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Blake Shelton's Racist & Homophobic Tweets Resurface

"Wish the dickhead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English," he tweeted.

Patricia Schlein/Star Max

Once you say something on the internet, you can never take it back. You may delete it, but it lives on forever in screenshots. Country superstar Blake Shelton -- infamous for his low-brow, blue-collar Twitter humor -- is revealing his most authentic self. A slew of his tweets, circa 2009-2011, resurfaced over the weekend -- ironically, the posts come prior to his work on The Voice and reaching national fame outside the country bubble. Now deleted, as of this writing on Sunday (Aug. 14), the tweets are mostly homophobic, racist, sexist and just downright disgusting. There's certainly a fine line to walk here between making a joke and coming across as culturally insensitive and ignorant.

"Wish the dickhead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he's planning to bomb," Shelton tweeted back in March 2011. Problematic doesn't even begin to describe this attempt at humor. Rather, it is nothing more than a racial slur targeted at a community misrepresented by groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda -- the actions of militant groups do not speak for entire Middle Eastern cultures, but, apparently, Shelton never received that memo.

This is only scratching the surface. He has also revealed his homophobia on more than one occasion. "I think the bartender last night put some of that date rape drug in my drink... OMG! He was like soooo cute too!" he posted in September 2009. Then, later in March 2011, "Standing in line at a coffee shop in LA talking with the man in front of me. He orders a skinny caramel latte. I couldn't tell he was gay!" As if the LGBT community is defined by their favorite caffeinated beverage...also, trivializing rape is the bees knees of comedy. This is reminiscent of a Law & Order: SVU episode titled "Comic Perversion," in which a rape comedian becomes the target of investigation after his rape jokes incite a group of fans to rape a young female college student. As it turns out, the comedian is a rapist himself. There is nothing funny about rape, homophobia, sexism or racism.

But even more troubling is a tweet from July 2010. "Grown men who wear Chuck Taylor's may as well write on their forehead 'Cucumbers turn me on!'" Yes, if you are a grown man and wear Chuck Taylor's, you may want to get that tested.

Check out a gallery of a few of Blake Shelton's egregious attempts at comedy below:


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Draft Dodger Donald Trump Says Avoiding STDs Was His Own Personal ‘Vietnam’

The brave warrior speaks out about his own personal Vietnam war battles.

Donald Trump Vietnam STDs comparison just about sums him up really.

Some have dared to criticize Donald Trump over his avoidance of fighting in the Vietnam war.

As Popdust previously reported, the then-22-year-old Trump managed to draft dodge five times—four because of college, and once because of his "bad feet."

He explained all in an interview back in 2011:

I had student deferments…. it was a long time ago…

I had student deferments then ultimately I had a medical deferment because of my feet.

I had a bone spur.

A bone spur.


Trump's draft dodging hasn't prevented him from criticizing the bravery of others however.

Oh no siree!

Far from it in fact.

You may remember he slammed Senator John McCain back in 2015, opining he was far from a "war hero."

McCain, a former Navy pilot, spent over five years behind bars in a North Vietnamese prison—two of those in solitary confident—after being captured during the line of duty.

During his time in captivity in the notoriously tough internment camp, McCain was routinely tortured—and to this day he walks with a noticeable limp and remains unable to lift either arm above his shoulders.

Pah! So what though?

According to the great Trump, McCain is far from a war hero.

He made his feelings on the subject crystal clear during an appearance at the Family leadership Council summit in Iowa:

[John McCain is] not a war hero.
He was a war hero because he was captured.
I like people who weren't captured.

Indeed Mr. Trump. Indeed.

Now, in case any of you doubters out there are thinking Trump has no right to speak on the subject—given his draft dodging status—think again.

Don't question the Republican presidential candidate's bravery…

He may not have been languishing in the Hanoi Hilton, being subjected to unimaginable degrees of torture himself—but, don't think he was living the high life.

Far from it.

In fact, Trump was suffering through his own personal "Vietnam" and it was every bit as terrifying, terrible and downright torturous as anything those soldier folks were undergoing at the time.

Trump opened up about his "personal Vietnam" during an interview with Howard Stern back in 1997, which resurfaced on Buzzfeed yesterday:

STERN: Now getting back to dating, and when you got to say to a woman, you gotta go to my personal doctor and I'm gonna have you checked out, is that a tough thing to say to a woman?

TRUMP: It's amazing, I can't even believe it. I've been so lucky in terms of that whole world.
It is a dangerous world out there.
It's like Vietnam, sort of.

STERN: Hey it's your personal Vietnam isn't it?

TRUMP: It is my personal Vietnam.
I feel like a great and very brave soldier!

STERN: A lot of guys who went through Vietnam came out unscathed. A lot of guys going through the '80s having sex with different women came out with AIDS and all kinds of things.

TRUMP: This is better than Vietnam, but it's uh... it's more fun.

STERN: A little better, but every vagina is a landmine, haven't we both said that in private?

TRUMP: [intense laughter] I think it is a potential landmine.
There's some real danger there.

Sort of like Vietnam Donald.

Sort of.

Same same but different.

Meanwhile, the self-professed "great and very brave soldier" has been continuing to do what he does best—disparaging actual, real, great and brave soldiers.

Last week the Donald trash talked the parents of slain Muslim American soldier, Army Captain Humayun Khan, following their heartfelt and moving speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Khan was killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad in 2004 at the age of 27—he was posthumously given the Purple Heart award and a Bronze Star for his heroic service.

Trump mocked Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala, during an interview with ABC on Saturday:

Who wrote [their speech]?

Did Hillary's scriptwriters write it?

I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard.

If you look at his wife, she was standing there.

She had nothing to say.

Maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say.

Note to Donald—Ghazala had a lot to say, and it was her choice not to speak.

She actually wrote the speech, but asked her husband to deliver it, as she was afraid she would become too overwhelmed with emotion.

But hey, never let a simple thing such as the truth get in the way eh, Donald?

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Wannabe rapper shoots himself face on purpose because, well, "he felt like taking a bullet to the face" you do

What price fame?

How about a bullet to the face?

Kasper Knight, AKA Kasper The Phantom, thought that was a small price to pay for a shot at the spotlight (so to speak).

The Indianapolis wannabe rapper deliberately shot himself in the cheek, because, he says, he "felt like taking a bullet to the face."

As you do.

Knight captured the tremendously stupid stunt on video which he posted on Vimeo—you can watch it right here on Popdust.

The fame hungry moron wannabe rapper holds a gun up to the right side of his face as he sits in the back of a car and then, click, and, BOOM.

Straight through the cheek.

Despite looking like, well, someone who just got shot in the face, Knight insists the pain was just a "four out of ten."

Yeah, well, maybe it's his lack of brain cells.

Apparently, according to Knight at least, he's been shot "a couple of times" before, so this was just like a walk in the park.

In the video you can hear a friend ask the fame hungry moron wannabe rapper, "are you hurt bad?"

"Yes," Knight replies, through blood stained teeth, before going on to vow, "I don't give a fuck about nothing anymore. I swallowed the bullet, shit."

"If I die, fuck it," he concludes, as he wipes the blood all over his face and heads to the hospital.

Apparently Knight wanted to shoot himself in the face for a music video.

But, after nobody wanted to film it the enterprising fame hungry moron wannabe rapper took it upon himself to go solo.

Knight explains all in a Facebook post:

Plot twist: I shot myself in the face.
Synopsis: I actually wanted to put this in a music video/ but no cameraman wanted to film it.
So I did it myself since I felt like taking a bullet to the face.
Anyway, this was really nothing. I've been shot a couple times before and this was like a 4 out of 10 on the pain scale after the initial impact.
I look slightly disorientated after the blast.
That's because my ears were ringing/ in pain.
It was hard to focus on sound and although I assumed that i swallowed the bullet/ I wasn't quite sure.
The last time that a bullet ricocheted through me/ it destroyed an organ and part of another.
Not surprisingly, Knight caught a ton of flack for the monumentally stupid stunt.

But, just like the honey badger, Knight don't give a fuck.

He addressed his detractors on Facebook:

Now, anyway, to all my friends and family who boo hoo about this shit, deal with it.
I don't give a fuck whether you want me to live or not unless you are paying me MONEY.
Your care for my life will never supersede my disregard for it.
I knew it was possible that the bullet might bounce back and puncture my throat/ but it didn't matter.
And yeah, a bunch of people thought that someone else did this.
Nah I would've fought back if that was the case.
And concerning the laughter/ I forgot about what we were laughing at.
I think we saw something outside the window for a second that induced the humor, but I can't remember.
When my tongue was moving rapidly around my mouth, I was feeling for my teeth.
Anyway, I should've used a different gun.
My friend discouraged me from using the .9mm because he said it was armor piercing.
Armor piercing: I wonder what that'd look like going through my arms/ do you?
Lastly Worldstar initially told me to email them this video, so as of now, before I am anything important, I'm answering all questions concerning my books, art gallery, and mediocre rap/ rock videos.

He later posted another video, showing the wound sewn up.

"Nasty, though, ain't it?" He comments, as he points a gun at the camera.

There's your second amendment rights right there U. S of A.

Scroll down to watch wannabe rapper shoots himself face video

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Body shaming Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers ignited a social media firestorm after posting a photo of a naked woman changing at her gym

Playboy playmate Dani Mathers is living breathing proof that you can be beautiful on the outside and really really ugly on the inside.

The 29-year-old sparked a social media firestorm last week after posting a photo of a naked woman in the locker room at her LA Fitness gym.

What was the unsuspecting woman doing to warrant Ms. Mathers' attention?

Changing out of her gym gear after a work out.

Sorry, changing out of her gym gear, and exposing a body that didn't fit with Mathers' aesthetic approval.

Because, presumably, in Mathers' world, unless you have a Playboy playmate body you better keep that shit covered up and out of site.

I mean, it's a bit much to be flashing all that flesh in a women's locker room at the gym, right?

How very dare you, anonymous woman?

Well, never fear, Mathers was quick to body-shame the anonymous woman.

Posting a naked photo of her on Snapchat.

Nice one Dani, but not everyone wants their nekkidness all up over the interweb sweetie.

Mathers captioned the photo:

If I can't unsee this then you can't either.

Just to make sure you got the message fully, Mathers included a photo of herself next to the pic, snickering appropriately.

I mean, like, really?!!

Really, bitch?

Not surprisingly, Mathers has come under fire for orchestrating such a despicable piece of shit move.

She's been suspended indefinitely from her radio gig on the KLOS 95.5 Heidi and Frank show.

And, she's landed herself a ban from all LA Fitness locations—because, presumably, customers don't want some stupid vapid Playboy model lurking in the background secretly snapping photos of them in the privacy of the locker room.

Oh, and she's also being investigated by cops, because, yeah, you can't just go posting naked photos of unsuspecting women on the internet you fucking creeper.

In the meantime, Mathers has wisely deleted all of her social media accounts.

But, that hasn't stopped the controversy from raging on.

Yesterday, a mom-of-three, called Christine Blackmon, from Lake Mary Florida, weighed into the fray.

The 42-year-old pharmaceutical rep posted an open letter to Mathers on her Facebook page:

Oh, the horror!

Look away Dani, look away!

It's a grown woman, with cellulite and shit..... SHUDDER!

This is WAAAAY too much for your delicate Playboy playmate sensibilities to take in.

Blackmon spoke to US about why she decided to call out Mathers:

That woman was showering at the gym!
The idea of mocking someone for taking care of themselves is shameful.
I felt like Dani broke that '[girl] code' and I wanted to find a way to rally women together.
I just received a message from a woman, and it went on about all the things she hadn't participated in like going to the beach with her kids because she was embarrassed about how she looked.
But today she's vowing today not to miss out anymore.

Blackmon signed off her Facebook post:

So, #DaniMathers, I'd like to introduce you to my 5'10, 194lb lumpy, bumpy glory.

#UNSeeTHIS #AllBodiesAreBeautiful."


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Justin Bieber took another onstage fall last night (June 16) while performing in Canada, and you have to wonder if this is going to be his thing from now on.

The fall is comedic gold.

Justin is fiddling with his sloppy gangsta apparel, and seemingly in his own world, when he walks into a hole and drops out of sight with a thud.

Several questions arise after watching this video of the fall:

Is Bieber blind? It's RIGHT THERE in front of him!

Why is there a big hole in the stage? I mean, please.

Even though there is every reason to think the fall was planned, is Justin that accomplished at physical comedy?

Maybe he has hidden talents, and falling convincingly is one of them.

Very hard to say.

Luckily, this video shows the fall from a couple of angles, and even in slow motion.

We see Justin climbing out and apparently uninjured.

He reportedly assured his screaming fans, 'Good thing I’m like a cat and I landed on my feet,' before adding,

That scared the fuck out of me.


Still, if we're honest, we will admit to watching it with the joy that only a celebrity mishap can precipitate.

Bieber's only public comment so far, according to NME, has been a standard Tweet about enjoying the show.

Is he deliberately ignoring the newsworthy incident? Is he planning to go on stonewalling?

Oh that Biebster! He's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a plaid thing.

Justin Beiber, how do we love thee? Let us count the falls.

[gallery ids="294839,294752,294753,294754,294755,294756,294757,294758,294759,294760,294761,294762,294763,294764,294765,294766,294767,294768,294769,294770,294771,294772,294773,294774,294775,294776,294777,294778,294779,294781,294782,294783,294784,294785,294786,294787,294788,294789,294790,294791,294792,294793,294794,294795,294796,294797,294798,294799,294800,294801,294802,294803,294804,294805,294806,294807,294808,294809,294810,294811,294812,294813,294814,294815,294816,294817,294818,294819,294820,294821,294822,294823,294824,294825,294826,294827,294828,294829,294830,294831,294832,294833,294834,294835”]


Madonna is being blasted on Twitter for seeming to make herself the star of the Orlando shooting massacre. Using a picture of her kiss with Britney Spears from the 2003 MTV awards, itself a publicity stunt, Madonna's Twitter response to the tragic event sounded a sour note across social media.

She clearly took the outrage to heart, following the tweet later with messages that featured pictures of the victims...but not  before posting one more picture of herself, with the caption 'Pray for Peace, Pray for Orlando.'

Following the backlash from her Prince tribute, Madonna seems to be stumbling in her once masterful use of media and branding. If this keeps up, her brand will be Embarrassing Self Promotion rather than Cunning Image Manipulator.

But Madge is not the only celebrity to fail miserably in crafting a public response to tragic events.

Katy Perry's inane response to the Paris bombing was "Guys, it's time to #PrayforParis right now."

Would celebrities be wise to just shut up in these circumstances? Can't we all just assume that Madonna and Katy Perry are as horrified and saddened as the rest of us?

At times, celebrities have responded to such criticism with the valid point that freedom of speech extends to them as much as anyone else. And some are more opinionated than others when it comes to politics or social justice.

But too often, it seems like opportunism when a star pipes up on a subject they have not spoken out on earlier, before it was newsworthy. Too often, their response is a useless cliche.

Madonna has been a supporter of gay rights, as has Lady Gaga, among countless other celebrities. But when Lady Gaga demonstrates her advocacy by going to Washington to speak to congress, or attends a vigil, as she did on Monday night, we can appreciate her authenticity.

It takes more than a tweet to make a difference, even a dignified tweet.

Madonna could urge support of gun legislation by linking to a petition or making a donation to the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence.

Or we can forget about celebrities and Twitter for a moment, and sign the MoveOn petition for gun control, which is close to reaching its goal of 675,000 signatures.