This week, just in time for Earth Day, EarthX has returned to facilitate an array of powerful events about environmental devastation and the global fight against it.

The Dallas-based festival, which is America's largest annual environmental expo, was founded in 2011 by environmentalist and businessman Trammell S. Crow, who initially branded the festival "Earth Day Dallas." Since then, the event has grown exponentially, drawing thousands of attendees across the globe and utilizing everything from artificial intelligence and private investors' summits to competitions for young artists.

It's an example of just how effective collaboration between people of all walks of life can be, and a blueprint for the kind of interconnected movement we'll need to combat the climate crisis.

Percy Vs Goliath Pits a Local Farmer Against a Giant Corporation

One of EarthX's main events is the EarthXFilm festival, which this year is screening 14 films and a total of 33 features about climate change, environmental racism, sustainable farming, youth climate activism, and other efforts. The films will be screened over a 10-day period beginning on April 16, both in-person in outdoor venues and on the festival's streaming platform, EarthXTV.

2021 EarthxFilm Festival

Among this year's extraordinary selection of films is the world premiere of Clark Johnson's Percy Vs Goliath, a film that tells the true story of a farmer named Percy Schmeiser, who was sued by the alchemical corporation Monsanto after it accused him of using its patented genetically modified beans.

Schmeiser — whose farm had been growing its own crops for generations — engaged in a court case that eventually reached the Supreme Court and became a symbolic fight for farmers' rights against big business. Starring Christopher Walken as Percy, alongside Christina Ricci and Zach Braff, the film is one of the most highly anticipated titles among a slate of powerful offerings.

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