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Eddie Izzard's Unapologetic Marathon of Self-Discovery

The genderfluid comedian recently announced her preference for she/her pronouns, but she has been openly interrogating the concept of gender for more than 30 years.

EXCLUSIVE - Eddie Izzard poses for a photograph ahead of the Wellstock X For One Night Only event in aid of mental health charity Shout, during which Eddie Izzard performed 'Great Expectations' at the Charles Dickens museum

Vianney Le Caer/Shutterstock

Update 3/12/2021: This week The Guardian featured a profile of Eddie Izzard with the quote "I'm just trying to make a space for myself." In the profile she explains why her she/her pronouns have become permanent.

Having completed her January mission of 31 marathons and 31 standup gigs in 31 days — raising over £300,000 — she's now filming a Netflix series adapting the Harlan Coben novel Stay Close. As she's playing a male role, she figured it would make sense for people to use "he/him" on set, but people stuck with "she/her."

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