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GOV BALL 2017 Editor's Picks

FESTIVAL | The line-up is hot, but there are some you just can't miss

This may be the best Governor's Ball yet!

Every year around this time, you know it is summertime when the Ball comes to town; Governor's Ball, that is. It will take place this weekend beginning on Friday, June 2nd until Sunday, June 4th. Even though there are plenty of concerts and festivals in New York City, this has proven to be the event not to miss. Popdust is very excited to cover GOV BALL NYC this year, as there are so many acts I admire. Keep in mind, these are not all the groups I am enthusiastic about, just the ones I won't miss.

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Hear Fritz Hutchison's New Album "Wild Wild Acres"

Watch Fritz perform at 3PM on Popdust's livestream on Saturday, May 30th.

Fritz Hutchison just released his debut album, Wild Wild Acres.

It's the kind of album that will make you want to lounge in a hammock all day or ride a horse across the country or just drop everything and howl at the moon—it sounds like that kind of freedom. Hutchison is alternatively blunt and sincere, a trickster with a performative flair and a penchant for sunny hooks.

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tara reid drunk wasted mess—Tara was caught on camera rambling incoherently on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and it's just sad..

Tara Reid can't stop won't stop.

The 30-year-old was caught on camera rambling incoherently on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and it's just beyond sad really.

It seems Reid wasn't aware the cameras were rolling when she embarks on a drunken tirade, slurring and spouting absolute nonsense.

The incident occurred shortly after a therapy session, and will air on this week's episode of the WEtv show—you can watch sneak peek video right here on Popdust.

Tara goes off on one of the show's producers in the production office, as therapists, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, watch from a security feed.

Reid had just walked out of her therapy session after things got a tad too uncomfortable and close to the crux for her.

She's clearly upset—and totally wasted—venting to the producer about her gay friend supposed boyfriend, Dean May:

They only see what Dean tells them because he's a fucking actor and being happy in front of them.

I'm not going to set myself up again.

They don't fucking know the real story!

That's the semi-coherent part…

Then follows something about how she didn't know who any of the "celebs" in the house are…but they all know who she is:

I didn't know who anyone was in that fucking house when I walked in.

But everyone knows who I am, everyone, it's a fact.

Ramble… wah….ramble….wah…slur…ramble…wah.

"I don't know 90% of what you're talking about," the producer responds.

The Carrolls watch closely as the drunken drama unfolds, commenting that it's one of the few times Reid is actually expressing herself—albeit in a totally nonsensical manner.

"I don't know what she's saying, but at least she's not censoring herself again," Jim Carroll opines.

Yep, she's definitely not censoring herself.

She goes on to start doing impressions of Dean, and let's just say there's clearly no love lost between this supposed "couple."

Meanwhile, May and fellow housemate Toya Wright discuss Tara's dramatic exit from the therapy session.

They go back and forth before agreeing on the fact that Tara is "crazy."

Poor, poor Tara Reid.

Seriously, just, bless her.

Scroll down to watch the Tara Reid drunk wasted mess video.

And tune into WEtv Friday at 9pm to watch the new episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality stars.

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