beyonce Actually Solange's Mother?

There's definitely something off about Sasha Fierce...

Beyonce is Solange's mother conspiracy...

Beyonce is officially 34 years old and the mother of once child, 4 year old Blue Ivy.

Queen Bey originally found success as one third of girl super-group, Destiny's Child. The group, managed by Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, were born out of the ashes of an all girl rap group and became huge after their 1999 second album was released, The Writing's On The Wall.

Beyonce went solo in 2003 and the rest is history.

She's won a staggering 20 Grammys, has sold over 100 million records worldwide and is one of the best selling music artists of all time. She married rapper Jay-Z in 2008 and became a mother to Blue Ivy in 2012.

The Theory

Beyonce has a younger sister, Solange Knowles who is 26—a five year age gap.

The theory is that Beyonce is actually some years older than she claims, and that she gave birth to Solange as a young teenager. As she was on the brink of stardom, her fiercely ambitious father, Matthew, and his wife Tina raised Solange as their own and presented the mother and daughter to the world as sisters.

The 'Proof'

  • The birth certificate. A staff worker at the Department of Health in Texas claims that Beyonce wasn't born in 1981 as we are led to believe, but her actual birth date is 1974—which would make her 42.
  • Gabrielle Union. Beyonce is close friends with the actress who was born in 1972. Back in 2008 Gabby is on record as saying;
"Beyonce and I have been friends since we were teenagers"

So Gab would have been a teenager from 1985-1991—we're thinking she would not have been best buds with Beyonce during that time if Bey were in fact between the ages of 4-10, which she would have been if she had really been born in 1981.

  • There have been rumors around Beyonce's age from the early days of her fame and she has always looked older than she claimed. Hell her own father let slip that she's not the age she says she is in an interview last year. Check out this performance in 1993 on Star Search of the first incarnation of Destiny's Child, Girls Tyme. She is supposed to be 12 years old here but looks and moves more like an older teenager.

  • Check out this post on a random message board by a former employee at Columbia Records. It is long and rambling (you can read the whole thing here) but the employee claims to have seen a copy of Beyonce's driving license with her true birth date of 09/04/1974. In the excerpt below, the source states that there is a 14 year age difference between Beyonce and Solange.

conspiracy beyonce solange motherAn ex employee of Columbia Records remembers...

  • LeToya Luckett was one of the original members of Destiny's Child and her year of birth is recorded as being the same as Beyonce's, 1981. However in this clip of her remembering Michael Jackson, she says (towards the end) that she clearly remembers his Thriller tour as the first concert that she went to. There was no MJ Thriller tour, but the Victory tour tour is frequently referred to as such because it was the first tour post-Thriller and featured a lot of the music off the album.

This tour was in 1984. Therefore a 3 year old LeToya was not only taken to a Jackson gig by her parents, but has crystal clear memories of it?!

So do you believe that Beyonce and her family have been lying about her age from the beginning? That as a young teenager she had a baby but that the Knowles' covered it up and raised that baby—Solange, as their own?

Vote in our poll below...

conspiracy beyonce solange motherSisters? Or mother and daughter?


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