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Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, and Paul Mescal’s Thighs: Everything We Know About “Gladiator II”

The first looks at Gladiator II are here — starring Paul Mescal, Lee Pace, Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, and more — and we can’t get enough.

Finally, a movie that will unite all genders. It’s like Barbie and Oppenheimer in one: Gladiator II. One of the most anticipated films of the past few years, Gladiator II is a sequel to the 2000 smash hit Gladiator. The original box-office hit was a cultural phenomenon that still resonates in our film landscape today.

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9 Best Nostalgic Deep Cuts to Watch On Disney+

What to Watch When You're Not Waiting for the Next Episode of "Loki"

So you finally caved and got a Disney+ account. Or maybe you finally convinced your roommate/friend/parent to give you their password.

Whether you needed access to the exclusive content to watch Beyonce's Black Is King, Taylor Swift's Long Pond Sessions, Marvel's WandaVision (no, there will not be a Season Two unfortunately), or even High School Musical: The Musical: The Series because you're regrettably into that "drivers license" song (this is a safe space, you can admit it), you have it now, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what to watch when your series binge is over.

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Ma Rainey's Black Bottom | Official Trailer | Netflix

When news of Chadwick Boseman's death was announced back in August, the world grieved the loss of a true artist. This loss was made more apparent with his final role in Netflix's original film,Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, starring Viola Davis and produced by Denzel Washington.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is a film adaptation of August Wilson's 1980 stage play of the same name. The story focuses on a fictional recording session in 1927 with legendary blues singer Ma Rainey (Davis) and her band in Chicago. Boseman plays the talented but arrogant trumpeter Levee Green.

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Jay-Z's 7 Best Albums

On his 51st birthday, we take a look at Jay-Z's best albums.

By Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Shawn Carter, AKA Jay-Z, was born December 4, 1969.

He was raised in Marcy Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn, NY. He discovered a passion for music at a young age but became heavily involved in the streets as a crack cocaine dealer.

Jay's involvement with the drug trade would end after a near-fatal brush with death. This encounter motivated him to go legit and pursue music.

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Roc-A-Fella Records

In 2003, Jay-Z announced that his eighth studio album, The Black Album, would be his last. The revered Brooklyn emcee was calling it quits after less than a decade since his debut offering, Reasonable Doubt.

Jay Z's departure was captured in the documentary Fade to Black. Fans and rappers alike were saddened by his premature exit; but many, including Hov himself, felt that a comeback was in the near-to-immediate future.

Fast forward to 2006, and Jay-Z returned with Kingdom Come. Hip-Hop rejoiced in the Michael Jordan of Rap's return to the booth, but the album felt like Michael Jordan had returned in a Washington Wizards jersey. Fans felt his three-year hiatus caused Jay-Z to lose a step.

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On This Day: "Training Day" Captured the Reality of Law Enforcement

Antoine Fuqua's cult classic is a reflection of today's policing.

Training Day

On October 5, 2001, Training Day was released in theaters in the United States.

The David Ayer film follows two LAPD narcotics cops played by Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris (Washington) evaluates beat cop Officer Jake Hoyt (Hawke) for 12 hours to see if he has what it takes to survive in his unit (and on the streets) as a detective.

This crash course in Narc 101 leaves Hoyt at the mercy of Harris dishing out his brand of "justice." What starts as an evaluation becomes a firsthand look at police corruption, with Hoyt unsuspectingly (and unwillingly) going from pupil to accomplice. Alonzo serves as judge, jury, and executioner of the people he's appointed to protect, manipulating Jake's perspective on what law and order really mean.

Training Day | Modern Trailer | HBO

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