We compared both Ekster Aluminum Cardholder and Fantom R Wallet. Here's who wins!

It's the digital age… rarely do we carry cash. We rely on credit/debit cards and recently the new generation of e-payments via apps and our phones.

Even so, most of us still carry around a wallet built for a handful of bills. These flaps and folds end up getting stuffed with gift cards, receipts and other junk nobody needs. Since most of us have gone cashless and resorted to just tapping our cards, we set out to find the perfect smart wallet to cater to our modern needs and reduce the bulk.

After searching, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder and the Fantom R wallet caught our attention, so we compared the two.

Key Similarities:

  • Both the Ekster and Fantom R wallets are Aluminum-based
  • Both wallets have RFID protection
  • Both are built for instant access

Key Differences:

  • Ekster Aluminium holds from 1-15 cards + bills whereas the Fantom R wallet holds between 4-13 cards (depending on the model)
  • Ekster Aluminum cardholder costs $67 whereas the Fantom R Wallet costs $94
  • Ekster Aluminum comes with an optional tracker card unlike the Fantom R Wallet
  • Ekster Wallets have a button and your cards are fanned out whereas the Fantom R Wallet has a leaver that you need to push before using your thumb to pull out your card.

Ekster Aluminium Cardholder:

Made from Space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder's aesthetic is the modern solution we've been looking for. It's sophisticated, sleek, and made for maximum storage. Their patented card ejection mechanism allows you to pick out your cards quickly without fumbling.

The Cardholder fans out all the cards at the click of a button and the extendable backplate allows you to carry more while not making your jeans or purse look bulky. It holds up to 12 cards and has RFID technology which keeps your identity safe and protects against data skimmers. The Aluminum Cardholder also has a small cash strap so you can fit a few bills just in case.

This elevated essential comes in five different colors and has space for the Ekster Tracker Card, which we highly recommend getting. The Tracker Card is solar power charged and connects to your phone, so if you lose your wallet you can use the Ekster tracking app to find it, (It rings like a phone and the vibration and blinking light helps you find it even in dark corners). Their worldwide crowd GPS network spans across the globe to help you find your wallet.

The Aluminum Cardholder comes with a 12-month warranty and costs $67.

Fantom R Wallet:

The Fantom R Wallet allows you to grab the card you need, flick the lever and use your thumb to pull up and out your card. It's slim and fits in your pocket easily. The wallet is also paired with a selection of wood, leather, and carbon fiber finishes to suit your style.

The Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely, it can be either installed in the front or the back of your wallet. Plus, it comes in natural or vibrant colors.

Like Ekster, The Fantom R Wallet is designed with RFID and NFC protection to keep your data safe. While this is great, Fantom doesn't offer the next-level security that Ekster's Tracker Card does. So if you're someone that is prone to losing things, this may not be the best option for you.

The Fantom R Wallet is customizable and costs $94

Final Thoughts:

Although both wallets are based on easy access and safety they are also very different. The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder offers a lot more features for a much better price. The Aluminum Cardholder has a stylish, modern and classy look, whereas the Fantom R reminds us of something from the early 2000's.

When you're trying to organize cards in a wallet built for cash it ends up being bulky and takes up a lot of space. This isn't the case with the Ekster Aluminum Wallet. It offers a practical and functional solution, and it's durable material means it will stand the test of time.

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The Father's Day Gift Every Dad Will Actually Use

Our Editors Found The Perfect Gift For Dad

So you've already done socks, whiskey, and golf gag gifts, but what else is there? Father's Day can be a tricky one.

Our editors have been searching for the perfect gift for any Dad, and we think we've found a crowd-pleaser: The Eksterwallet. We know what you're thinking. Your dad already has a wallet... Why would he need a new one? Well, when you read about the features the Ekster wallet has, you'll see what we mean.

For starters, the Ekster wallet is super high quality. It's made from the finest hand-crafted sustainable leathers available. It may look small, but you can hold 7 cards in it, and the strap can be used for cash. Since there's not much room for coins, it's a great way to go cashless - after a year of being extra careful about washing our hands, we're not super into cash anymore.

The wallet is slim and super sleek. Starting at 0.15 inches (0.38cm), this is officially the slimmest smart wallet on the market.

Every dad loves gadgets, and Ekster smart wallets have some cool tech features that any dad would be impressed with. Click the trigger and all your cards pop up for easy access. It's super convenient - no awkwardly searching for the right card at the register.

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Premium Leather & Aluminum Wallets
Solar Powered Tracking

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One of the most useful features is its tracker card. Ekster wallets have a solar-powered tracker card that only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months, and allows you to ring your phone or wallet when you lose it. You can even track it on a map! So your dad won't ever have to worry about misplacing his wallet (again).

Ekster wallets even protect your cards from electronic theft with built-in RFID protection. This stops electronic pick-pockets swiping data off your cards and stealing from your bank account.

Plus, you can use the tracker card to take fun selfies on your phone, and you can even connect the wallet to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri, and make the wallet voice-activated, so you can find it totally hands-free.

Considering it has all these amazing smart features, the Eksterwallets are surprisingly affordable, starting at just $69. You can just imagine all the fun your Dad can have with this wallet! Plus, it's convenient, safe, and high-quality.

All types of dads are gonna love this wallet, so if you want something that's practical and attractive, this is the "it" gift.

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Smart wallets have been on the rise over the past few years, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Ekster has been a front-runner in terms of innovation and style when it comes to smart wallets.

Their Parliament and Aluminium wallets have a unique card pop-up feature, so you have quick and easy access to all your cards. The Modular Bifold has a removable magnetic card holder for extra storage. Not to mention, all of their wallets have RFID blocking technology to stop your data being stolen.

Ekster has truly nailed the smart wallet game, but that's not all they do. Ekster is constantly innovating to keep up with trends and consumer needs, and they're not just a wallet company anymore.

Ekster now has tons of other stylish and practical products to level up your daily carry. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. The Tracker Card

Ekster Tracker Card

The Tracker Card is super impressive. With this card, you can track your wallet worldwide with Ekster's global lost-and-found network when you lose it. It can even be paired with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri: simply speak a command into your phone and have your tracker pulled up on a map the instant you realize your wallet's missing. It's solar-powered and needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months. It can even be used as a wireless selfie stick! Simply use the tracker as a remote to take group pictures from up to 200 feet away.

2. The Laptop Sleeve

Ekster Laptop Sleeve

By looking at The Laptop Sleeve, you'd never know how much it holds. Its elastic strap fits everything from cables, chargers, pens, your mouse, to notebooks. Plus, there are more hidden pockets inside for your cash and tracker card. Get a super slim look without sacrificing on storage.

3. The Key Tracker

Ekster Key Tracker

The Key Tracker works similarly to the Tracker Card. It comes with a built-in LED light ensuring no more scratches on the car or door in the dark, plus two-way ringing, voice-activation, and selfie mode. It's the smallest smart key finder out there and looks super slick, unlike a lot of other bulky tracker keyrings. It's designed to fit perfectly into the Key Holder.

4. The Key Holder

Ekster Key Holder

The Key Holder is a key organizer that keeps all your keys arranged, secure, and easy to access. It's super compact but holds up to 7 keys neatly. With the Ekster logo on the front, this incredibly sleek key holder is definitely an essential worth adding.

5. iPhone 11 & iPhone 12 Case

iPhone Case

The Ekster phone cases are designed to protect your screen and lens, preventing scratches, scrapes, and breakage. Inside of this case there's a secret compartment for extra SIM cards, a reset pin, and a discreet spot for cash, with space for cards on the outside. The iPhone 12 case even has built-in magnets to attach the Magnetic Cardholder or Folio for extra storage.

Yep, Ekster isn't just a wallet company. These products really add to their portfolio of convenient yet sleek accessories. They have a Summer Bundle that includes some of their best accessories: Aluminum Cardholder, Tracker Card, Key Holder, Key Tracker, Cash Clip, and a free premium fabric gift bag. Worth a total of $245+, but you get it for just $179!

We'd highly recommend Ekster's accessories. Check them out, you won't regret it!

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Trying to find a gift for someone every year who never needs anything is next to impossible.

My boyfriend is a simple guy, and I mean that in the best way. He isn't one for flashy stuff or typical novelty gifts, and there are only so many times I can buy him his favorite bottle of scotch before it just seems lazy.

This year I wanted to get him something useful. I thought about getting him a new frying pan (he loves to cook), but that isn't very exciting so I went back to Google to search some more, and that's when I came across Ekster.

Ekster is a wallet company like you've never seen before. But they aren't your typical run-of-the-mill wallets, they're smart wallets. All of their wallets have RFID blocking technology to stop your details from being stolen and can become fully trackable with the addition of their Tracker Card, making your wallet virtually unlosable.

I remember getting a wallet for my boyfriend, Jack, a few years ago and he ended up losing it along with everything in it. Since then he only brings the bare minimum essentials out with him, so a trackable wallet would definitely be useful.

Ekster wallets are all super slim, so he wouldn't have to readjust to taking a bulky wallet everywhere with him. Eksterhas so many great products on their site, it was hard to choose. The Parliament Wallet is made from premium leather and has a card pop-up feature, with the click of a button you gain easy access to your cards. It doesn't look like it, but it can actually store 12+ cards. Plus, it has a strap for any extra cash.

The Aluminium Cardholder also has the cool card pop-up feature and it's made from space-grade aluminum. It holds up to 15 cards and includes an expandable backplate which provides extra storage without sacrificing the slim design.

I also loved The Modular Bifold Wallet. It has a classic fold-wallet design. Its removable card holder is held in place with strong magnets that allow for extra space. Plus, it has a large sleeve that can hold up to 10+ bills.

I decided to go for The Parliament Wallet in the Nappa Black premium leather finish. It was perfect for Jack–it's slim, functional, and sophisticated without being too flashy. I got him the Tracker Card too. It's super impressive, it only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months, and allows you to ring your wallet if you lose it; you can even track it on a map! Their worldwide crowd GPS network spans across the globe to help you find your wallet.

The big day rolled around and I was so excited to give Jack his gifts. He opened it and his eyes lit up, pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a pair of socks. I demonstrated the card pop-up feature and told him the tracker card would help him find his wallet if he ever lost it. He was super impressed and immediately put his cards in his new Ekster wallet. He couldn't believe how much the wallet could actually hold given it was so slim.

Since then, Jack's Ekster wallet has been put to good use. He has it with him everywhere he goes, and the card pop-up feature is super convenient. When he misplaced his wallet about a month ago, the panic was quickly subdued when he was able to track it on his phone-- it was under the bed.

Jack loves Ekster so much he even ordered their iPhone case to match his wallet. If you're looking for a gift for a man in your life and are stumped on what to get, I'd recommend checking out Ekster. Their products are so innovative and unique, every man will be impressed.

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I don't even remember where I got my previous wallet. I'd had it for so long, I think it was a gift from family or even an ex. It was an unappealing eyesore, ripping at the corners from too many years of use - and that mystery black smudge had been there for a long time.

It grossed me out, so I wanted to find a sleek new wallet in a simple color that would go with everything and last me a long time - that's how I found Ekster.

This online retailer would deliver my efficient, sophisticated, and crisp-looking wallet right to my door. They're known for their high-tech features, like trackability and RFID protection, but they're also high-end and super slim - they fit in your pocket or bag without being bulky.

Here are four reasons why Ekster is the best upgrade I've ever made.

High-Quality Leather + High Tech Features

Their leather feels premium and comes in several shades, but more important are the features, which most other wallets don't have. What makes them particularly unique are two things: trackability and the pop-up card feature.

Adding the tracker to your wallet makes it unlosable - Chipolo's solar-charged, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-accessible Bluetooth technology means that if you ever misplace your wallet, you'll be able to find it with your phone. This gives me such peace of mind - I'll never lose my wallet again!

There's also the pop-up feature - with most of their wallets, there's a discreet button on the bottom that when pressed, will instantly "pop up" all of your cards. They stagger evenly at the top of your wallet, so you can get to them without even opening your wallet! I haven't fumbled for my cards once with this feature, and it eliminates awkward moments at the register.

No Cash

Last year, I got a $5 bill in change from the 1990s. This got me thinking - if it's been in circulation that long, how many people have touched that dollar? What dirty places has it been? And it's obviously never been cleaned?! I'm not even going to go into the statistics on fecal matter on money…

People don't talk about this enough, but cash is disgusting. The Eksterwallet has a band that fits a few bills, just in case, but in general, I use less cash now and don't miss it at all. Everything's more seamless and much more sanitary with their card pop-up design. I also don't have a near-useless pile of pennies lying around either.

Less Is More

Ekster's slim design makes me feel like a modern minimalist. I only use my credit card and ID anyway, and I never realized how much junk was in my wallet. I've had a P.F. Chang's gift card for 6 years and I don't even like P.F. Chang's. Getting rid of ancient gift cards and outdated things (a coffee punch card from a neighborhood I don't visit anymore) really felt like a weight gone from my shoulders and my pockets. Spring cleaning!

Delivered Right To My Door (For Free)

I appreciate that Ekster always has free shipping and free returns, as well as a 12-month warranty. In under a week after ordering, it arrived on my doormat in sleek matte packaging. I ordered the Vachetta Parliament in Torino Tan - the wallet looked even better in person!

I've converted all of my friends to Ekster. Its modern design makes it perfect for everybody, whether you're looking for something stylish or simple, they've got the product for you.

This smart wallet is one of my favorite purchases in the past few years - it elevated my look as well as how I deal with money. And if I ever lose it, I'll be able to track it with my phone!

It's a luxury, but it's not priced like one - shipping is free, and the wallets start at $69. There's also a HUGE sale! So if your dirty, overused wallet is holding you back, Ekster's the way to go.

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There are plenty of wallets out there that provide the basic function of holding our cards and cash. But innovative companies like Ekster are producing top-of-the-line products that go beyond the expectations of what your regular wallet can do.

All of Ekster's wallets come with RFID blocking technology and the ability to be tracked with their tracker card, making them safe from data theft and virtually unlosable.

Ekster's tracking card is solar-powered, 3 hours of sunlight lasts for 2 months of tracking. You can pair the tracker card with any of their products to eliminate the possibility of ever losing a wallet again. Pair it with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, and simply speak a command into your phone and have your tracker pulled up on a map the instant you realize your wallet's missing.

Not only that, but Ekster's wallets are sophisticated, high-quality, with styles to suit everyone. Read on to see what products we recommend for you:

The Classic Guy: The Modular Bifold Wallet

Still not ready to let go of the classic aesthetic? The Modular Bifold Wallet allows you to keep the classic design while still functioning like any of Ekster's modern wallets. It has the amazing features mentioned above, but still has the simplistic fold design. It's made from premium Italian leather, and it comes in caramel, brown, and black.

The Modular Bifold has a removable cardholder. The strong magnets will keep the extra cardholder in place should you need it. If not, you can remove it easily. Plus, it has a large sleeve that can hold up to 10+ bills.

The Tech Junkie: Aluminium Cardholder

If you love all things tech-y, The Aluminum Cardholder is for you. It's made from space-grade aluminum which ensures longevity and offers a sleek look. It can hold up to 15 cards, includes a cash strap, and an expandable backplate which provides extra storage without sacrificing a slim design.

It's most impressive feature is the card pop-up function, where you can get easy access to each of your cards with the click of a button.

The Scatterbrain: iPhone Case & Modular Card Holder

Do you like to have everything in one place just in case you forget or lose something? Then this iPhone case is perfect for you. The case is made from premium top-grade leather that fits your phone perfectly. The inside is lined with ultra-soft microfiber and has ridged edges that protect your screen and lens, preventing scratches, scrapes, and breakage.

The discrete built-in magnets allow you to attach modular components, so you can seamlessly attach the Magnetic Cardholder or Folio which stay in place thanks to the strong auto-aligning magnets.

This means you can convert your phone case into a fully-fledged modular wallet with storage for up to 6+ cards, bills, and extra cash, without it being bulky. Plus, the inside of the case boasts a secret compartment for extra SIM cards and a reset pin so you never have to worry about losing it, as well as a discrete spot for a little extra cash.

The Super Organized Guy: The Parliament Wallet

For the guy who likes to keep things organized, The Parliament Wallet is for you. It's super slim but holds 6 cards, and comes in 7 shades - Classic Brown, Nappa Black, Roma Cognac, Juniper Green, Merlot Red, and Steel Blue. Plus, the leather is environmentally friendly.

This wallet also has the easy access card feature - just one click of the button in the bottom corner and your cards will pop up, no more fumbling to find the right credit card. The perfect slim solution for someone who carries only the essentials.

But this is only scratching the surface of Ekster's great innovations. Ekster's products are made to be versatile by combining style with functionality, so there's something for everyone. Check out their site and see for yourself.

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