Let’s just say it, quality sleep is essential to a good life. Nothing goes well if you don’t get enough shut-eye. Being an incredibly light sleeper, I’ve always struggled with sleep issues. The slightest change in temperature can wake me up and then I tend to toss and turn trying to get comfy and fall back to sleep.

Initially, I thought it was because of my creaky old mattress, so I upgraded to memory foam that improved my sleep a bit, but not enough for me.

After a bit of research, I suspected it could be because I get super hot while I sleep. My partner was miserable too and suggested we look into a smart mattress. But buying another new mattress could be a complete waste of our money.

We were searching for alternatives when a friend suggested we check out Eight Sleep, a company known for high-performing smart mattresses that have innovative, dual-zone cooling and heating technology.

Lucky for us, Eight Sleep just launched the Pod 3, an intelligent mattress that has many new features and a Pod 3 cover. The cover offers dual-zone heating and cooling technology so you can set the temperature for each side of the bed between 55°F - 110°F. Plus, there are Personalized Health Reports that zip seamlessly onto the mattress. It sounded like a big win, so I ordered one immediately at the current cost of $2,220 — cheaper than buying a new mattress.

Once our Pod 3 cover arrived, I was thrilled that it fit perfectly on my 11” queen mattress. So easy! We were so excited to give it a try.

Eight Sleep’s latest Invisible Sensing has 4000x sensor resolution that supports sleep tracking and advanced health. The dual-zone cooling and heating is fantastic — I simply let the app control my temperature for optimal sleep. It’s incredible. I couldn’t believe that I woke up the next morning, fully rested. I’d slept peacefully without the AC on all night. My partner can also control the temperature on his side of the bed, so he’s sleeping like a baby, too.

The second aspect that blew our minds is how well we can track our sleep and the eye-opening data on how sleep quality can affect our overall health. Through the Eight Sleep app, we can see personalized reports, including Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and HRV. We’ll receive a notification if anything’s abnormal.

I am so in love with the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover because it uses gentle vibrations at the chest level so it wakes me up naturally. It also shifts the temperature at my set wake-up time, making it easier for me to rise and truly shine. The app also has a library of sleep sounds and meditations designed to promote sleep.

Even since we laid the Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover over our existing mattress, our sleep has greatly improved. I’ve been getting between 7-8 hours of sleep every night — something I could only dream of with our lumpy old mattress.

I can confidently say that a good night’s sleep can have a marvelous effect on your entire life. I'm less tired during the day, far more productive and can pretty much fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow.

If you’re struggling with your sleep health but don’t want to invest in a whole new mattress, give Eight Sleep’s new Pod 3 cover a try!

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A bed is supposed to be the one place we find relief from the chaos that is our phones, laptops, watches - pretty much anything that rings. So, when we heard about a smart mattress from Eight Sleep, we couldn’t help but think, is nowhere safe? But now that we’ve looked into it, we’re all in agreement that Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro is actually using technology to help us sleep even sounder.

Sleeping lately looks a lot different for our editors. What used to be lumpy or stiff mattresses has now turned into little oases for us. If there’s one thing you need to do in 2022, fix your sleep!

Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro is one of the highest tech mattresses we’ve seen. It has dual-side temperature control ranging all the way from 55 degrees to 110 degrees, and unlike other cooling mattresses, the temperature doesn’t move into the other half of the bed.

The Intelligent Smart Temp™ AI technology created by Eight Sleep allows the mattress to automatically adjust your temperature and keep you asleep all night without tossing or turning. No more raging fans plugged in all night - Eight Sleep can cool you down before you even need to.

Eight Sleep
Dual-Zone Temperature Control
Digital coaching & data insights

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For those who may be thinking that such a smart mattress has to be uncomfortable, it’s actually more comfortable than any traditional mattress we’ve tried! The Pod Pro is a 12” luxurious foam mattress with

five layers of memory foam. The top 2” of the layers is the Airflow Top Layer that provides support, airflow, and immediate response to body impressions.

While Eight Sleep clearly has every base covered when it comes to your sleep, it can even take care of you post-sleep. The Pod Pro uses GentleRise Smart Alarm™ that will naturally wake you up by sending small chest-level vibrations and gradual temperature changes. Bonus: you can pair your coffee maker and Alexa with Eight Sleep’s app, so your morning ritual can start before you even get out of the covers.

The Pod Pro also has Advanced Sleep tracking which lets you know when you reach REM, how long you slept, and if you tossed or turned. Their Daily Health Check & HRV Monitoring also analyzes your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and everything you need to keep your physical health in check. Plus, this works for each side of the bed individually, supporting two sleepers.

Eight Sleep is the ultimate hack for those looking for cozier snuggles, deeper dreams, and gentler wakes. Invest in your sleep this year with a 100-day money-back guarantee, flexible finance options, and endless benefits with Eight Sleep.

Update: Eight Sleep has created the new Pod 3 mattress. It contains all the same features as the Pod Pro mattress but includes additional comfort benefits like the new Invisible Sensing technology with 4000x greater resolution that helps support advanced health tracking and increased comfort. The Pod 3 also includes expanded WiFi and stability.

Eight Sleep's End of Summer SALE - $100 Off a Pod Pro purchase and $50 Off a Pod Pro Cover purchase.

More people have been suffering from sleep issues recently, and many are turning to mattresses to solve the problem.

There’s some fantastic innovation going on in the mattress world. From memory foam mattresses to smart mattresses to cooling mattresses, there’s no shortage of inventions out there.

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep and the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow are the two main contenders in this space. Our editors decided to compare them to see which one we’d recommend.

Key Similarities:

  • Both mattresses have cooling capabilities
  • Both mattresses come in various sizes
  • Both mattresses support spinal alignment.

Key Differences:

  • The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep has Dual Zone technology that heats or cools either side of the mattress separately - The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow only cools the entire mattress at once
  • Eight Sleep has an app that controls the Pod 3
  • Eight Sleep can track your sleep and your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.
  • Eight Sleep has GentleRise™ technology that acts as a smart alarm

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep Overview

This smart cooling mattress is super impressive. It’s both a cooling and heating mattress. It has sensors that measure the room temperature, allowing the Pod 3 to automatically change the temperature to meet your ideal thermal environment.

It even has Dual-Zone cooling and heating technology, which means you can control the temperature on each separate side of the mattress from 55-100 degrees. No more fighting over the AC with your partner! You control everything with the Eight Sleep app on your smartphone. The app also tracks your sleep stats and factors of your physical wellness such as your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.

One editor was thrilled to see that they’d slept a whole 8 hours straight on the Pod 3 - this was definitely due to the temperature control. They normally toss and turn for hours during the night. Who knew finding the right temperature is all we needed to do?

Besides the temp control, the mattress is insanely cozy. It's a 12" premium foam mattress with 5 layers that help relieve pressure points and support spinal alignment. The incredibly soft 2" Airflow Top Layer 3 airflow, elasticity, and instantaneous response to body impressions.

One feature unique to the Pod 3 is the GentleRise™ technology which naturally awakens your body by gradually cooling down the mattress with gentle vibrations at the chest level. No more setting 10 alarms on your phone or drinking 3 shots of espresso first thing in the AM!

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Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress is also pretty impressive. It has supportive gel pods and Zoned Support™ Max that help relieve any discomfort in your back and shoulders.

Like the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow has cooling technology. Their AirScape™ 3+ cooling gel and Snow Technology generates airflow and draws heat away from your body for 12+ hours, so you don’t awake overheated and sweaty.

However, if you need heating capabilities, it doesn’t do that.

After feeling how soft this mattress is, our editors were excited to try it out. A combination of top foams and their signature knit cover creates the Signature Casper Feel™ that makes this mattress extra cozy.

Although this mattress is comfy and has cooling technology, it lacks many of Pod 3’s exceptional features.

Final Verdict

We can’t deny that both of these mattresses are comfortable. But we’re recommending the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep - what a no-brainer.

The Pod 3 has tons of innovative features that the Casper mattress lacks, such as the Dual-Zone technology which allows you and your partner to both be comfortable. Then there’s the revolutionary GentleRise™ tech that wakes you up naturally. Thanks to this feature we actually wake up refreshed for once!

We love controlling everything with the Eight Sleep app and reviewing our health stats thanks to the Invisible Sensing Technology. Plus, you can even connect the mattress to your Alexa or Smart Coffee Machine!

Another fun fact about the Pod 3 is that it won’t run up your bills. It actually works out cheaper than running the A/C or heater all night! It’s an investment that will pay off, literally.

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep costs $3,295 for a Queen with their offer. If you're on a budget, EightSleep also has the Pod 2 Pro which has many of the same features but is a more affordable option at $2895.

So if you’ve been wanting to try a smart or cooling mattress, check out Eight Sleep.

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When someone decides to make a change to their routine, the last thing they consider is how they sleep. Maybe they're worried about their diet or how often they exercise, but never how their sleep can affect them. My problem exactly, especially once I started working from home. My entire circadian rhythm was off. Come 11pm, a rush of cortisol would hit me and any chance of shut-eye before 2am pretty much went out the window.

I tried a few of those melatonin gummies, but I unfortunately did not see any results. After some research, I realized that it wasn't my body preventing me from getting sleep, it was my mattress. It was just too hot. I set up fans all over my room, but didn't notice any change. So I decided to take charge of my well-being - not by joining a gym or adopting a new diet, but by buying a new mattress.

Over the next two weeks, I asked my friends where they bought their mattresses and what they look for when purchasing one. I received a slew of suggestions, each advocating for a different brand or feature. One person mentioned that I should buy a mattress with cooling technology, while another recommended that I purchase one that could track my sleep cycle. I even tried out my friend's cooling mattress, but was ultimately unimpressed.

It seemed like there wasn't a single mattress out there that combined all of these features--especially one that actually cooled you overnight. I was ready to give up until a friend told me that she just purchased a mattress from a brand called Eight Sleep. She raved about them - calling it, "the perfect mattress."

Eight Sleep's Pod Pro is unlike anything I've ever slept on. Between its unbelievable comfort and cutting-edge features like GentleRise and cooling technology, the Pod Pro is designed to help you understand your sleep. Here are six reasons why the Pod Pro is the best-valued smart mattress on the market.

Climate control

The Pod Pro uses an Active Grid (the thermoregulating layer of the bed) with Comfort Blend to allow water to flow from its source to the thin contouring layer. The Active Grid cover also includes sensors that track your biometrics and an integrated layer of foam for extra comfort. Water is stored in a Hub, a small but sleek canister that fits next to your nightstand.

I never knew that a climate controlled bed existed, and turns out that Eight Sleep Active Grid is one-of-a-kind. I'm the type of sleeper who vigorously moves around, sleeps with an army of fans around their bed, and often sleeps without any blankets. EightSleep's climate control is the first time I found a mattress that allowed me to sleep comfortably!

Sleep better - with or without a partner

With the Pod Pro's temperature regulation controls, say goodbye to blanket hogging. The Pod Pro is divided into two zones to adjust the temperature based on individual schedules and preferences. Users can choose between 55 and 110F on each side of the bed and temperature can easily be adjusted using the Eight Sleep app.

Speaking from experience, I slept by myself and still fell in love with Pod Pro's temperature regulation controls. Sometimes I find myself too hot and too cold on the same night. It can be a never-ending process of getting up, adjusting the air conditioner, changing clothes and rolling back into bed. Thanks to the Pod Pro, all I have to do is roll on to the other side of the bed and I'm golden!

GentleRise technology

Have you ever suffered from hitting snooze on your alarm only to wake an hour later than you planned?

Waking up is always a pain. It's startling, uncomfortable, and not very conducive to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. However, with Eight Sleep's proprietary GentleRise technology, you are woken up by gentle vibrations at the chest level while the mattress gradually cools or warms to your preference. This was one of my favorite features since it really helped me start my day off on the right note.

Next-level comfort

Meet the next evolution of memory foam. The Pod Pro utilizes five layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam to create a medium-level of firmness and contouring support. The 12" premium foam mattress is encased in a breathable cover and features an additional layer of foam in its Active Grid which works with the other layers to deliver a personalized microclimate to each side of the mattress.

Monitor your health

The Pod Pro is the first mattress with built-in HRV (heart rate variable) monitoring and includes other biometrics such as Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. HRV variations are used to help you track your health and anticipate fatigue and illness. As an added bonus, the Pod's free app lets you access personal health and sleep reports. I never realized how much fun tracking your sleep could be. It's so gratifying being able to see your progress as your sleep habits improve.

We spend nearly half of the day on our mattress, so why are we so cavalier towards quality and comfort? Maybe because we're often focused on wellness during the day--a time when we can actively control what we do. But that's the point. We can't control how we sleep. We move, shimmy, and rustle throughout the night only to wake up in a heap of sweat and discomfort.

Do yourself a favor and upgrade your mattress to the award-winning Pod Pro.

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How do these athletes do it? When we see them performing at the top of their game it's almost like looking at magic. Everyone's thinking "I could never do what they do."

Well, maybe we could if we knew their secrets.

Two-Time NBA Champion Danny Green has revealed one of his secrets and it's ….the Pod by Eight Sleep, the smartest mattress out there. This LA Lakers star and NBA veteran is at the top of his game and not because of luck, but because he is an athlete who works hard and looks after his body in the right way.

Danny talks about his love for the Pod and how it has made him "sleep fit! "The Pod cools me down so I sleep deeper, my muscles recover and I get stronger", is how he describes the benefits of the Pod for him.

When you're sleep fit, you're sharper, faster, and perform at a higher level physically and mentally than if you're deprived of quality sleep.

Danny has learned all about his sleep fitness thanks to his Eight Sleep Pod, and was able to improve his sleep to help him excel even more on the court.

As Danny says himself, as an athlete your recovery is so important. When we are sleeping this is the time our bodies recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during a workout. This is why we need to make sure we are sleeping right and sleeping fit.

Let's see why Danny and so many other athletes are loving the Pod.

As we fall asleep our bodies heat up and that's not what we need for muscle recovery. The Pod is a temperature-controlled mattress, it can lower the surface temperature, to bring your body back to the perfect temperature.

It can also heat up depending on what your body needs. This personalized advanced cooling and heating technology helps you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep, which is so important to be sleep fit.

The Pod is designed with four layers of foam and with the Active Grid technology it creates the most comfortable sleep environment. This also means it gives pressure-relieving support and help with spinal alignment.

Waking up to a noise alarm can be the worst way to wake. The Pod comes with a thermo alarm: it will gradually decrease the surface temperature to wake you up naturally and at the time you want. So you can wake up rested and alert.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Pod is the app, that is linked to your mattress so you can see insights into elements like your REM cycles. This shows you what you need to do to have a better sleep and get on the track to becoming sleep fit. It also pairs with your home devices like Alexa and Google Home so you can say, Hey Alexa, heat up my bed. The app allows you to control everything from your phone.

Eight Sleep understands how important it is to be sleep fit, especially when you are training and trying to become the best in your game. Their Pod is helping so many athletes like Danny Greene to become their best and get the maximum recovery out of their sleep.

As Danny says he is not stopping at two NBA titles and we're sure he won't with the Pod by his side.

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Being fit is important, but people are unaware of the importance of also being sleep fit.

Sleep fitness is about advancing your health through sleep. If you're sleep fit, you're sharper, faster, and will perform at a higher level physically and mentally than if you're deprived of quality sleep.

And vice versa – after exercise, sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked during a workout.

Anyone who exercises regularly needs to be getting good sleep, and Eight Sleep's temperature-controlled mattress has features that can help even the worst sleepers get their full night's rest.

The mattress works with an innovative cover equipped with sensors that leverage your sleeping patterns, allowing you to analyze and optimize your nights' rest on Eight Sleep's app.

Here are three types of fitness people that could definitely benefit from an Eight Sleep mattress…

1.The Gym Newbie

If you're new to the gym, your muscles are definitely super sore all the time. We've all been there – it almost makes you want to quit. But adequate sleep has been proven to help motivate you to stick to your exercise plan. It may be obvious, but one of the best cures for sore muscles is rest, and sleep is super important, especially when you first start a new exercise routine.

On top of that, one of the main things that can help sore muscles after exercise is heat. People often recommend warm showers, but an Eight Sleep mattress could be great for carefully heating your muscles, or cooling you down after a full-body workout - whatever temperature you choose, it will help you get the optimal amount of sleep your body needs.

2.Recovering From An Injury

If you're someone who's used to working out, chances are you may have injured yourself before - if not more than once. Apart from the obvious remedies like icing and elevating the injury, recovering from a workout injury, such as a muscle strain or sprained ankle, involves a lot of rest. Rest and sleep give your body the best chance to recover.

The deep sleep phase is where muscle and tissue growth and repair happens. Eight sleep members see, on average, a 17% increase in the amount of deep sleep they get per night after the first 60 days on the Pod.

3.The Marathon Runner

If you're someone who runs regularly, then you know how you sleep has a huge impact on your training. Not getting a full night's sleep can decrease performance, cardiovascular endurance, and perception of effort. Plus, lack of sleep impacts a runner's ability to regulate body temperature - something that is essential for a cardio workout as your body needs to warm itself up for an intense workout and to burn calories.

Not to mention, those pre-race jitters you feel the night before a big race, which means you can't sleep - and in turn, can't perform your best.

Being sleep fit is essential for prime physical performance, and a good mattress is essential for deep sleep. The Eight Sleep pod is equipped with layer upon layer of reaction foams for the perfect mix of plush and firm. It also allows you to track your REM sleep, set alarms, regulate temperature, and more - all syncing with an app on your phone.

Temperature sensors continually work throughout the night to keep the temperature consistent, which you can control down to the degree. The most impressive part is that you can control each side of the mattress separately - in case you and your partner prefer different sleep temperatures.

We'd recommend the Eight Sleep mattress to any fitness person, or anyone who just wants to become sleep fit.

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