• Smart wallets have become one of the biggest must-haves in menswear carry accessories
  • The Ridge and Ekster both offer a range of wallets that combine stylish designs and innovative tech
  • To discover why you should switch from The Ridge to Ekster - Keep reading

Now that the entire world has gone digital, everything seems to be tailored for life on-the-go. Between smartphones and smart watches, connected-carry accessories are all the rage. And the next big thing is the smart wallet.

Two big contenders in the smart wallet market are Ekster and The Ridge. We’ve heard a lot about The Ridge, but after using it we felt like it was missing something.

Then we heard about Ekster, a company that creates next generation wallets, cardholders, and iPhone cases that are sleek, affordable, and made with the highest quality materials. And the wallets’ Tracker Cards make them virtually impossible to lose.

Here’s why you should ditch The Ridge and fall in love with Ekster:

Trackability & Technology

Misplacing your wallet or worrying about your wallet being stolen is never a problem with Ekster. Their cutting edge, solar-powered Tracker Card is brilliant — something The Ridge doesn’t even offer.

The Tracker Card is the size of a credit card and perfectly suits Ekster's other main accessories.

Once your Tracker Card’s in your wallet, you can find it anywhere. Two-way ringing allows you to call your wallet from your phone and vice versa. And if it's out of range, Ekster uses a worldwide crowd GPS network that can help you find it.

In today’s increasingly digital world, everyone’s concerned about privacy. Ekster’s cardholders and wallets come equipped with RFID blocking technology that protects your card from data theft. Talk about peace of mind.


A smart wallet isn’t cheap, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Ekster wallets start as low as $69 — quite affordable. And a much better deal than The Ridge, which starts at $85, even though Ekster has smarter features.


Officially the slimmest on the market, Ekster’s smart wallets are utlra-sleek — they fit in your jeans pocket without the bulge. With the pop of a button, your cards eject for easy access.

The Ridge wallets are constructed with two metal plates held together by elastic bands with a money clip on the outside. In comparison, Ekster wallets come in a great range of colors and are hand-crafted from the highest quality, premium leathers available.

The Ridge may be popular, but we’re definitely loving Ekster. They combine style, functionality, and technology for a truly sophisticated look. The Tracker Card gives Ekster the edge — never lose your wallet again.

Some of our Ekster favorites include:

Whether your vibe is modern, or you prefer a more classic aesthetic, Ekster has a next-level essential for you.

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Father's Day is coming up (yes, again already!), but don't worry, we've got you covered. Ekster's Father's Day Gift Bundle gives you two sets of their famous smart wallets and accessories, saving you over $66 and the pain of browsing department store patterned ties.

Ekster's become the wallet of choice, especially in a cashless culture. They provide slim, sleek wallets in leather, vegan and metal materials with wallets trackers, so you'll never be in danger of losing your wallet ever again.

This year, the Ekster Father's Day Bundle contains:

  • 2x Ekster Wallet
  • 2x Tracker Card
  • 2x Metal Cash Clip FREE
  • 2x Premium Gift Bag

Note: There are only 500 of these bundles available, so first come first served.

The Ekster Parliament Wallet is classic but perfect for the modern age. Their Aluminum Cardholderis sturdy with a contemporary metal finish. Both fit 12+ cards with some cash, plus a cash clip with more space for bills, but either is slim enough to fit in your front pocket.

With easy pop-up card access, you'll never fumble at the bar or the grocery store checkout again, and you can always shop safely with their RFID-blocking technology. And each wallet comes with a complimentary dad joke generator!

The Metal Tool Card is something every Dad needs in their wallet. It's stainless steel and has so many uses: 5-inch wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, a phone stand, a SIM card pin, a box opener, a bottle opener, a metric ruler, and an inch ruler. All in one!

Dads will love the wallet tracker card that can be added to make these wallets unlosable. The solar-powered tracker card only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months and allows you to ring your phone or wallet when you lose it. You can even track it on a map!

All types of Dads are gonna love this thoughtful present, so if you want something practical and stylish, the best gift is this wallet for Dad.

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I don't even remember where I got my previous wallet. I'd had it so long, I don't know if it was a gift from family, or even an ex. It was an unappealing checkered print, ripping at the corners from too many years of use - and that mystery black smudge had been there for a long time.

It grossed me out, so I wanted to find a sleek new wallet in a neutral color that would go with everything and last me a long time - that's how I found Ekster.

This online retailer would deliver my efficient, sophisticated, and crisp-looking wallet right to my door. They're known for their high-tech features, like trackability and RFID protection, but they're also high-end and super slim - they fit in your pocket without being bulky.

Here are four reasons why Ekster is the best upgrade I've ever made.

High Quality Leather + High Tech Features

Their leather feels premium and comes in several shades, but more important are the features, which most other wallets don't have. What makes them particularly unique are two things: trackability and pop-up cards.

Adding the tracker to your wallet makes it unlosable - Chipolo's solar-charged, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-accessible Bluetooth technology means that if you ever misplace your wallet, you'll be able to find it with your phone. This gives me such peace of mind - I'll never lose my wallet again!

There's also the pop-up feature - with most of their wallets, there's a discreet button on the bottom that when pressed, will instantly "pop up" all of your cards. They stagger evenly at the top of your wallet, so you can get to them without even opening your wallet! I haven't fumbled for my cards once with this feature, and it eliminates awkward moments at the register (it's also super impressive when I pull it out while buying drinks at the bar!).

No Cash

Last year, I got a $5 bill in change from the 1990's. This got me thinking - if it's been in circulation that long, how many people have touched that dollar? What dirty places has it been? And it's obviously never been cleaned?! I'm not even going to go into the statistics on fecal matter on money…

People don't talk about this enough, but cash is disgusting. The Ekster wallet has a band that fits a few bills, just in case, but in general, I use less cash now and don't miss it at all. Everything's more seamless and much more sanitary with their card pop-up design. I also don't have a near-useless pile of pennies lying around either.

Less Is More

Ekster's slim design makes me feel like a modern minimalist. I only use my credit card and ID anyway, and I never realized how much junk was in my wallet. I've had a P.F. Chang's gift card for 6 years and I don't even like P.F. Chang's. Getting rid of ancient gift cards and outdated things (a coffee punch card from a neighborhood I don't visit anymore) really felt like a weight gone from my shoulders and my pockets. Spring cleaning!

Delivered Right To My Door (For Free)

I appreciate that Ekster always has free shipping and free returns, as well as a 12-month warranty. In under a week after ordering, it arrived on my doormat In sleek matte packaging. I ordered the Vachetta Parliament in Torino Tan - the wallet looked even better in person!

This smart wallet is one of my favorite purchases in the past few years - it elevated my look as well as how I deal with money. And if I ever lose it, I'll be able to track it with my phone!

It's a luxury, but it's not priced as one - shipping is free, and the wallets start at $69. There's also a HUGE sale! So if your dirty, overused wallet is holding you back, Ekster's the way to go.

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There's an old saying advising that you invest in good shoes and a good mattress because you're always using one or the other.

However, our Men’s Style editors are making a case for adding one more thing to that list: a leather wallet.

Even when it's not in your pocket, it holds your essentials – everything from cash, cards, IDs, and even that one-off coffee puncher from your neighborhood cafe.

So, how do you choose your wallet? While most people go with their favorite brand or find the color that suits them. We think it’s time you opt for a stylish wallet that’s packed with innovative tech designed to protect your sensitive data and streamline your day-to-day life.

Check out our Men’s Style Editors’ Guide for these must-have leather wallets and the ones to skip:

Ekster’s Parliament Wallet

Ekster’s Parliament wallet is incredibly attractive, thanks to its handcrafted, sustainable leather. It holds 6 cards and comes in 7 colors. It’s also conveniently thin, starting at 0.15 inches (0.38cm). Yes, seriously!

Their leather wallet line-up – including the Parliament – are the slimmest wallets on the market. Ekster eliminates the bulk and bulge of a traditional wallet.

Bellroy’s Hide & Seek Wallet

Bellroy’s Hide & Seek features a bi-fold design that displays 3-card pockets for your 3 most used cards. Behind this quick-access pocket on the left is space to store the rest of your cards. Although Bellroy claims it can hold up to 11 cards, we could only fit 9 before the wallet got too tight for any more.

Sure, this wallet can accommodate your cards and cash, but the ancient design (115mm x 95mm) is something only your grandpa would rock. Plus, unlike Ekster, the Hide & Seek offers no extra features for its pricey price point.

Ekster’s Wallet For AirTag

Calling all Apple fans! Ekster’s Wallet for AirTag contains a slim pocket for your AirTag. Find your wallet anytime with Apple’s Find My App. It also features an extendable strap for cash storage, all wrapped in Ekster’s flagship premium leather.

At the click of a button, this luxury wallet quickly fans out up to 15 of your cards and protects against skimming. No more fumbling for the right card. What else could you want from a wallet?

Normest’s AirTag Wallet

Designed to support Apple AirTag, Normest’s AirTag Wallet is exactly what it looks like. It’s a simple wallet that holds 1-2 cards and a few bills and can be traced using your phone to see where you last had it. To be honest, it’s kinda blah.

Ekster’s Senate Cardholder

The Senate Cardholder has features similar to the Parliament Wallet. It includes an elastic backstrap that offers extra room for embossed cards. Trust us, when it comes to your next wallet, this is precisely the streamlined accessory you need.

Editors Favorite: It holds 6 non-embossed cards or 4-5 embossed and non-embossed cards.

This leather wallet has an array of innovative tech to focus your day. But more importantly, its built-in RFID protection keeps cards safe no matter where you are or what you're doing. With RFID protection, you can rest assured your cards and data are safe from electronic theft and skimming.

Bellroy’s Flip Case Second Edition

Like Ekster’s awesome lineup, Bellroy’s Flip Case Second Edition also features built-in RFID to protect you from hackers. However, like Bellroy’s Hide & Seek wallet, it didn’t hold up to its claim of holding over 2-3 cards. This simply does not cut it for us.

And at close to $100, you deserve an intelligently designed smart wallet. Instead, this style aligns with a wallet you’d find in the $30-55 range.

Overall Verdict

Although we love the 11 different color options that Bellroy offers, we found that their wallets did not have the sleek, luxurious design of the Ekster and Normest.

Both of these leather wallet brands have an elevated look across their line-up compared to other wallets. However, the material and lack of card space of Normest’s Wallet For AirTag is not for everyone, and we personally were fans of Ekster's wallets, where you get the sophisticated leather look along with streamlined tech.

When it comes down to it, Ekster's innovative tech and sleek but timeless aesthetic speak to the needs of almost every contemporary consumer.

Plus, all Ekster wallets are compatible with the brand's solar-powered tracker cards, which allow you to call your wallet when you lose it or track it on a map. One better, you can connect your leather wallet to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.

Unlike Bellroy or Normest, Ekster’s smart wallets keep tech, style, and functionality in mind. Always ten steps ahead, Ekster speeds up your daily routine, eliminating the annoyance of bulky, easy-to-lose wallets.

Time to say goodbye to boring, outdated wallets and hello to Ekster’s top-of-the-line premium leather, super smart wallets!

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We compared both Ekster Aluminum Cardholder and Fantom R Wallet. Here's who wins!

It's the digital age… rarely do we carry cash. We rely on credit/debit cards and recently the new generation of e-payments via apps and our phones.

Even so, most of us still carry around a wallet built for a handful of bills. These flaps and folds end up getting stuffed with gift cards, receipts and other junk nobody needs. Since most of us have gone cashless and resorted to just tapping our cards, we set out to find the perfect smart wallet to cater to our modern needs and reduce the bulk.

After searching, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder and the Fantom R wallet caught our attention, so we compared the two.

Key Similarities:

  • Both the Ekster and Fantom R wallets are Aluminum-based
  • Both wallets have RFID protection
  • Both are built for instant access

Key Differences:

  • Ekster Aluminium holds from 1-15 cards + bills whereas the Fantom R wallet holds between 4-13 cards (depending on the model)
  • Ekster Aluminum cardholder costs $67 whereas the Fantom R Wallet costs $94
  • Ekster Aluminum comes with an optional tracker card unlike the Fantom R Wallet
  • Ekster Wallets have a button and your cards are fanned out whereas the Fantom R Wallet has a leaver that you need to push before using your thumb to pull out your card.

Ekster Aluminium Cardholder:

Made from Space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder's aesthetic is the modern solution we've been looking for. It's sophisticated, sleek, and made for maximum storage. Their patented card ejection mechanism allows you to pick out your cards quickly without fumbling.

The Cardholder fans out all the cards at the click of a button and the extendable backplate allows you to carry more while not making your jeans or purse look bulky. It holds up to 12 cards and has RFID technology which keeps your identity safe and protects against data skimmers. The Aluminum Cardholder also has a small cash strap so you can fit a few bills just in case.

This elevated essential comes in five different colors and has space for the Ekster Tracker Card, which we highly recommend getting. The Tracker Card is solar power charged and connects to your phone, so if you lose your wallet you can use the Ekster tracking app to find it, (It rings like a phone and the vibration and blinking light helps you find it even in dark corners). Their worldwide crowd GPS network spans across the globe to help you find your wallet.

The Aluminum Cardholder comes with a 12-month warranty and costs $67.

Fantom R Wallet:

The Fantom R Wallet allows you to grab the card you need, flick the lever and use your thumb to pull up and out your card. It's slim and fits in your pocket easily. The wallet is also paired with a selection of wood, leather, and carbon fiber finishes to suit your style.

The Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely, it can be either installed in the front or the back of your wallet. Plus, it comes in natural or vibrant colors.

Like Ekster, The Fantom R Wallet is designed with RFID and NFC protection to keep your data safe. While this is great, Fantom doesn't offer the next-level security that Ekster's Tracker Card does. So if you're someone that is prone to losing things, this may not be the best option for you.

The Fantom R Wallet is customizable and costs $94

Final Thoughts:

Although both wallets are based on easy access and safety they are also very different. The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder offers a lot more features for a much better price. The Aluminum Cardholder has a stylish, modern and classy look, whereas the Fantom R reminds us of something from the early 2000's.

When you're trying to organize cards in a wallet built for cash it ends up being bulky and takes up a lot of space. This isn't the case with the Ekster Aluminum Wallet. It offers a practical and functional solution, and it's durable material means it will stand the test of time.

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What You Need To Know About Smart Wallets

(Updated 11.8.22)

The leather options from Ekster are a Popdust fave.

Lately, we've been in a slump when it comes to accessories.

They're either fashionable but not practical or so convoluted that it's overwhelming. Thankfully, after much research, we've found our new go-to: Ekster.

Ekster merges classic quality accessories with functionality and technology to enhance your day-to-day life. With Ekster you can protect your phone and upgrade your wallet.

Want to know more? We have the answers to your most pressing questions:

Who is Ekster?

Ekster's a brand that's revolutionizing the way we carry around our essentials. Their products are sleek, stylish, and most importantly functional. They use high-quality materials, streamlined design, and technology to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

What kind of products do they have?

Ekster is known for their wallets, cardholders, phone cases, money clips, and key holders. Some key products to keep your eye on are:

  • Parliament Wallet - made with premium leather this smart wallet is the perfect slim, money-holding solution you've been looking for. It has a built-in aluminum card holder that fans out your cards with the push of a button and is RFID blocking to protect your information.
  • Senate Cardholder - this elegant cardholder is perfect for those moving away from cash. Also made with premium leather, it has a built-in aluminum cardholder that makes pulling out cards as easy as pushing a button, and is RFID blocking. Plus, there is a removable cash strap if you need to keep some cash on hand.
  • iPhone Cases - protect your phone with this leather case that features a screen and lens protection edge. It also has a pocket to hold up to two cards and room to store any emergency cash. Available for iPhones X/XS, 11 Pro, and 12.
  • Aluminum Cardholder- Ditch cash for good and elevate your style with the Aluminum Cardholer. Ekster's slimmest wallet yet comes in 5 colorways and is made from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. It holds up to 12 cards and comes equipped with an integrated RFID blocking layer that fends off data skimmers. One-click of a button will eject your cards for easy access.

You can take all of these products to the next level and make them unloseable by adding a solar-powered tracker.

What's the best product for me?

Choosing a new day-to-day accessory can be tough and truly a commitment. Thanks to Ekster, all of your options are stylish, efficient, and functional.

If you're looking to ditch the bulky wallet look, go with the Parliament Wallet and choose from 7 different shades. Trying to go cashless? Get the Senate Cardholder to make the transition a breeze. And if leather isn't your thing they also have an Aluminum Cardholder in 5 colors.

In need of phone protection that does more than just take the hit? Then the iPhone cases are great since you get extra storage on top of excellent protection.

Is it expensive?

Their products range in price from $34 to $76 which is very reasonable considering the quality and function.

While we understand everyone's budgets are different, with Ekster, you are investing in all of the critical things you need: security, tech, and style all in one.

Premium Leather Wallets
Solar Powered Tracking

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How's the quality?

These products are made to last. The leather options use premium leather which is sustainably sourced and processed using DriTan™ technology, eliminating water waste in the process. As a result, the high-quality leather ages amazingly so you won't find any cracks or tears. Instead, the leather gets better over time as it softens and bends with your everyday use while still maintaining its signature two-tone color.

How does the tracking work?

Tracking is one of Ekster's key components. They eliminate that panic-inducing scramble for your wallet with an elegant solution: a Tracker Card. It's the size of a credit card that fits perfectly with Eskter's main accessories.

The benefits of Ekster's tracking card are incredible. Its solar-powered battery life can last up to 2 months off of 3 hours of sunlight (great for those who have trouble remembering to charge-up).

The two-way ringing is a life-saver as it allows you to ring your wallet from your phone to locate, and vice versa! It has a range of 200ft and if being out of range is a concern for you, Ekster's got you covered.

Their Global Lost & Found Network uses crowd-GPS tech so if another person on the network is near your tracker, their app will send you an anonymous update with your tracker's location. It's a net of security, ready to catch you.

It gets even better… the tracker can be used as a remote selfie stick, letting you take pictures up to 200ft away (so now everyone can be in the group shot!). Plus, take advantage of the tracker's voice activation capabilities with Siri, Alexa, or Google Home.

We could go on about Eksterall day but we think that covers what you've been wondering about.

Once you're in with Ekster you can expect a long and happy relationship. Time to say goodbye to your old accessories and hello to next-level stylish functionality.

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