It's OK If You "Haven't Accomplished Anything" This Decade

A viral tweet sent the internet into a self-deprecating frenzy.


If the passing of time has escaped your notice, I regret to inform you that there's only one full month remaining in the current decade.

This could be unfortunate news to those of us who like to quantify our accomplishments within timely increments. It was certainly an unwelcome reminder to a large population on Twitter, as they readily expressed when user @stfutony sent the website into a tizzy after asking a well-meaning question: "There's only ONE MONTH left in the decade. What have you accomplished?" Naturally, a wide array of responses ensued. Some used it as an opportunity to list their notable milestones—graduations, marriages, overcoming illnesses—but others took issue with the retrospective. To some, it was only a reminder of what they hadn't accomplished as much as they wanted to.

But why do we use these increments of time like years and decades to reflect on ourselves, anyway? New Year's resolutions have a long history, tracing back as far as 4,000 years ago. The month of January is named for the Janus, a god the ancient Romans believed to have two faces: one facing forward and one backward. In that context, then, it makes sense that we have this ingrained habit around the turn of the year to contemplate how we spent our last year and how we want to approach the new one.

But the Romans weren't taking into account that sometimes, in the modern era particularly, looking back at long periods of your life can be rough. Surely, we've all accomplished something in the last ten years, but we've also all likely experienced a lot of struggle and pain that can overshadow our achievements. It's also important to take into account those of us who struggle with mental health issues that can make the past decade seem much darker. And it doesn't help that social media has made comparing ourselves to others much easier and more damaging than ever. Not everyone necessarily benefits from analyzing their past so broadly.

Of course, Twitter users weren't shy about voicing their complaints: "All [this] does is make me, and other people, who haven't really accomplished anything bragworthy or notable, feel like absolute s**t," one said. Another said the tweet reminded them that they "wasted six years with a person who never thought [they were] worth a damn and he actually held [them] back from accomplishing anything worthwhile." And it wouldn't have been a true viral Twitter moment if some users didn't memeify it: "there's only ONE month left in the decade," tweeted @what_eats_owls. "WHAT have you done to make your enemies curse your name and salt the earth in your wake?"

Maybe using the calendar to delineate your accomplishments is a natural method of reflection, but if we can learn anything from this Twitter fiasco, it's that using years and decades as markers for our personal growth is incredibly arbitrary. We're all floating through life on our own timeline; focusing on what we can improve moving forward is far more productive than comparing ourselves to strangers on the internet.

When my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home, we fell in love with one that was built in the 80s. It was in a great school district, had a room that would be my painting studio, and it was a super short drive away from Main Street with our city's bustling arts scene. I was concerned that a home of that age was going to need repairs soon after we moved in. The realtor assured us that it wouldn't be a problem. And to help calm my nerves, she suggested we get a home warranty plan. If something went wrong with our appliances, plumbing, electricity, or HVAC, having a plan would allow us to just call the home warranty company and a technician would be sent to fix the covered repair. Sounded easy, but I was skeptical. But my husband did the research and said there were legit and reputable services out there. We ended up getting a plan from HomeServe. Thank god we did.

I'll admit it: I have a nervous disposition and, sometimes, if something goes wrong I end up feeling nervous, really fast. So, one morning, I noticed water pooling around the downstairs toilet, I sadly told my husband, " This is it. I knew this old house was too good to be true!" Calmly, he said "We have a home warranty plan. Call HomeServe." A plumber came over after work. He said the pipes leading up to the toilette might need to be replaced, and that he wouldn't know how big the job would be until he got a look under the bathroom floor. I trembled. My biggest fear was about to come true: I was going to repeat the experience of living in Brooklyn in my early 20s when I had to deal with an unreliable superintendent because he was my landlord's "guy."

HomeServe says they use trusted technicians and contractors that will take care of a job. On their website, HomeServe even guarantees that any covered repairs will be good for one year.

But what I feared was that being "in" a network meant that bad contractors would stick around forever because they were "trusted", exactly like my landlord's guy was, and that they'd milk the repairs, stretching them out for months on end.

With trepidation, I called and scheduled the repair. I chose to work from home, so I heard everything that was going on: the bathroom floor getting pulled up, the pipes coming out… it was a lot of noise! My worries were getting the best of me, so I had to ask the repair guy, "How bad is it?" But turns out, it wasn't bad at all! It was only the pipe directly connected to the toilet. He was able to replace it. It was covered by the home warranty plan, which turned out to be a really good thing.

For months our old house kept showing its age, but with a plan from HomeServe, we were taken care of. When the heat went out in the middle of the night, we just called the 24/7 repair hotline and it got fixed. That small monthly payment ended up saving us money and kept our old home in good shape. We still have a plan from HomeServe to this day, and I'm grateful that they employ reliable contractors who I love to call "our guy"!

Thanks HomeServe.

Update: HomeServe is extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link or call 1-888-466-6270 to get a home repair plan for as little as $7.99.

How is it that celebrities and influencers just happen to look camera-ready at all times? I always find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, admiring these perfect looking women in their perfectly edited photos. When I decide to take a selfie, a lot of pre-planning goes into it - my makeup, my outfit, the lighting, the angle. Plus, I probably take like 100+ pictures to finally find the best one to post (yes, my camera roll is very embarrassing). I always wondered what I was missing from my life just to have that camera ready glow at all times.

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ISH Cosmetics Lip Palette

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BITE Lipstick

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