Ellen in her apology video

Proverbial "cancel culture" is not new, but it reached its zenith in 2020.

Everything was fodder for canceling and nobody was safe. People had the time to comb through old tweets and Instagram posts, while new content was prolific from every celebrity whose projects and vacations were paused.

From irresponsible pandemic comments and behavior to more serious unearthings of racism, 2020's cancellations ran a wide range when it came to who and why.

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Ellen DeGeneres Tests Positive For COVID-19

The Ellen Show host is the most recent celebrity to test positive for the coronavirus.

The coronavirus doesn't spare anyone, not even the rich, famous, or the controversial.

Ellen Degeneres is the most recent celebrity to test positive for COVID-19. As a result, her daytime talkshow, Ellen, will take a hiatus until at least January according to a spokesperson for the show. Ellen took to Twitter to let fans know about her diagnosis, but assured followers that she's "feeling fine right now."

Her full post, posted Thursday morning, reads: "Hi Everyone, I want to let you all know that I tested positive for Covid-19. Fortunately, I'm feeling fine right now. Anyone who has been in close contact with me has been notified, and I am following all proper CDC guidelines. I'll see you all again after the holidays. Please stay healthy and safe. Love, Ellen"

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The Police Running Man Challenge has gone viral

The Running Man Challenge is the latest viral dance video that is taking over the internet.

It was started by two school kids from New Jersey, Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall who were sitting in class one day when out of nowhere they heard the 90's tune My Boo by Ghost Town DJ's in their head and started doing running man moves to it.

Video Of Men Dancing In Heels To Beyonce Goes Viral! 

They made a video which they posted on Instagram and was spotted by two University of Maryland basketball players.  When the ball players made their own bunch of videos of them doing the dance in all different situations, it went viral and the #RunningManChallenge was born.

Now the cops are getting in on the act too!

The New Zealand police force released a video of some of their officers doing the dance as part of a recruitment drive. Their video has gone seriously viral and received more than 5.8 million views so far.

The Facebook post issued a challenge to other police forces in the world to make their own video—they tagged Australian forces, NYPD, LAPD and also, rather randomly, the UK Isles of Scilly Police.

This afternoon the New York City Police Department accepted the challenge and posted their own video recorded in front of the Brooklyn Bridge;

Apparently the Los Angeles Police department are now limbering up for their video;

However the Isles of Scilly force have declined the challenge.  (In case you aren't aware, the Isle of Scilly is a collection of tiny islands that lie 28 miles off the South West coast of the UK.)  Their force posted a hilarious response on Facebook by Sgt Colin "Dad Dance" Taylor that read;

"I note that the gauntlet has been laid down for a dance off with us.  I also note that they can draw on a supporting cast of thousands of officers and staff, whereas we have a modest team of five and occasionally a cat.

Our combined age on this small rock in the Atlantic (including feline years) is over 300.  Ours is not to dance or body pop ever since the thespian PC Mat "Flashdance" Collier left these shores several years ago.  When we do so, we now do levity in the medium of cake."

The two sets of friends behind the original videos had a dream come true yesterday when they got to appear on The Ellen Show—check out the footage below where they explain how it all came about.


White men can’t jump and white chicks can’t rap.

Or at least some white chicks—case in point, Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson, who come up a little short despite giving it their best go on the Ellen Show today—Popdust has video.

Ellen and Rebel have formed a new group, imaginatively titled, RebEllen and they spit out some flows—about watching cat videos online.

#GangstaLife… indeed.

“By popular demand we formed a rap duo called RebEllen - get it? - and our first album is dropping today,” Ellen announces.

“It's called White Ladies Rapping. I thought I should have a release party right now.”

Enter Rebel, rocking a bedazzled Adidas sweat suit with her pseudonym Reb embroidered across the back.

“Let me put my ring back on, cause you got this for me, didn't you? Deezy.” DeGeneres says, showing off a huge bedazzled ring worthy of any aspiring rapper.

The newly formed rap duo proceeds to rattle off their favorite tracks from their “upcoming album.”

Baby Got Backfat,” Rebel says.

“One of my favorites is Booty Slap for Africa,” she continues. “There's that one, One In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush. That's our more romantic kind of ballad.”

“The song that's really blowing up the charts though, when it gets to the charts it will blow up, is Watching Cats on the Internet,” Ellen chimes in.

“I mean, I heard it's already been downloaded like, five times,” Rebel quips. “Do you guys want to hear it?”

Cue deep beat.

“Kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty cat,” Rebel raps. “It's a Saturday night and I'm feeling alright... tonight I'd rather be watching cats on the Internet.”

Stop the press…..Kanye West smiles!!!!

Kim Kardashian showed off some candid family snaps on the Ellen Show Friday—and Popdust has the pics as well as video of her appearance.

The photos of daughter Nori, who will turn one in June, were super, super cute, showing the little girl happily smiling and laughing—but, it was the uber rare photo of baby daddy, Kanye, SMILING that got our attention!

Kanye West Smiles!!


The 36-year-old usually has a scowl firmly in place whenever there’s a camera around, but in one photo Kim showed the singer was veritably grinning as he horsed around, giving Nori a piggyback.

He’s obviously smitten with his little girl, but, although Kim insisted he’s “really a hands-on dad,” when pushed by Ellen, she admitted he’s “not a diaper-changing kind of guy.”

Thankfully though, Kim LOVES changing diapers.

“I love that time — I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she’s on the changing table,” Kardashian said. “She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her.”

Ellen Show


And when it comes to adding to the family?

Despite admitting, “pregnancy was not a good experience” she’s not been deterred from doing it again.

“It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that [again],” she said.

Love them or loathe them you gotta admit, they do make gorgeous babies!

Britney Spears is crazy in love and doesn’t care who knows about it.

The 32-year-old has been dating new boyfriend, David Lucado for eight months, and they’ve just had their first major tiff… awwwww—and Popdust has the 411.

Lucado, who is a “regular Joe” non-industry type pissed off his Pop princess in a pretty typical regular Joe-guy way…. by not calling her back for six hours.

Dude, if you’re dating Miss Britney Spears, you better be sure you ring her back in a very timely fashion or you’re just gonna end up on her shit list.

Brit Brit opened up about her new love to Ellen DeGeneres and you can watch a super cute clip of her gushing in-love interview below.

Thankfully, there was no couch jumping……

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