Since Hugh Hefner's death in 2017, Playboy's been re-branding itself to appeal to millennials by hiring fine art photographers for high concept photo shoots, naming a gay man and proud Taylor Swift fan as its executive editor, re-committing to printing nudity, and replacing its original motto, "Entertainment for men," with "Naked is normal."

The next issue of the 66-year-old publication will feature Kylie Jenner, the make-up mogul and "self-made billionaire" who was raised before America's eyes on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (you know, that 17-season reality TV show about the millionaires who make their livings as walking Instagram ads, because they're "self-made").

The 22-year-old posted a photo on Instagram of herself and boyfriend Travis Scott (the two share a one-year-old daughter, Stormi). Jenner poses nude in just a cowboy hat, embracing a shirtless Scott for Playboy's "Pleasure" issue. According to Playboy's website, the theme "is a celebration of the things that bring us joy: sex, art, food, music, spiritual connection, travel, cannabis and community. And did we mention sex?"

Kylie ✨ on Instagram: “When Houston meets LA .. 💛 @playboy #ComingSoon”

The magazine adds, "In this issue, we aren't only showcasing the artists and creators who bring us joy; we're also shining a light on visionaries and revolutionaries who are fighting to expand access to pleasure for all."

Even if we put aside our wonderment at what cultural, linguistic, and spiritual rot we're witnessing in the pages of Playboy these days, since when is a "men's lifestyle" and entertainment magazine ever not about "pleasure?" And when did Kylie Jenner become a "visionary?" And if she constitutes one, where is the adult film world's rising auteur, Bella Thorne, who recently directed a "beautiful and ethereal" film as part of P*rnhub's Visionaries Director's series? The questions are endless.

  1. Is that Lil Nas X's hat?
  2. How does Kylie manage to look both 17 and 53 at once?
  3. What does Travis Scott, like, do all day?
  4. Is this photo a philosophical take on how only nature can nurture true love?
  5. How much did that watch company pay to be included on Travis Scott's wrist?
  6. How do we know that's really Kylie?
  7. Then again, what percentage of Kylie is really Kylie, these days?
  8. What happens if I sort of dig this?
  9. Would Gloria Steinem hate me if I kind of dig this?
  10. Was Kylie Jenner popular in high school?
  11. How hot was it outside? It looks hot.
  12. Didn't a cowboy hat make it feel even hotter?
  13. Why wear a cowboy hat on an already hot day if your hot cakes are out?
  14. Is "Kylie Jenner" a palindrome?
  15. Oh. No. "Kylie Jenner" backwards is "renneJ eilyK." What's up with that?
  16. Why did Travis Scott get to wear clothes?
  17. Was that a sexist thing? I'd hate to think Kylie was involved with a sexist thing.
  18. What does their daughter want to be when she grows up?
  19. If their daughter grows up to be a Playboy bunny, will Travis Scott be fine with that?
  20. Who's going to send this cover to their daughter on her 18th birthday?
  21. If art is dead, did Instagram kill it?
  22. What happens if I think Playboy's "Pleasure" theme sounds pretty cool?
  23. Also, why does the theme sound like the description for a music festival?
  24. Is this subliminal advertising for Coachella?
  25. "Are you there, Coachella? It's me, Kylie": Is that the caption?

No, but seriously, the Amazon Rainforest is burning and global climate disaster is imminent. Look out for the Pleasure edition of Playboy when it hits newstands Fall 2019!

corey gamble money worth

Corey Gamble, the man who stole Kris Jenner’s heart after her ex became  Caitlyn, is something of a mystery.

We know he’s part of Scooter Braun’s management team and is a road manager for heartthrob Justin Bieber. Let’s hope it’s been while The Biebs was behaving himself, if a time like this actually exists.

Other than that and what we’ve seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Corey’s means of making a living is a bit of a puzzle. Nonetheless, by becoming Kris’ main squeeze, his fame level will only go up.

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Although Corey’s income is only a fraction of what a Kar-Jen takes in, he’s still making hundreds of thousands. For a 34-year old Bieber-sitter, that ain’t bad. He likely has other clients, but that seems to be kept on the down low. This is how Corey makes most of his dough, as per VH1.

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Being part of KUWTK pays well, so now that Kris and Corey are sitting in a tree, he’s surely getting paid to play. Thousands per episode is pretty sweet when you get to hang with your girl(woman)friend and enjoy the best life has to offer.

His appearances with Kris likely pay, as do most red carpet and other hosting ops. I’m “gambling” we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Kris’ kub in the months and years to come and his net worth will shoot through the roof. For now Corey, just watch Justin’s back and keep his cocky ass outta trouble.

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Corey Gamble’s net worth is $2.5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Let’s hope Kris is Jen-erous with her money.

corey gamble money worth


corey gamble money worth