When the Rio Olympics kicked off on August 5, some of the first events took place in the Olympic Diving Pool.

This is an open air pool and sits immediately alongside the water polo pool. The pools looked glorious, the water shimmering brightly and a beautiful shade of clear blue.

All was well during the initial diving events on Monday, however by Tuesday viewers noticed the water had turned a definite shade of green, getting murkier by the hour until the divers were practically invisible when under the water.

Obviously this set the internet alight with conspiracy theories...

olympic pool conspiracyThe diving competition on Monday...

olympic pool conspiracy...and on Tuesday

olympic pool conspiracyNow the water polo pool is turning green too...

The Theories

  • Urine
  • Pollution
  • Algae
  • Green ink from the banners next to the pool
  • Shrek infested
  • Kermit influence
  • Jealousy
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Fake tan
  • The Hulk got pissed

The Offical Explanation

Rio officials have been desperately trying to find the answer and reassure the world and competitors alike that the water is safe. Bearing in mind the troubles that Rio2016 have been beset by (Zika virus, kidnap, rape in the athletes village, flooding to name just a few), it's hardly surprising the Brazilians were quick to undermine the risk;

The embarrassed organizers quickly announced that their investigations had deduced that the water in the dive pool had turned green due to and excess of algae in the water.

According to FINA, the international governing body for the sport, the pH level in the pool dropped as some of the chemicals in the water treatment process ran out. The fact that the dive pool is kept warmer than the regular swimming pool, and the heat and lack of wind apparently meant a proliferation of algae.

Rather worryingly, the spokesman Mario Andrada admitted during a press conference Wednesday;

"We kept the same level of maintenance as we did before but we had far more athletes. We had more dirt in the water and that generated more algae."

Errrr....is this amateur hour? A 6 year old could work out the pool would be getting more use during the actual Olympics than in the run up to the Games!

Even more worryingly, the water polo pool is now going the same hue as the dive pool, and the athletes are struggling to see under the water or open their eyes due to the huge volumes of chlorine being pumped into the pools in an attempt to rectify the problem.

olympic pool conspiracyAnyone for water polo?

The latest theory;

British gold medal winning divers Jack Laugher and Chris Mears have their own theory and think that it's something to do with the decorative boards at the side of the pool.

They told an interview on 5Live following their win;

"We've got some big plastic boards that go into the water just for decoration and effect. But you can see on the waterline that they're blue when below the waterline, and above the waterline it's green.

And we think maybe a load of ink has run into the pool potentially. It's safe and the doctors have given it the all clear or whatever..."

However they did stress that they kept their mouths shut when in the water just in case;

"We wouldn't want to have swallowed that!"

Is it really safe though?

The Rio officials stress that the pools are completely safe. But then they would.

The vice-chariman of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group said;

"It's great that they're saying there's no safety threat to the divers. But I'm not sure that that means.

If it has gone green and it's due to a lack of disinfectant, then that means there is some sort of implied threat or risk."

Would you swim in that green water?

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Conspiracy Theory Thursday: AIDS Was Man-Made—Given To Gays Deliberately

Conspiracies have been swirling for years that HIV/AIDS was man-made and given to gay men deliberately.

This week Popdust breaks down the conspiracy theory aids man-made disease claims.

HIV/AIDS was first reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1981.

It was originally believed to be a mysterious, deadly disease found among young white gay men in New York City.

Fast forward 35 years and the disease has killed 34 million people worldwide.

According to statistics, more than 36 million people globally are now living with HIV (as of the end of 2014).

In the early days, the disease was prevalent in the gay community, and believed to be transmitted by unprotected sexual contact.

However, it soon became obvious that it wasn't only homosexuals being infected.

And, it wasn't purely being passed on through sexual contact.

It was in the blood supply and heterosexuals were contracting it too.

The widely accepted scientific explanation is that HIV/AIDS originated from an African primate virus that crossed over into humans.

Scientists speculate the virus was passed on through the consumption of "bush meat" (the eating of chimpanzees by hunters.)

However there is another, more sinister theory that, on the surface at least, is really not that far-fetched.

Popdust breaks it down: conspiracy theory aids man-made disease claims:

In the early 1970s there was a huge surge in LGBT activisim and the gay pride movement flourished.

A large number of gay men came out of the closet and the government believed homosexuality to be an out of control threat to society.

The growing strength of the gay rights movement coincided with homosexuality being de-classified as a "mental disorder."

Nixon, the President at the time, warned that homosexuality had a damaging and destructive effect on society.

He blamed the downfall of both the Greek and Roman empires on homosexuality, and claimed:

Homosexuality, dope, immorality in general, these are the enemies of strong societies. That's why the communists and the left-wingers are pushing the stuff: they're trying to destroy us.

The Theory

A man-made disease—approved by congress—was created in a laboratory and introduced into the gay community in the mid 1970s.

The disease was intended to scare gay men and reduce the number of practicing homosexuals in society.

At the same time, it was also introduced into Africa in order to control the poor black population there.

The 'Proof'

Within the next five to ten years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism.
  • MacArthur claimed the disease would be resistant to “the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infection and disease." And testified it would require $10 million to develop.
  • AIDS first surfaced within MacArthur's estimated “five to 10 years" and is the only disease to fulfill the definition.
  • The first cases of AIDS were traced to gay men in 1979 Manhattan—3-years before the African epidemic was recognized in 1982—countering claims it originated in there.
  • KS was labeled the "gay cancer" and reported to also originate from a primate virus jumping species in Africa.
  • A 1974 government initiative encouraged gay men in Manhattan (especially promiscuous ones) to participate in an experimental hepatitis B vaccine being developed by Merck and the National Institute of Health

  • Tens of thousands of gay men were screened and 1,083 of them were subsequently selected to test the vaccine.
  • Beginning in 1978, groups of gay men were inoculated at the New York Blood Center.
  • The hepatitis B studies extended to clinics in San Francisco in 1978.
  • By 1980 additional clinics in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and St Louis were also seeking participants for similar programs
  • The vaccine was made from the combined blood of 30 gay men who carried the hepatitis B virus.
  • During development it was injected into chimpanzees known to be infected with the simian cancer causing SV40—The same virus that contaminated the polio vaccine between 1955 and 1961
  • By December 1981, 121 people in the USA had died of AIDS with victims hailing from San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.
  • The dead would have been infected at least 2-years prior, ie: 1979—none of them had ever been to Africa or eaten primates
  • No blood stored anywhere in the U.S. prior to 1978 had tested positive for HIV or the KS virus.
  • Before 1978 there were no cases of AIDS and no cases of Kaposi's Sarcoma recorded.
  • 20% of the gay men who volunteered for the experiment in NYC were found to be HIV positive in 1980—a whole year before AIDS was officially recognized in 1981
  • By 1984 over 40% of NYC gay men were found to be HIV positive.
  • 20% of samples taken in 1982 tested positive for KS2 herpes-8 when re-tested in 1999
  • The hepatitis B vaccine proved to be a success—protecting 96% of the men—however the vaccine was contaminated
  • The vaccine was introduced into Africa in 1981—leading to the first cases of HIV/AIDS being officially recorded there in 1982
  • A number of high profile doctors have carried out investigations on the origins of HIV/AIDS and concluded it was man-made and deliberately introduced;
    • Robert Strecker MD, PhD published a memorandum in 1984 confirming the virus detailed to Congress in 1969 was produced in the early '70s and spread in America via the hepatitis B vaccine trials.
    • Alan Cantwell Jr MD, a prolific cancer microbe researcher, has published two books Doctors of Death and Queer Blood concluding AIDS was man-made.
    • Dr Michele Carbone of Loyola University in Chicago, a leading expert in vaccine manufacturing, has openly admitted HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Check out this interview with Dr Maurice Hilleman, Merck's vaccine developer, during which he alleges the polio vaccine was contaminated with SV40 and that it's likely SV40 is the source of AIDS.

  • The actual number of AIDS deaths among the men in the original hepatitis B experiment has never been released.
  • Blood samples from the original patients are sealed as per order of US Department of Justice.

What we do know (or think we know) for sure:

  • The development of a man-made virus was discussed in Congress in 1969
  • The government recruited gay men in New York beginning in 1974—and later San Francisco and Los Angeles—to participate in a hep B vaccine program
  • Gay men were injected with the vaccine in 1978 through 1979.
  • The first officially recognized AIDS case in the U.S. was reported in 1980—San Francisco resident Ken Horne
  • By 1985 66% of the men in the original trial tested HIV positive

Balancing conspiracy theory aids man-made disease claims:

  • Researchers estimate the first form of SIV was transmitted from primate to human in the early 1930s
  • Analysis of blood samples taken from a man who died in the Congo in 1959 reportedly find he was infected by HIV
  • In the same year, NYC shipping clerk, Ardouin Antonio, died of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia—a disease closely associated with AIDS
  • Genetic studies reportedly find HIV first arrived in the Americas some time around the late 1960s—via Haitians who had been working in the Congo
  • Test samples taken from the remains of St. Louis teenager, Robert Rayford, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1969, reportedly find evidence of HIV
  • Reports of a mysterious wasting disease spreading throughout Africa—known as "slim disease"—start surfacing in 1975
  • Test samples taken from Norwegian sailor, Arvid Noe, who died in 1976, reportedly find he had contracted HIV/AIDS in Africa during the early 60s
  • In 1977, a prostitute in San Francisco gave birth to the first of 3 kids to later be diagnosed with AIDS. The prostitute went on to die from AIDS in May 1987
  • A baby born in 1974 to a 16-year-old intravenous drug dealer in New Jersey, died in 1979, age 5. Subsequent tests reportedly reveal she had contracted HIV at birth

That said, if you have any doubts the U.S. government could be evil enough to unleash a man-made virus onto an unsuspecting community— just google Tuskegee experiment.

So, what do you think about the conspiracy theory aids man-made disease claims?

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Conspiracy Theory Area 51

Area 51. The remote location in Nevada some 83 miles outside of Las Vegas has proved to be one of the most intriguing places in the US and was for years the worst kept secret of government agencies.

The area six miles wide by ten miles long is surrounded by fences with maximum security, and it's existence was only acknowledged officially for the first time by the CIA in 2013. In a series of documents released as part of a Freedom of Information request, they admitted it was a test ground for the United States government but that's about it.

More recently though, Major Charles Bolden, who has led NASA since 2009 said that extra-terrestrial life does exist and didn't unequivocally deny that aliens were hidden in Area 51—just that he hadn't seen them;

"There is an Area 51...I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there.  I think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it's ripe for people to talk about aliens being there."

The Theory

The general belief is that Area 51 holds the key to extra-terrestrial existence. The remains of any UFOs landing on earth are said to be stored there and government scientists and researchers carry out reverse-engineering on the alien technology.

The 'Proof'

  • The strange light.  Mysterious lights frequently appear in the sky over Area 51 that are said to emanate from extra-terrestrial beings.

  • Roswell.  The Rosewell incident can't be ignored, even though the alien autopsy video was proven to be a hoax.  The fact remains that in 1947 a rancher named Mac Brazel found strange metal strewn over his land in New Mexico.  He took the debris to the authorities in Roswell and commanding officer at the time, Colonel Blanchard  ordered an investigation.  The first Army press release stated that they had recovered some type of "flying disk".  Soon after this, a General Ramey retracted the statement and said the shrapnel was from a weather balloon—even posing for photos with the debris.  However Major Jesse Marcel, a Roswell Air Force Base intelligence officer said different.  He was the first at the scene and when he finally spoke about the incident some 30 years later, said that the material publicly shown by General Ramey was a substituted weather balloon and not the real debris.  The real material was, he said "not of this earth" and exhibited highly unusual physical properties beyond human technology.

The original newpaper reporting of the Roswell incident.

  • Bob Lazar. In 1989 Lazar gave an interview where he says he worked at Area 51 in a top secret facility called S-4.  He said he worked on reverse-engineering alien technology.  His story hasn't changed in over 25 years (even though he no longer talks about it).  He doesn't try to profit off his story and doesn't have an agenda—he and his wife run a scientific equipment and supply store called United Nuclear. Officials of course, dismiss his claims, saying he never worked for the government, and there are no records of his existence as a government employee or his education history.  However, it's not like the CIA haven't made people's details disappear before and there are several pointers proving Lazar's credibility;

    • He has passed several polygraph tests.
    • His W2 form shows he worked for Department of Naval Intelligence and includes a zipcode which is classified.
    • Several people witnessed a CIA agent in Lazar's house making a random security check.  Why would that happen if he wasn't working on top security projects?
    • The journalist who interviewed Lazar, George Knapp gave him a quiz prepared by a proven ex-employee at Area 51.  Random questions about how meals would be paid for, what color the main hall was etc were asked and Lazar passed them all.
    • A Los Alamos National Labratories phone book listed him as an employee.
    • Bob says he researched an unknown scientific element which he called '115, Ununpentium' that had been reverse-engineered from an alien aircraft.  In the '80s he was dismissed by scientists as a fantasist.  Years later in 2004 scientists release their findings on a "new" element they had "discovered" called....115, Ununpentium.

Bob Lazar

  • Boyd Bushman.  Bushman was a former Area 51 scientist who gave several interviews about anti-gravity and increasingly alluded to having secret knowledge about UFOs. Bushman also passed a polygraph and said he knew Lazar. Shortly before his death in 2014, Bushman spoke to Mark Q Patterson, an aerospace engineer, about his work and experience in Area 51 over many years. He also shared photos of aliens, which of course have been dismissed as similar to alien dolls that can be bought (although how easy would it be for the government to just create a toy similar to the real thing, so it can be used to undermine credible evidence?) . The video of Bob Bushman's final interview can be found here. His revelations include;

    • Discussion about his work in reverse-engineering alien UFO technology for the military.
    • Some aliens are kept alive and functioning on the base.
    • A planet, previously unknown, names Quintumnia exists approximately 68 light years from earth.
    • The aliens used aircraft that were saucer shaped and measured 38 feet in diameter.
    • They were no more than 5 feet tall and resembled humans, with different eyes and noses.

Bob Bushman with his photos of aliens.

  • The tourist.  In 2014 a tourist named Sandra was on a bus and happened to be filming out the window near Area 51.  She saw something fly past her at high speed which she tried to follow with her camera.  She thought it  was a bird or something but later reviews of the footage showed it to be something completely different.

The biggest factor that makes Area 51 such a huge deal is the secrecy that surrounds it.  The fact that the government refused to address even it's existence for so many years surely means there is definitely something going on there that they don't want us to know about. You expect secrecy around national security developments, but to not even acknowledge the presence of the base, when it's patrolled by armed guards?

What do you think?

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Conspiracy Theory Titanic

We all know the story of the RMS Titanic—the largest, most luxurious cruise liner in the world that was supposedly 'unsinkable' was on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic in April 1912.

On the morning of 15th April Titanic struck an iceberg, and within a mere three hours, had sunk to the bottom of the ocean killing 1517 of the crew and passengers on board.


The Theory

Titanic was built alongside two other ocean liners being constructed at the same time—RMS Brittanic and RMS Olympic.

The Olympic, was almost identical to Titanic, and both were owned by the White Star Line, a company which was controlled by wealthy financier JP Morgan.  The Olympic was was launched with much fanfare in 1910, and during a voyage in 1911 was involved in a serious collision with a naval warship HMS Hawke off the coast of the United Kingdom.

An inquiry found that Olympic was to blame for the collision which had caused her considerable damage and accordingly, White Star's insurers refused to pay the claim.

White Star was facing financial ruin. They would have to foot the bill for Olympic's repairs plus Titanic's completion date would be delayed while the workers switched focus—they couldn't afford to have two ships out of action.

The theory is that White Star committed insurance fraud by patching up the Olympic and making some quick changes to convert it into Titanic. The replacement 'Titanic' would then be sunk (or crashed deliberately) on her maiden voyage (as an added bonus another White Star ship would be on hand to heroically rescue all on board). White Star would be able to claim the insurance for a brand new ship and the original Titanic, would be pressed into service disguised as the Olympic.

The 'Proof'

  • When the Olympic had collided with HMS Hawke it sustained damage to the keel, giving the ship a list to it's port side.  When Titanic set sail it was listing to port. The list was noted by several survivors of the tragedy.
  • Rumors were circulating around the shipyard that White Star were going to carry out the insurance fraud (many types of similar marine insurance fraud have been documented around this time).  Evidence of these whispers are borne out by;

    • Titanic was only half full when it set sail from Southampton.  Given the prestige of the ship and the necessity to make it financially viable, it seems odd that White Star didn't do all they could to fill every cabin.
    • Titanic struggled to find enough crew for the voyage.  This was despite the fact that there was a nationwide coal strike at the time which meant that thousands of fireman, greasers and boiler stokes were out of work. Yet still they refused to work on the doomed ship.
    • Last minute passenger cancellations. There were 50 high profile passengers booked onto Titanic's maiden voyage who mysteriously cancelled at the last minute.  The most notable was JP Morgan himself, the owner of White Star.  He claimed illness a few days before the trip but seemed perfectly OK in France with his mistress on the day Titanic was sunk.  Other cancellations were Henry Clay Frick, Horace J Harding and George Washington Vanderbilt, who were all wealthy businessmen connected to Morgan.
    • JP Morgan had several valuable bronze statues removed from the ship just one hour before she set sail.

JP Morgan—owner of both Titanic and Olympic who cancelled his place on the fated voyage.

  • The newspaper headlines. Many of the early published news headlines read that all passengers survived—almost as if the initial press release was already planned and sent out before details had filtered through.  The headlines were quickly amended when it became apparent that many had perished.
  • The SS Californian was another passenger ship owned by JP Morgan that was the closest ship to the stricken Titanic and the Captain's inaction was blamed for the large loss of life on the Titanic. The ship had set sail five days previously (despite the coal shortage) and was sailing with no passengers. It had stopped in the middle of the Atlantic and its only cargo on board were 3000 blankets and jumpers.  The belief is that it was waiting to rescue the Titanic's passengers after the ship had been deliberately sunk. Edith Russel, one of the Titanic survivors was adamant that officers assured her the Californian was on its way to rescue them.  However, it sadly wasn't the case. The Californian had shut down their radio for the night, so when the real disaster struck they weren't aware they were needed until it was too late. The Captain was woken and advised that distress flares had been spotted, but ignored them, claiming he thought they were just another shipping company's rockets. So despite help being only 12 miles away, it was left to a Cunard ship, HMS Carpathia to steam 60 miles through the ice to rescue 706 survivors.
  • Titanic First Officer Murdoch spotted the iceberg ahead and for some reason ordered the ship to be turned full astern—this however increased the risk of a collision which he would have known.  If the iceberg had been struck full on, there would have been damage and a loss of life to the the crewmen in their bunks, but the ship would have stayed afloat and made it to New York. Striking it side on meant that six of the watertight compartments were ruptured—too many to enable it to stay afloat.
  • Captain Smith and the officers did not have any sense of urgency when Titanic hit the iceberg.  It took 35 minutes for the first distress signal and radio communication to be sent.  It took 45 minutes for the crew to start preparing the lifeboats and was an hour and 25 minutes before women and children were loaded into the lifeboats. It's almost as if he was expecting a rescue ship to arrive imminently.
  • The rescued crew were detained in New York for 24 hours and forced to sign a document ensuring they would remain silent about the events.
  • The design differences between the two ships.

    • The portholes.  The two ships were very similar to look at when they were built, apart from the portholes and windows.  The Olympic had 16 portholes and unevenly spaced windows, while Titanic had 14 portholes and evenly spaced windows.  However by the time the 'Titanic' set sail, it had acquired an extra two portholes, taking it up to 16 and the windows appeared unevenly spaced.
    • The bridge. The photograph of Olympic moving into a dry dock for repairs after the 1912 collision provides a unique opportunity to view the two ships side by side.  Clearly visible is the difference in the bridge position.  On the Olympic the upper bridge deck is level with one beneath it, whereas on Titanic it was overhanging the lower deck slightly.  The third photograph of the Olympic arriving in Southampton in 1925 clearly shows an overhanging upper bridge deck.

The Olympic on the left and Titanic on the right and the 'Olympic' in 1925

    • The nameplate. Both Olympic and Titanic had their names engraved onto their hulls.  Examination of the wreckage however, shows that the name Titanic was actually made from iron letters and attached to the ship with rivets. Two of those letters have fallen off due to the length of time the wreck has been at the bottom of the ocean, and the engraved letters M and P are clearly visible.

The engraved letters M and P visible on the wreck's hull when the steel rivet attached letters fell off.

    • The paint.  Grey undercoat was used on the original Olympic, and black on the Titanic.  However footage from the wreck shows where the top-coat has flaked away, a grey undercoat is visible.
    • The propeller.  As part of the repairs to the damaged Olympic, a propeller that had been destined for Titanic was diverted to the Olympic.  Wreckage of the propeller shows the part of the identification number on the sunk propeller as '01' which is part of the Titanic's id number '401'.

The wrecked propeller with the '01' part of the identification visible.

So do you believe that Titanic never actually sank?  That it was her sister ship, the Olympic who was already damaged beyond economical repair? That White Star pulled off the biggest insurance fraud of the time—receiving a reported $10 million?


Facts and figures about 'Titanic';

13 — honeymooning couples on board

40,000 fresh eggs in the provisions

64 — the number of lifeboats the ship was equipped to carry

20 — the number she actually carried

28 — people were in the first lifeboard which had a capacity of 65 people

160 — minutes between striking the iceberg and sinking

2 — dogs survived

6,000  — artefacts have been recovered from the wreck site


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JFK Jr was one of the most well known names and faces in the US when the plane that he was piloting went down on July 16, 1999, killing him, his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren.

Who can forget the enduring memory of the then three year old John-John proudly saluting the coffin of his slain father, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy as the funeral cortege rolled by?

He went on to become a fine young man, a credit to his family name and his late father. He carved a career in publishing and was said to be planning an entry into politics and follow in the family tradition.

The world was shocked and horrified when he died in such tragic circumstances, taking it as proof that the "Kennedy curse" lives on. For some though, the news of the crash and the subsequent inquiries just don't sit well. There's something amiss....

The Theory

JFK Jr was more than "the sexiest man alive". He was a man with something to prove. He is the only Kennedy to ever acknowledge that there may have been a conspiracy and a cover up around his father's assassination, and some say he was getting ready to expose the truth.

The (alleged) truth is shocking. That George Bush Snr, yes that's right, President Bush Snr, was involved in JFK 's assassination. That he was a senior CIA operative and not only did he orchestrate the events in Dallas on 22nd November 1963, but that he was actually there in Dealy Plaza at the very moment the trigger was pulled.

Bush Sr knew that Kennedy Jr was close to the proving the truth and he needed him shut up for good, so he used his wide-reaching connections to do just that.

The 'Proof'

JFK Jr's Death Was Not An Accident

There are so many facts that point to the plane crash not being an accident as reported in the media at the time. The official National Transportation Safety Board report was published thirteen months after the crash and despite the fact that the it concluded that "the accident that killed Kennedy was caused by an inexperienced pilot" there are many contradictions in that report that show foul play. Here are a few;

  • Media reports that the plane went down in poor visibility are untrue. The Tower manager at Martha's Vineyard (where the plane went down) stay there were stars out and that visibility was between 10 and 12 miles that night.
  • The NTSB concluded that JFK Jr was described by his trainers as an "excellent", "methodical" and "very cautious" pilot. If he was such a careful pilot why, when he got into difficulty, would he not have engaged the autopilot that was capable of flying the plane to within 100 feet of the airport?
  • JFK Jr was actually a highly experienced pilot with enough hours under his belt to qualify for an instructor's license.
  • The mysterious flight instructor. Early reports of the accident said there was a flight instructor on board—then all of a sudden the flight instructor disappeared from accounts of the accident. It is just not a reasonable conclusion that Kennedy did not have a flight instructor on board. He had flown a total of 310 hours and of those, 55 hours were at night. He had only flown 45 minutes of those 55 hours at night without an instructor. He was very cautious and had his wife and her sister on board so it just doesn't add up that he didn't have an instructor with him.
  • The logbook is missing. The logbook would have recorded the presence of a flight instructor on the plane but has never been recovered.
  • The US Coast Guard reports that JFK Jr had contacted the tower on his final approach. FAA regulations require that a search begins immediately when a plane hasn't landed within five minutes of reporting a final approach. Why did it take a staggering 14½ hours then for a search to commence?
  • The FAA went on to claim that there was never a communication from Kennedy to the tower despite all the immediate news reports to the contrary.
  • It took five days to find the plane. How come the Emergency Locator Transmitter which sends out a beacon signal in the event of a crash didn't alert the rescue party? Nothing in the NTSB report was mentioned about the ELT so we don't know if it was missing or even disabled.
  • The presence of a black box. No other private non-jet plane in service at the time had a black box (the flight recorder), yet Kennedy had one installed on his plane. Why? Even more suspicious, the battery had been removed from the black box, meaning there was no record of any conversation in the cockpit.
  • The fuel valve. According to the NTSB report the fuel valve had been turned to OFF. This could not have been done by accident. Obviously the fuel valve is highly important and would never be turned off mid-flight—doing so at full speed would result in the engine dying in 45 seconds. Therefore the valves are fitted with a safety release button that must be pushed down and held while the valve is being turned. Kennedy wasn't committing suicide so who turned the valve off? The non-existent flight instructor?
Why Would George Bush Snr Want JFK Jr Dead?
  • JFK Jr had been was on a mission to expose the truth around his father's murder. But he was playing the long game. The mainstream media was controlled by the cabal that were responsible for the conspiracy and cover up around JFK's death and his son wanted to make sure his discovery wouldn't get covered up again.
  • The magazine. JFK Jr could have named his magazine literally anything in the world. Why did he name it 'George'? Launched in 1995, he named it as a veiled threat. A promise of things to come. He knew who had orchestrated his father's assassination and he was going to use his magazine to expose the truth as soon as he had concrete proof.
The CIA Connection
  • George H W Bush was a senior member of the CIA in 1963. He has denied his involvement with the agency prior to his appointment as Head in 1976, but the amount of circumstantial evidence and facts assembled around his personal life prove otherwise.
  • Bush and his wife Barbara lived in Houston where he ran an oil drilling business named Zapata Offshore Co—a CIA front company.
  • Bush Snr had been highly involved in planning the disastrous Bay of Pigs fiasco (coincidentally code-named Operation ZAPATA), the ill-fated attempt by a band of CIA funded Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and ultimately overthrow Castro.
  • E Howard Hunt was one of the CIA funded, Miami-based, anti-Castro terrorist and assassin involved in the Bay of Pigs.
  • Five days after the JFK assassination J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI wrote a memo titled "Assassination of President John F Kennedy" where he discusses the band of CIA funded Miami based anti-Castro Cuban terrorists and assassins. He names "George Bush of the CIA" as the apparent supervisor of the group.
The CIA Were In Dallas
  • Howard Hunt was identified as being one of three tramps arrested in Dealey Plaza, Dallas after the assassination of JFK. In 1978 Spotlight magazine published an article and photos saying he was involved in the assassination. Hunt sued....and lost.
  • Incredibly Bush could not recall for over 20 years any details of where he was when Kennedy was assassinated. This is just inconceivable for a politically aware 39 year old and even he knew it to be suspicious. He later developed a memory (that coincided with his alibi).
  • Bush was actually in Dallas on the day of the assassination. His cover was that he was speaking at an oil industry gathering.
  • On the day of the JFK assassination, Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig reported that he knew of twelve arrests made in Dealey Plaza. One was of a man coming out of the Dal-Tex Building (next to the very building where it is claimed Oswald fired from) who said he was "an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas" (George Bush's CIA cover). The arrested man was taken by Dallas police detectives but no mug shot, prints, interview or arrest records exist.
  • The FBI received a call from a George Bush (about an hour after the mystery oil-man was arrested) identifying himself as an independent oil businessman from Houston saying he he had heard in previous weeks of a man named James Parrott talking about killing the President. He gave his location as his home address and added that he would be in a hotel in Dallas that evening—he was establishing an alibi as he knew he had been spotted. James Parrott was actually a Republican party worker from Houston and was given an airtight alibi by another Republican worker. (Coincidentally, 30 years later the same James Parrott was working on the Bush v Clinton campaign.)
  • There is a photo taken in Dealey Plaza on November 22 showing George Bush (he had returned after being mistakenly arrested). He was clearly in the vicinity at the time and is shown in a cordoned off zone speaking with police. He was also photographed next to Ed Lansdale who it has now been ascertained, was famous for arranging political assassinations around the world. Lansdale and Bush's connection goes back to the secret 'Skull and Crossbones' society at Yale.
  • Lansdale was also photographed in the same frame as the three tramps (not forgetting that one of those is CIA operative Howard Hunt).

The Cover Up
  • A man named George de Mohrenschildt is an important witness in the Kennedy assassination—he was Lee Harvey Oswald's (the alleged assassin) best friend in Dallas and got Oswald the job at the School Book Depository (from where it was claimed Oswald fired the fateful shots). De Mohrenschildt was murdered on the day he was supposed to testify about the assassination and George Bush's name and company name were found in his address book.
  • The Warren Commission which was set up to investigate the assassination of JFK was eventually found to have altered the official location of the entry wound on JFK's back in support of their conclusion that the President was killed by a lone gunman.
  • One of the members of the commission was Gerald Ford, who became president when Richard Nixon was forced to retire after the Watergate break-in was linked to him. The leading Watergate burglar was Howard Hunt, and the reason for the break-in? To retrieve the photos of himself as a tramp at Dealey Plaza.
  • George H Bush went on to be appointed Director of the CIA in 1976, by President Ford, and was in a position to appoint old friends as his deputies, just as new investigative committees were formed probing the possible role of the CIA into the assassination plots to kill Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy. During the investigations, the CIA stonewalled, holding back documents and witnesses (coincidentally one of the witnesses pressured not to testify was found to have had pressure applied by one George W Bush Jr).

We've barely scratched the surface in getting to the bottom of the incestuous connections that have shaped American politics for over half a century.

John F Kennedy Junior was getting close to having enough proof from numerous sources to make the story of President Bush Sr's key involvement in the assassination of his father public. He was warned by his family that what he was doing was dangerous.

Were they right?

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Conspiracy Theory JFK Jr

You had to have been living under a rock for the last 20 years if you haven't heard about the OJ Simpson case.

The gruesome murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12 1994, the Bronco car chase and the subsequent trial of her ex-husband, kept the nation enthralled, and interest in the case has recently been resurrected with the broadcast of the gloriously camp The People vs OJ.

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The nature of the televised trial, the larger than life characters involved and OJ's stunning acquittal have all added to the notoriety of the case, as did the civil court's later finding that OJ was in fact responsible for the murders.

Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Beyonce And The Illuminati

There aren't many people who don't believe that OJ did it. The general consensus is that he managed to buy his way out of jail with his defense 'Dream Team' who took the prosecution by surprise and played the race card magnificently (aided of course by racist cop Mark Fuhrman who played right into their hands).

Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Britney Spears Was On George Bush's Payroll

oj simpson cover up jason simpson

The Theory

There is a compelling assertion by renowned private investigator William C Dear in his book OJ Is Innocent And I Can Prove It that OJ Simpson did not carry out the murders after all. Dear concludes that Simpson was definitely at the scene shortly after the crime occurred (hence the presence of his footprints and blood), but that the murders were actually carried out by his then 24-year-old son, Jason Simpson and that OJ took the rap for him. The fact that literally no-one other than OJ was ever investigated or questioned about the crime is pretty inconceivable and it certainly seems that the cops decided very early on that they had their man and any evidence that didn't fit with that narrative was disregarded.

oj simpson cover up jason simpson

The 'Proof' (as put forward by William C Dear)

  • Jason's medical history. Jason had been diagnosed with "intermittent explosive disorder" and was prescribed the drug Depakote to control his seizures and rages. Jason had attempted suicide on at least thee occasions, one time stabbing himself in the stomach. Literally six months before the killings, Jason had visited the emergency room because he heard voices in his head and said he felt as if he was "going to rage" because he had run out of Depakote. He stopped taking Depakote two months before the murders.

Pill bottle

The medication prescribed to Jason Simpson for his rage disorder.

  • His violent history. Jason had previously nearly killed a girlfriend and cut off her hair with a knife. He had also attacked another girlfriend in a fit of rage and narrowly avoided causing her serious injury. At the time of the murders Jason was 24-years old and on probation for assault with a deadly weapon after he attacked his boss with a kitchen knife. The crime scene at Nicole's home showed the manner of the murders to be particularly ferocious. Nicole was practically decapitated and Ron was stabbed up to 22 times in a prolonged fight with his attacker. Police described the murders as rage killings.
  • The weapon. Jason Simpson was a chef and as such had access to an assortment of knives (one expert says that the murderer used two different knives during the attack). He was familiar with knives and his past actions show they were his weapon of choice for violence. Jason's diary entries show him to be obsessed with violence and also with knives. One entry reads; "It's the year of the knife for me. I cut away my problems with a knife."
  • The motive. Nicole was due to have dinner with her family, including her parents at the Beverly Hills restaurant where Jason was a chef. He had put a lot of planning into it, bought the food, and was looking forward to showcasing his talents. He had long struggled to step out from under his father's shadow, having failed in the football scholarship OJ had arranged for him and, in cooking, had finally found something that he was good at. However Nicole changed her plans at the last minute and dined elsewhere. Now that might not be a motive for murder for a person of sound, reasonable mind—but a violent person with a diagnosed rage disorder who was off his meds at the time? That scenario could be a trigger.
  • The alibi. Jason's alibi for the time of the murders was that he was cooking at a restaurant where he worked in a open kitchen. There is however a period of time during the murder window when Jason was by himself and doesn't have an alibi that can be supported by anyone else (colleagues say he closed the kitchen early). Plus the punch out time recorded on his time card that evening was handwritten—despite the fact that the automatic electronic time card clock was working

Time card machine

The electronic time-clock in full working order on the night of the murders—yet Jason's timecard was handwritten.

  • The hat. There was a black navy 'watch cap' found at the crime scene which contained animal hair and hair fibers that did not match OJ. Photographs of Jason taken a year before the murders show him sitting with a dog wearing an identical watch cap to the one found at the scene. His DNA was never tested for a match.

OJ Simpson's son

Jason Simpson wearing a black knitted hat exactly like the one found at the crime scene.

  • The cover up. The day after the murders, before he was arrested, OJ hired a top criminal attorney named Carl Jones to represent Jason. Why would he do this when Jason hadn't even been spoken to by the LAPD and wasn't a suspect? After the slow speed police chase when OJ finally made it back to his house on Rockingham, Jason rushed at the Bronco and was seen shouting and gesticulating at his father and Al Cowlings (who was driving the Bronco) before being pulled back by police. What was he so desperate to communicate to OJ? (Check out the footage of the car chase below and see Jason approach the vehicle around the 4:12 mark.)
  • The lack of evidence against OJ.
    • There was blood and skin found under Nicole's fingernails and also drops of blood on her back that did not match OJ.
    • There were 15 separate unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene that did not belong to OJ.
    • Ron Goldman was a 3rd degree black belt in karate and he fought for his life as is evidenced by defensive wounds on his bruised and swollen hands. OJ voluntarily stripped at the LAPD and there were no marks or bruises anywhere on his face or body to indicate he had been in any kind of altercation.
    • Whilst OJ had a history of domestic abuse, none of this had ever escalated to a level where he used weapons. In fact it was well known that he hated the sight of blood. His previous fights with Nicole had been the subject of complaints as they were loud, noisy, screaming affairs. Is it really believable that one night he is in a rage bigger than any before, one that leads him to commit two violent murders and yet he is silent, not screaming his lungs out, despite a lengthy fight with Ron Goldman?

So there you have it.

There is without doubt a compelling argument that OJ' son perhaps could actually have carried out the murders. That yes, OJ was at the scene (was he called in a panic by his son?)—but being present at the scene does not necessarily mean that he was the murderer.

Ask yourself, who would you risk your freedom and your life for? Who would you go to any lengths to protect? Your child maybe?

Let us know what you think and check out Popdust's previous Conspiracy Theory Thursday posts here.

poj simpson cover up jason simpson

oj simpson cover up jason simpson