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A Timeline of Donald Trump's Absurd Change of Heart on Edward Snowden

Trump used to call him a traitor and a spy who "should be executed," now he's considering a pardon, and Twitter can't quite take it.

If there's one thing President of These United States Donald "John Barron" Trump loves to hate, it's leakers.

Oh those leakers! Bane of his existence, committing the heinous crime of exposing his administration's crimes to the world—vile human beings.

And who is the dirtiest leaker of them all? No, it's not Lada or Irina squatting over a mattress in a Moscow hotel room, but another Russian resident entirely: Edward Snowden. The man whom, in June of 2013, Donald Trump called "a bad guy," noting in a call to Fox & Friends, "You know, there's still a thing called execution."

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Should IKEA Increase Security Based on One Woman in a Graphic Viral Video?

In response to the adult content of an isolated incident posted online, the Swedish retailer is embracing the panopticon

A video of a woman masturbating in an IKEA recently went viral on Chinese social media.

In response, the Swedish retailer has announced plans to increase cleaning and security in their stores, stating that they are "taking the matter very seriously" and are committed to creating "a safe, comfortable and healthy shopping experience and environment."

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