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Dear Viral McMuffin Cop: 5 Reasons to Quit Your Awful Job

You don't have to deal with this unbearable strain anymore, Officer Karen.

On Tuesday night a concerned woman named Ann tweeted a video of a Georgia police officer having a breakdown over the service she received at a rest stop McDonald's.

Ann insisted that America is "better than this" before returning to her usual schedule of sharing every instance she can find of Black men being violent. By Wednesday morning the clip had been retweeted by both critics and defenders—including Donald Trump Jr. who deemed the situation "disgusting"—and had officially gone viral with the phrases "Officer Karen" and "Egg McMuffin" trending.

The police officer, a woman named Stacey, is a 15-year veteran of a police force somewhere in the area of Savannah, Georgia (though the Police Department of Richmond Hill, Georgia—where that McDonald's is located—wants you to know she doesn't work there). In the clip she is visibly and audibly choking back tears as she recounts the harrowing details of what she experienced:

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On This Day: Shakira Liberated Everyone's “She Wolf”

"I was in the studio in a bad mood that day, then I got inspired and went to a corner and I wrote the lyrics and the melody in 10 minutes. The image of the she wolf just came to my head, and when I least expected it I was howling and panting," Shakira said.

By Fabio Alexx

11 years ago, on July 10th, 2009, Colombian singer Shakira released the first single off her third studio album.

"She Wolf" is a synth-pop banger built on a B minor progression. It was, in many ways, an insane song, born out of the singer's own frustration and ennui.

"I was in the studio in a bad mood that day, then I got inspired and went to a corner and I wrote the lyrics and the melody in 10 minutes. The image of the she wolf just came to my head, and when I least expected it I was howling and panting," Shakira said.

Though the music was composed by John Hill and Sam Endicott, lead singer of post-punk band The Bravery, the lyrics were all Shakira's own. "[Shakira] contacted him (Hill), asking if he had any stuff," said Endicott. "We never had her in mind. We just made the thing independently of her, and then she liked it a lot, and she sang over it. She used some of the melodies we put in there and then wrote these crazy lyrics about being a werewolf. And that's how it happened."

Shakira - She Wolf

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Is Donald Trump Going to Pardon Joe Exotic?

Donald Trump Jr. expressed interest in the idea in a radio appearance on Monday

Update, 4/9/2020: A reporter asked President Trump yesterday if he would consider granting Joe Exotic a pardon, and Trump responded that he would "take a look."

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. spoke with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on their SiriusXM radio show.

Among other topics discussed was the trio's shared love of Tiger King, the five hour saga of purely American insanity which Don Jr. claimed to have watched in two sittings. After he plugged his Instagram and the Joe Exotic/Donald Trump meme that he had just posted there, the hosts managed to steer Don Jr. toward more pressing concerns, including the fact that Joe Exotic has recently been seeking a presidential pardon for his crimes.

While Don Jr. expressed some skepticism about whether the story was true, an inspection of Joe Exotic's personal Facebook page reveals that it is all too real. A recent post to that page includes a plea for President Trump to consider "a special investigation or a Presidential Pardon from the Conviction I have Just received" and goes on to accuse unnamed persons of crimes including sex trafficking.

With that plea formally on the record, Sam Roberts pushed Don Jr. to meet with his father "the way that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went into the White House and like, got that other person the pardon" and get the president to consider "maybe a presidential pardon for poor Joe Exotic, who's in there—and maybe we try to arrest Carole [Baskin] while we're at it."

Donald Trump Jr. on 'Tiger King'

After adding their voices to the broad speculation that Carole Baskin killed her first husband, they moved on to other topics, but not before Don Jr. had a chance to express his openness to the idea of pardoning Joe Exotic saying, "I could generally be for this, just for the meme, and just for frankly watching the media reaction" and suggesting that Exotic's sentence seemed excessive, though he qualified his comments with, "Maybe not right now."

Of course, if Don Jr. wants to be involved in securing a presidential pardon for Joe Exotic, then he may want to hurry, as Kim Kardashian West recently began looking into the question of Carole Baskin's missing husband, Don Lewis. On March 22nd she asked Twitter, "What are your thoughts? Do you think Carol [sic] killed him?" If she ends up finding the case against Baskin as convincing as Exotic himself did, she may decide to make the cause of freeing Joe Exotic her next high-profile foray into criminal justice reform.

With around 40,000 names currently signed to the petition for Donald Trump to "Free The Tiger King," would Kardashian West have what it takes to finally get this cause in front of the president? And would he actually do it? Considering Donald Trump's feelings about environmental regulation (Joe Exotic's conviction included several violations of the Endangered Species Act) and his general distaste for "nasty" women, it would hardly be surprising if he decided to add Exotic to his impressive list of pardons.

Whether or not that comes to pass—and even if Donald Trump decides not to make Joe Exotic his reelection running mate—it seems inevitable that our current moment of chaos, tinged as it is by Tiger King, will shape politics for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, Don Jr. closed his thoughts on the Netflix documentary with this insight: "You know what the real tragedy … in that whole show is? That none of us knew that you could have had a pet tiger for like two grand."

So look forward to season two of Tiger King AKA Tiger President, which will follow Don Jr. as he realizes Joe Exotic's dream of filling the White House with illegal tigers.