Passwords are one of the most important aspects of a business. Data needs to be protected, but when there are anywhere from 5 to 500 people working, that security can be hard to maintain.

When you're dealing with sensitive company data, you need to do everything to ensure you're prepared against advanced cyber attacks. And if you're in charge, making sure employees have secure passwords, it's an even bigger task.

You want to eliminate risk, you start with weak passwords.

With multiple cases, numbers, and special characters required, it can be a doozy to try and remember nonsensical passwords that should be different for every account. Even though apps like Google save all of your passwords, they aren't as secure as they could be. That's where password managers like Dashlane Business and 1Password Business come in.

With these helpful tools, not every employee needs to be a tech-wiz to get your company the safety it needs when conducting business.

We broke down the ins and outs of the two popular password protection sites. Here's what we found.

Key Similarities

  • Both use AES-256 encryption for top security
  • Both offer Team and Business versions.
  • Both have clean, easy-to-navigate websites
  • Both let admin monitor activity across accounts to maintain security

Key Differences

  • Dashlane has Smart Spaces to separate personal and business information plus free Family accounts to employees. 1Password gives employees a 1Password Families membership
  • Dashlane uses single sign-on (SSO) while 1password uses multi-Factor authentication
  • Dashlane offers Password Health Reports which makes fixing at-risk passwords easier for administrators to address

Dashlane Business

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Trusted by 20,000+ companies and 15 million customers, Dashlane's Business offering is designed to protect businesses of any size from a multitude of online security breaches. With their new SSO feature, you can integrate Dashlane's advanced password management into an organization's existing suite of IT tools. It'll help you make it secure, and then generate new, iron-clad passwords for all of your websites. It's easy to use and with just one password to remember, it's incredibly convenient.

Dashlane's industry-first reporting dashboard is key to securing your business. It helps admins pinpoint password strength problems, track changes over time, and encourage specific teams and employees to make changes. It also allows you to onboard new team members and manage permissions. This admin console does a lot.

On top of alerting admins on areas of improvement, employees will receive regular password health scores. Using Dashlane's Password Generator, they can then easily update weak or repetitive passwords with more secure, unique alternatives.

You can even send and share passwords with teams and individuals securely to avoid messages over risky areas like Gmail or Slack.

Plus, you can get ahead on your data's safety with Dark Web Monitoring. With this feature, employees can add up to five email addresses, including their work email, for Dashlane to continually monitor. If Dashlane finds any personal info or compromised data connected to those addresses somewhere it doesn't belong, employees are alerted immediately.

While employees can take advantage of Smart Spaces within their Dashlane account to separate personal and work information, they don't have to worry about privacy. Administrators can only monitor password health in the Business Space, not the Personal Space.

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The other top password-securing program right now, 1Password, has similar security features for businesses. Its stand-out is travel mode; if you're traveling, your managers can decide which password vaults are safe for travel. This gives businesses a bit more control even when employees are on the move. While it's a great feature, we can't see it being utilized much now due to travel cutbacks.

They also have a dashboard feature but unlike Dashlane it does not give password health scores. Instead, 1password generates reports to show you how your business is utilizing its features.

1Password's plan also comes with multi-factor authentication which can be a bit tedious when logging in. It involves using an authenticator app as an extra verification step. Some people prefer it for the extra layer of security but this can be enabled on Dashlane as well, though the SSO is definitely a secure and convenient option.

Final Notes

Both are great starting places for password security, but we recommend going with Dashlane Business to really secure your company. Their plan is comprehensive, streamlined, and functional for both employees and administrators.

No matter what you do, it's time to retire some of those easily guessed passwords and make sure those on your team do, too.

If you're looking to firm up your business' security start with passwords. While maintaining security is difficult it's not impossible with the right tool. Dashlane Business is your go-to for protecting your large company or small business.

The Internet can often be a series of hurdles. Whether it's the mountain of passwords to remember or the tangle of credit card information required, the simplest task can often turn into a convoluted mess. And there goes your afternoon.

Sure, you can save your personal information on your favorite web browser, but is it smart to surrender control of your private data to a massive corporation? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Enter Dashlane, the first all-in-one web service designed to make the Internet easier to use. And how do they do that? Dashlane houses all of your passwords, payments, and personal details and allows you access to this information across the web and on any device.

Dashlane's goal is to make the Internet hyper-convenient. No more jumping through unnecessary hoops to join a newsletter, buy a gift, or schedule an appointment.

Instead of a big-shot, anonymous web browser, Dashlane gathers your data in one place, giving you more control over who is in possession of it.

Your data is completely invisible to anybody who works at Dashlane, thanks to their "Zero Knowledge Architecture." Once you create your master password, not even Dashlane's engineers will have access to this information.

Better yet, with the simple click of a button, you can create unique passwords - making old, weak passwords stronger - without having to remember what you did.

And what happens if somebody breaches Dashlane? Even if Dashlane gets hacked, hackers will have no access to your sensitive information given Dashlane's "Zero Knowledge Architecture." Dashlane will instantly let you know, providing a two-step password change, making the security process simpler than ever.

Still unsure about Dashlane? Here are what only a few of Dashlane's 8 million happy customers are saying:

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"[I] would struggle without Dashlane now, as effective passwords are so important in our lives. I use it many times a day and it's definitely worth the money." - Barabara R.

"After I added all of my passwords, I then went back and logged in to every one of my accounts, and to my surprise, every one of them worked. Even the sites that want a username, a password, and member number were solved so I never have to recall a password." - Marc

"I joined Dashlane from more or less the beginning and found them the most reliant, service-directed Password Manager I know. They are very efficient and quick!" - Herman G.

"There doesn't seem to be anything comparable to Dashlane's reliability and ease of use. It was [also] highly recommended to me by a friend who is a true expert in computer security for one of the largest telephone corporations." - David H.

"Great to have easy access to passwords across platforms, but I also appreciate the help generating robust passwords and rating your existing ones." - Ken

"I'm a long time user and depend on Dashlane to help secure everything I do online . . . logging into any website is fast and simple with the automated login features. The sync feature between my devices gives me access to all my passwords and personal info anytime, anywhere." - Tomas F.

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How Dashlane Makes Online Shopping A Breeze

Checking out has never been more convenient

All day every day, I'm all about the convenience of online shopping...-no way am I braving the madness of the mall!

To get all my favorite brands, I have to buy from like, 12 different sites. Such a pain, I hate nothing more than having to input all of my credit card info over and over and over. It's the one downside of online shopping, plus I never remember my log-ins for all of my go-to sites. I always try to be creative so not all of my passwords are the same, and it backfires every time! After getting locked out of my Amazon account for the zillionth time, my frustrations led me to Dashlane.

It's a free service that generates new, secure passwords for all your accounts. It helps you come up with one super-secure password (a misspelled acrostic of her favorite song lyric with numbers and symbols dispersed throughout) that you use to log in. Then, Dashlane generates more super-secure passwords for me, so I wouldn't even need to remember them - they'd autofill.

I can't tell you how many times I forget my passwords. Every single time I have to reset it just to log in! So annoying, so I loved that Dashlane would do it for me, and the service it completely free!

I can't put off my shopping any longer, so decided to try it. I made an account on their website, and they helped me make a secure password. After memorizing it, I had Dashlane make passwords for all of the websites I go to most often.

No more logging in with my basic passwords! Now that I had this airtight password, I felt soo much better. Plus, the real life saver is that Dashlane remembers all of my billing and shipping details and auto-fills them across whatever site I'm shopping on, which has been such a timesaver.

It made buying all of my gifts, shoes, furniture, you name it, so much more seamless and saved me a ton of time. I also never even have to type passwords in anymore or remember if my Amazon Prime password starts with a capital or not (I used to forget literally every time I logged in).

Dashlane is really convenient and made my experience buying online so much easier. It's also so much more secure to have a generated password- I'm way less likely to be hacked because my passwords are so much harder to guess. I can now check out in no time at all- now all I have to do is try and not spend all of my money!