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Before this past Saturday, I never labeled myself a die-hard EDM fan - Not sure I’d call myself one even now. Still, without a doubt, I’m grateful I was introduced to Moore Kismet and the other awesome DJs featured during the show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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Cazzi Opeia opens up about her musical inspiration and her exciting career.

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Self described as "Marilyn Monroe gone bad," Cazzi Opeia makes pop dance music that sizzles.

The Swedish-born DJ and singer/songwriter's stage name comes from the star constellation "Cassiopeia" — the vain but beautiful queen of greek mythology — perfectly describing her dark glam music style. Following her collaboration with legendary K-Pop producer on the club hit, "Batman & Robin," Cazzi Opeia returns with "Rich," a track with pop influences and lilting vocals that still manages to stay true to the artist's EDM roots. Popdust got the chance to talk with Cazzi Opeia and hear about her journey to stardom, what influences her music, and more.

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Bassnectar Allegations Prove the EDM Community Enables Rapists

The allegations against Bassnectar come amidst a slew of other disturbing claims against high-profile DJs that have rocked the dance industry these last two years.


TRIGGER WARNING: rape and sexual assault.

For years, the music festival circuit has downplayed the risk of sexual assault.

Camp Bisco's safety guidelines don't mention assault or harassment at all, and merely state that "event producers are not responsible for attendees' actions." Bigger festivals such as Coachella mention "sexual harassment" in their "Every One" promise but follow up the pledge with vague reprimands, stating that harassers are subject to "immediate removal from the festival site." Suffolk, England's Latitude Festival takes it one step further and offers an ambiguous list of "personal safety" tips, including that festival-goers should "keep their wits" about them.

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Dua Lipa performs during the LOVESTREAM Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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It's been a couple of weeks since the Grammys, but we just can't get Dua Lipa's bedazzled pink ensembles out of our heads.

And believe it or not, we're quickly approaching a year of the British singer's sophomore album, Future Nostalgia — the record that's helped millions turn their living rooms into personal dance clubs during a very lonely period of history. I know I'm not alone when I say Lipa's blend of house, disco, and radio-ready pop has yet to grow stale.

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Is the Boston Dynamics Dance Video Proof That Robots Have Soul(s)?

The elaborate four-robot dance to The Contours "Do You Love Me," showed off some impressive moves.

Do You Love Me?

Legendary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham famously said that "dance is the hidden language of the soul."

If that's true, what does it say that the robots of Boston Dynamics just proved that they can dance better than most humans?

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Breaking Star Neguin on Dance as a Form of Liberation

Neguin's video 'To Be' blends his talent for athletic dance with a powerful call for change.


Brazilian artist Neguin is the definition of multi-talented.

He's a formidable competitor in global breaking competitions, utilizing the iconic athletic and expressive dance style to bring improvisational dance to new heights.

Bboy Neguin / Brazil-Tsunami All Stars-Red Bull BC One All Stars /

Neguin is also a poet, teacher, musician, and activist, someone who sees the ways all the different aspects of his life interlock and relate to each other. He also recognizes the way history influences the present, and the history of dance as a form of liberation shapes his work today. That tradition takes center stage in his new video, "To Be," which features a poem written by the artist himself.

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