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FISHER & Chris Lake To Debut Under Construction Brand At EZoo

You won't want to miss this...

The most electric EDM festival on the East Coast just got a little more memorable. From September 1-3, hundreds of thousands of fans will flock to Randall's Island Park for the Electric Zoo festival (and Popdust couldn't be more excited to attend) to see the biggest names in the dance community right now. But the fun doesn't stop there.

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Exclusive Interview: Loud Luxury Return to Brooklyn for Epic Show

The duo sat down with Popdust before the show to talk about their inspirations and life since "Body."

Loud Luxury

When Popdust last caught up with Los Angeles based duo Loud Luxury, they had just landed in New York to celebrate their breakout single "Body," garnering a gold certification.

Loud Luxury feat. brando - Body (Official Lyric Video)

Coming up on a year since the single's release, Loud Luxury has evolved into a household name in the EDM pop landscape. But when asked to elaborate on the quick trajectory of their fame, the duo themselves couldn't believe it. "'Body' was never meant to be a hit song," said Andrew Fedyk. "It took so long for us to find our sound," added Joe Depace. "And that's what we're gonna keep doing. That sound is what took us 3 years in Los Angeles eating dirt to discover."

While their upward trajectory hasn't ceased since the single's release, they owe the fame to those who believed in them. "Tiesto has been a massive mentor to us," said Depace. "He brought us up basically." Fedyk added that they "wouldn't be where [they] are without their relationships and mentorships." Popdust spoke with the duo about their new single, "I'm Not Alright" featuring Bryce Vine, before their knockout performance in Brooklyn. The guys also discussed their first show, their inspirations, and where they plan to go from here.

When we caught up with Heldens and Tiesto at Electric Zoo they were absolutely raving about you.

A: "We love them, they gave us our first real start at this."

J: "Heldens supported one of our first tracks, and Tiesto has been a massive mentor to us. He brought us up, basically."

A: "Heldens is the first person we ever did dates with in the U.S. We were set to come over once from Canada and -"

J: "It was the most stressful show of my life."

Why is that?

A: "He didn't know if he was gonna get into the United States."

J: "We were about to make it legitimate. Pack our bags and move to America, and [Andrew] got his Visa way before I did. I was in my living room with my bags packed the night before a show, waiting on a phone call to see if I'd get [let into the country]."

Wow. Did you make it?

J: "At 9pm I got the call that I got my visa, went to Toronto as fast as I could with all of my studio equipment. Flew to LA, and played our first show."

Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine - I'm Not Alright [Official Music Video]

Where would you say you draw your inspiration from?

J: "I started learning how to produce because I always wanted to recreate Avicii tracks. I thought, how the hell does this guy do it? So I would just try to make every thing he did."

A: "Avicii and Calvin [Harris] were really special because they were the first artists to make dance music super accessible. I just always loved the idea of being able to make a song that your friends know and can party to, but that your family can also know [and appreciate]."

It's that melodic sound that you guys are also incredible at.

A: "That's what we're chasing."

What track have you grown to be most proud of?

A: "Body is awesome because it changed things, but "I'm Not Alright" was special. We took a risk there, and knew that some people might not like this because of how different it is from what we've done before. But the reception has been amazing so far, and it's helped remind us that you have no reason to not take risks in what you're doing. What's the worst that can happen?

So then where do you see dance music going, and what risks are you going to take next?

J: "I hope there's more collaboration. That's why Andrew and I started working together cause we love collaborating with each other, and that's what we [like to do] with other people. I love how you can take a genre and mix it and craft something completely new."

A: "You can't have a brand and no music. The brand is the 'why.' Why should you listen to this song? But putting the two together is what makes sense [for us.]"

J: "At the end of the day what we're doing is [pushing] our sound. It took a long time to find it, and as long as it is something that's Loud Luxury. That's major. That's what took us 3 years to figure out."


Electric Zoo | The Big 10 is the One Party You Can’t Miss This Summer

"It will be the biggest, wildest fiesta ever thrown down in its history."

Electric Zoo (Brooklyn, NY)

Photo by Dre Nieto (Unsplash)

Nobody knows how to close out the summer better than NYC thanks to the epic Electric Zoo Festival. The annual event is the mecca of electronic music festivals on the island and this year it is promising to be the biggest, wildest party it has ever thrown. Made Events and LiveStyle are not setting any kinds of limits for Electric Zoo: The Big 10 in celebration of its tenth year of melting our faces. As always, the party is taking place on Randall's Island during Labor Day Weekend.

Courtesy of Electric Zoo

The massive 3-day festival will feature performances from hundreds of DJs and producers encompassing a wide range of styles from deep house to dubstep. Headliners include heavy hitters like Tiesto, Alesso, Marshmello, Kaskade, Gramatik, AC Slater, Andrew Bayer, Chris Liebing and so many more. And, if you've ever been to Ezoo before, you already know the set designs and laser lights are going to be top-notch. The festival is already close to selling out - last year 90,000 fans (aka "animals") made it out to have the times of their lives.

Courtesy of Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo: The Big 10's theme will focus on celebrating the wild ride Electric Zoo has been on over the past 10 years, each of which has been nothing short of amazing. If there's an EZoo you can't miss it's this one. Honestly, nothing compares to that moment when you disembark from the 32nd street ferry and onto Randall's Island on day one. The music, the views and the crowd make it one magical event. We can't wait to see all you animals out there!

Tickets for Electric Zoo: The Big 10 are on sale now. Follow this link to grab yours before they sell out!

For information on ELECTRIC ZOO: THE BIG 10, please visit:
Electric Zoo Festival | Facebook | Twitter |Instagram