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The Final Act to the Kendrick and Drake Feud: Ken Has One Too Many Friends

The Complicated Legacy of Kendrick Lamar’s Landmark Pop-Out Show

Summer began with one definitive truth: if you thought you were a hater, you’re not a hater like Kendrick Lamar is a hater. I’ll admit: Drake has won his share of rap beefs. In 2015, he got into it with Meek Mill over claims that Drake doesn’t write his own songs. He emerged victorious, though he’s never beaten those ghostwriting allegations. Still, he took the crown, and “Back to Back” is still one of my favorite of his songs. However, we can’t forget that he’s taken some big hits and some super public losses, too.

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After a week full of 60+ degree weather in New York, I'm officially ready to slam the laptop shut and enter the weekend. I'm bathing suit shopping online, I'm spending time basking in the short-lived early spring weather, and I'm gearing up to make another playlist to get through the weekend.

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Photo by Roger Cosby on Unsplash

Kendrick Lamar is as prolific as he is innovative.

The Compton emcee is considered one of the greatest rappers of his generation. He's covered California gang culture, Black adolescence, and social justice in an almost cinematic fashion. The man known as Kung-Fu Kenny is a favorite amongst his peers, die-hard Hip-Hop fans, and even former presidents.

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9 Songs that Would Make Better TV Shows than John Mayer's "Heart of Life"

The Heart of Life is good and all, but maybe just not for TV

The Heart of Life - John Mayer

ABC has announced a new TV show inspired by—and named after—the John Mayer song "The Heart of Life," from the 2006 album Continuum.

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Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." wins Pulitzer Prize

Compton's Rap God adds prestigious award to list of accolades.

Rob Latour/Shutterstock
Kendrick Lamar is slowly running out of reasons to be "HUMBLE."
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