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On This Day: "Recovery" Was Eminem's Worst Album

A decade later, we reflect on Eminem's biggest global success, which also happened to be his worst album.

In hindsight, 2010 Eminem's journey into the pop landscape was calamitous.

Coming off of a sloppy comeback in 2009, Recovery was meant to serve as a comeback from his comeback. He spent the year spitting ferocious bars for anyone who'd hand him a microphone, determined to reclaim his quirky Slim Shady identity.

But his efforts remained underwhelming. He had been clean and sober going on 12 years, and as badly as he wanted to return to the drug-fueled mania of Slim Shady, he had changed exponentially as a man as a result of getting clean. That identity was long gone.

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Every Complaint About Javicia Leslie as the First Black Batwoman Is Ridiculous

If you're mad because "Batwoman was never black," there's something you need to know...


TV's newest incarnation of Batwoman, Ryan Wilder, is Black.

The CW's Batwoman has always had a progressive streak. In the first season, Orange Is the New Black alum Ruby Rose plays Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne's cousin who dons the Batwoman cowl to protect Gotham City. Just like every other superhero show, Kate's romantic life factors into the plot. Unlike the rest, however, Kate is an out lesbian, making her the first leading lesbian superhero in television history.

But after the first season, Ruby Rose announced that she was leaving Batwoman for unspecified reasons, allegedly related to burnout from the ridiculously long work hours required from a superhero series lead. This meant that in order for Batwoman to continue, the CW would need a new star.

Enter Javicia Leslie, former co-star of CBS comedy-drama God Unfriended Me. Prior to Leslie's casting, fans of the show wondered how Batwoman might handle the transition of actresses. Would Kate Kane just look completely different in season 2 with no canonical explanation?

Nope. As it turns out, Javicia Leslie's Batwoman will be an entirely new character: Ryan Wilder.

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How Much Is Your Favorite Rapper Worth?

What? You know you've Googled it.

After years of keeping most of his finances under wraps, the inevitable has become official: Kanye West is a billionaire.

West's wealth shouldn't come as a surprise. His mansion is insane. His namesake shoe is in the race to dethrone Nike Jordans. His in-laws are the country's most famous family, and his buddies include the country's most infamous family. It was only a matter of time.

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