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The 9 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Watch on Turkey Day

Celebrate thanksgiving by hiding from your family and watching these fictional families enjoy turkey day!

Celebrating Thanksgiving usually entails a day of eating, answering uncomfortable questions from your family about your career and romantic life, hearing about your grandma's bunion surgery, and, if you're lucky, a well-earned doze in front of the TV. This year, given the social distancing guidelines, you may bypass the family time and go straight to the couch.

Regardless of your plans for Turkey Day, when that second helping of turkey starts to settle in your belly and your eyelids start to feel heavy, it's time to shove your cousin (or cat) over on the couch, settle in, and turn on one of these classic Thanksgiving-themed episodes.

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How to Watch Taylor Swift's "folklore" Concert Film

folklore: the long pond studio sessions was filmed in upstate New York in September.

Back in July, Taylor Swift shook the music world by surprise-dropping her eighth album, folklore.

Released less than a year after its predecessor, the pop sugar rush Lover, folklore marked a stark shift for Swift by implementing a quieter, folksier sound. To pull it off, she collaborated with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, The National's Aaron Dessner, and her go-to producer Jack Antonoff—all of whom will be featured in a new concert film called folklore: the long pond studio sessions, premiering tonight on Disney Plus.

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Culture Feature

Can Disney Fire Gina Carano From The Mandalorian for Being Depressingly Normal?

Gian Carano's political views are upsetting and ignorant, but they are not unusual.

Actor and former MMA fighter Gina Carano has once again come under fire for her social media presence.

Previously Carano — best known for playing former resistance soldier Cara Dune in the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian — had received pushback over the summer for liking and retweeting messages attacking the Black Lives Matter protesters as violent and irrational.

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Review | "The Mandalorian" Season 2, Episode 2 Is the Perfect Side Quest

Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2


Last week we covered The Mandalorian season premiere (read the full review), where I was upfront about my disappointments:

  • Too much nostalgia baiting, not enough new world-building
  • Not nearly enough Baby Yoda moments
  • Lackluster set design and visuals (with a HUGE exception for the krayt dragon)
  • Underwhelming/predictable Boba Fett reveal at tail end of an otherwise inconsequential episode

To be fair, the show's serial adventure, monster-of-the-week style means most episodes are seemingly inconsequential by design. If Season 1 was a sign of things to come, then Season 2 will find our hero encountering and ditching new characters each week until it all culminates in the finale.

For many fans, this is actually a major highlight of The Mandalorian. Unlike recent films in the franchise, where the fate of the galaxy is constantly at stake, Mando lets us chill out and enjoy the detailed and lived-in world of Star Wars. "Chapter 10" (S2:E2) gives us exactly that: a lovely side quest.

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Film News

Why People Are Criticizing Disney's "Mulan"

People are taking issues with "Mulan" stars' political beliefs (or lack thereof) and the movie's apparent support of Uighur "re-education" camps.

Mulan Movie

Mulan is a beloved animated Disney film, but its live-action adaptation has run into some real-world problems.

The 1998 animated Disney film, based on a Chinese folklore tale "The Ballad of Mulan," received the classic 2020 live-action remake treatment this year. But its rollout was plagued by problems from the start.

Originally meant to debut on March 27, 2020, the film's release was delayed three times due to COVID-19. Finally, the studio decided to roll out the film on September 8, 2020, bypassing movie theaters entirely in the US. Instead, it exclusively dropped on Disney+ in the US for a tall fee of $30. The film will become available to all Disney+ subscribers on December 4th. The film is also being released in some recently reopened theatres in Asia, and it's expected to bring in millions of dollars in China when it debuts this Friday.

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Film Features

Before Its Time: Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1997 "Cinderella"

Fans are calling for Cinderella to be added to the massive selection of nostalgic '90s movies on Disney+.

It's hard to be proud of the '90s.

Even among us die-hard elder millennials, we know that we were indoctrinated with plenty of problematic ideas: We used "gay" as a negative adjective for things we didn't like, we often glamorized eating disorders, we thought super low-rise jeans were cute.

Look, we're sorry, okay?

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