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Were Congressional Insiders Helping the Capitol Hill Attack?

AOC and others have shared frightening first-hand details from the attempted coup on January 6th, 2021.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, left, the winner of New York's Democratic Congressional primary, greets supporters following her victory, along with Saikat Chakrabarti, founder of Justice Democrats and senior adviser for her campaign.

Mark Lennihan/AP/Shutterstock

Update 2/2/2021:On Monday night, Representative Ocasio-Cortez once again took to Instagram Live to share her experience of the attack on the Capitol building in more detail.

She talked about the terrifying moment when an unknown man made his way into her office shouting, "Where is she?" as she hid behind a bathroom door believing that he was likely there to kill her — "this was the moment where I thought everything was over,"

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Laughing Through the End Times: 6 Absurd Responses to the Collapse of American Democracy

The attempted coup that took place at the Capitol building on Wednesday was equal parts terrifying and hilarious.

In times of crisis and chaos, it's important to keep a clear head and stay on top of the facts.

It's important to acknowledge that this was an unprecedented breach of security that could easily have been avoided and that it resulted in the deaths of at least four people.

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Netflix Has Just Been Indicted in the "Cuties" Culture War

A Texas grand jury has ruled in favor of charging Netflix with "promotion of lewd visual material depicting children"

Cuties Netflix


On Tuesday it was announced that a grand jury in Tyler County, Texas had voted to indict Netflix Inc. for its promotion of the controversial French coming-of-age film Cuties.

While the film was critically acclaimed, receiving praise in France, as well as at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where it received the World Cinema Directing Award, it recently became the subject of a scandal when a poster promoting the film's Netflix release was called out for sexualizing the film's young stars.

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Can Trump Really Ban TikTok from the US?  Should He?

How founded are the concerns about the app's security?

President-Elect Donald Trump makes a proud gesture during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center.


Say what you want about TikTok, but there's no question that the app is a massive success.

TikTok has surpassed 2 billion downloads and set a record for app installs in a single quarter, making it one of the most popular apps of all time. But as concerns about the security of the Chinese owned social media network mount, TikTok's future in the United States is looking more and more uncertain.

On Friday, President Trump told reporters that he would ban TikTok from operating in the United States through emergency economic powers or an executive order. This comes after concerns about the apps use of data, particularly the concern that the Chinese government has access to the data the app gathers from American users.

TikTok fans immediately expressed their concern, with one user, Ehi Omigie, saying, "Everyone is live right now," in a livestream on the app Friday night after news of Trumps statement spread. "Everyone is going cray cray ... If it does happen, follow me on Instagram."

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Dear Viral McMuffin Cop: 5 Reasons to Quit Your Awful Job

You don't have to deal with this unbearable strain anymore, Officer Karen.

On Tuesday night a concerned woman named Ann tweeted a video of a Georgia police officer having a breakdown over the service she received at a McDonald's rest stop.

Ann insisted that America is "better than this" before returning to her usual schedule of sharing every instance she can find of Black men being violent. By Wednesday morning the clip had been retweeted by both critics and defenders—including Donald Trump Jr. who deemed the situation "disgusting"—and had officially gone viral with the phrases "Officer Karen" and "Egg McMuffin" trending.

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Is Donald Trump Going to Pardon Joe Exotic?

Donald Trump Jr. expressed interest in the idea in a radio appearance on Monday

Update 8/18/2020: On Monday President Trump hinted to reporters that he was planning to pardon someone "very, very important."

After reporters confirmed that the person in question was neither NSA leaker and former Trump punching bag Edward Snowden, nor disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, speculation began to run rampant that Trump was planning to pardon Joe Exotic. Not this time.

As it turned out, Trump bestowed a posthumous pardon on Susan B. Anthony, the "very, very important" women's rights activist who died more than a hundred years ago. Anthony was arrested in 1872 for illegally voting in Rochester, NY nearly 50 years before women were granted the right to vote by the 19th amendment.

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