Vlade Kay and DJ Snake Team Up on “All This Lovin'”

Their combined talents heat up the winter.

DJ Snake & Vlade Kay

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Russian pop prodigy Vlade Kay linked up with DJ Snake to deliver "All This Lovin" after the two met at a L.A. writing camp.

A household name in Russia, Kay recently performed at the Dubai International Music Festival and the Bravo International Music Awards, while DJ Snake released his sophomore album, Carte Blanche, featuring big guns like Eptic, Tchami, Malaa, Mercer, and ZHU.

All This Lovin

With a joint effort with Martin Garrix as his next single, Kay is making all the right moves. "All This Lovin" rides an infectious dance groove topped by Kay's soulful, honeyed voice. "So baby, blend your heart with mine and ain't nobody else / This time we can't stop all of this loving."

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Felix Jaehn's "Close Your Eyes" Is an Anthem Everyone Needs to Hear

The song is a satisfying result of Jaehn's creative evolution and offers words of encouragement to his supporters to stay positive, keep calm, and keep going.

Felix Jaehn

Felix Jaehn has a habit of crafting catchy tropical house tracks, but on "Close Your Eyes," the sentiment is much deeper than that of his big hits.

Written specifically for his fans, Jaehn uses "Close Your Eyes" as an opportunity to address mental health, and at the end of the song, he can be heard asking his fans, "How are you doing? I hope you're well." This track is the last of the year from Jaehn and the latest in a slew of releases to dissect and spread awareness on mental health issues. Jaehn, who co-wrote the track alongside Miss Li, is in the middle of a creative journey.

Recently, he's dedicated himself to co-writing all of his music and having a more direct hand in all aspects of his creative identity. "Close Your Eyes" is a direct and satisfying result of that evolution, serving as words of encouragement to his supporters to stay positive, keep calm, and keep going.

Felix Jaehn, VIZE - Close Your Eyes (Official) ft. Miss

The song, like all of Jaehn's biggest tracks, is a certified earworm, with an infectious hook courtesy of Miss Li and an undulating bass courtesy of German duo Vize. The track inspires hope in its listeners and will undeniably be on repeat at New Year's Eve parties.

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