For a split second in history, Timbaland's 2007 album Shock Value was the most ambitious project in music.

The record was born at a strangely chaotic time. My Chemical Romance was at the top of their game, "alt" teens wore dark streaky eyeliner and dissected every lyric to Infinity On High. Robin Thicke's mewling love song "Lost Without U" sat atop Billboard's R&B charts. Kanye West wasn't making problematic operas.

But all of these entities existed separately, as did their fans. T-Pain fans rarely listened to Finger Eleven and visa versa. As a teenage Breaking Benjamin fan, I rarely found myself surrounded by people who also listened to Soulja Boy. But with all this apparent division, Timbaland saw an opportunity: what if I brought all of these sounds together?

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This Haunts Me: 2000's Cringe Rock

Remember these bad boys? Of course you do

This is War 30 Seconds to Mars

We all remember those 2000s rock songs that were strangely beloved, but at the same time incredibly dated.

There remain a handful of truly awkward sentimental rock songs from the 2000s rock revival that we'd all love to forget. But, just for the sheer entertainment of it, we've compiled a list of some of the revival's most painful efforts.

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2000's Rock Bands That Sounded Like Nickelback (but Better)

Whatever happened to all those rock bands that kinda sounded like Nickelback but weren't Nickelback?

Daughtry - It's Not Over

Image via Vevo

Remember when rock and roll ruled the airwaves?

I'm not talking about The Rolling Stones or Motley Crue. I'm talking about that clean-cut modern rock from the beginning of the 2000s, when every rock band that popped up appeared to be just carbon copies of Nickelback. Rock had been heading in a more commercial direction for a long time, but 2005's All the Right Reasons was a special kind of basic and propelled the genre into a bottomless pit it never really crawled out from.

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Daughtry's 10 Best Anthems

The Former American Idol Finalist Has Notched an Undeniable List of Pop-Rock Fist-Pumpers.

You can't deny these Daughtry essentials.

We still don't quite understand how Chris Daughtry didn't win the fifth season of American Idol. Sure, we have great affection for Katherine McPhee, and she's blossomed into quite an excellent entertainer and actress, but Daughtry's voice is a force of nature. From such covers of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" and Creed's "What If," his consistency in style, presentation and execution was rarely achieved at such a level (Adam Lambert says hi, though) on some dinky primetime singing competition.

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