Looking for unique gift ideas for the holidays? Hopsy is an innovative new company that is bringing the taproom experience into your home. By developing the SUB Home Tap, a plug-and-pour draft beer machine, and delivering mini-kegs of beer across the country, it's the best way to enjoy fresh-from-the-tap brews right in your home. Like all true beer fanatics, the Hopsy crew is always looking for new breweries to partner with, and providing its members with draft beer from some of the most exclusive breweries from around the world.

This holiday season, get these 7 types of drinkers in your life Hopsy, the beer gift that keeps on giving and lets beer lovers experience the magical taste of fresh draft beer in their home.

1. The Beer Fanatic

The beer aficionado is constantly on the hunt for new and exclusive beers and loves the taste of draft. With ties to local breweries across the world, Hopsy is always in the know, delivering seasonal, craft as well as popular favorite beers to your doorstep to enjoy on draft.

2. The new dad in need of a break

Between shuttling kids to soccer practice, re-learning Algebra to help with homework, and playing tea party, Dads have their hands full -- and that's not even mentioning, you know, going to work every day. When a new kid comes around, life is sent into a tailspin, and the Dad that already couldn't make it to the bar now really REALLY needs a break. Hopsy gives Dad some peace, even if it's just 20 minutes at a time.

3. The 21-year-old

You remember how it is. When you turn 21, your first instinct is to drink whatever rubbing alcohol is available. It doesn't have to be that way! Help your younger brother or cousin cultivate a more refined palette, impress dates, and be a cut above the typical college bro.

4. The Football Fanatic

Beer is a must for any sports night, but that doesn't mean your average football fan can't get fancy. Hopsy brings a night of nachos and TV to the next level and to your living room— it's just like watching the game at the bar, only without having to deal with fans rooting for the other (worse) team.

5. The Groom-To-Be

Most wedding registries are full of gifts that brides love, but how about the groom? Buy a soon-to-be-married dude a wedding gift that you know he'll appreciate, and that's not fine china. Since it's sort of like a Keurig, it's sure to seamlessly blend in to any bride's dream kitchen.

6. The Hostess with the Mostest

Throwing dinner parties is hard work, which is why it's important to encourage your friends who actually do it to keep hosting. Get your favorite host and hostess Hopsy to keep the good times rolling.

7. The Dad in Need of Some Cool

Rather than watch your dad blow his retirement on a Ferrari, get him Hopsy and he can feel cool without breaking the bank (or his marriage). It's a great way to get through a middle-aged crisis, and get in touch with what “all the kids are up to." A lot has changed since the 80s.

Gift packages include a SUB Home Tap and beer he's sure to enjoy. Giving the gift of beer on tap at home, you can't go wrong with Hopsy. Plus, you'll get to enjoy it too!

UPDATE: Hopsy is offering a killer deal this Black Friday. Click here now to get $160 off of your purchase of the machine, your first month of club membership, as well as 2 extra kegs and two beer glasses. All for just $79 (normally $239).

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