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Ryan Gosling’s tribute to his late dog George will put you on the verge of tears

Swoon over the sensitive "Blade Runner 2049" actor as he gushes about his dog

Ellen Tube

As if you needed another reason to love Ryan Gosling.

On Friday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Ryan Gosling appeared to promote his new "Blade Runner 2049" movie — but also to pay tribute to his late dog, George.

Gosling revealed that George had died in December 2016 and that he feels weird calling him a dog. "There was something about George where I think he felt like being a dog was beneath him. He would not do tricks. If you wanted him even to sit down, you had to convince him it was in his best interest."

Perhaps that was true — later on Gosling recalled a moment when George climbed up onto a restaurant seat because he had had enough of the ground. "He got up onto their seat and sat down at the table like a gentleman and looked around the table like, 'Yeah, that's right.'"

Gosling even joked around, comparing George to an aging rockstar. "He was sorta skinny-fat and he had big hair and, you know, no teeth, open sores, but still sexy."

It's not the first time Gosling's spoken about his dog — in a 2013 interview with The Independent, he raved that George was "the great love of [his] life" and that he fills out special paperwork to take him everywhere.

Ryan Gosling Visits 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' with his dog GeorgeGetty Images

Even back in 2011, Gosling brought George on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" while promoting his film "Crazy, Stupid, Love." As a mixed breed with a full body mohawk, he certainly made Gosling look cooler.

Even though Gosling revealed that he may find a new pet, George will never be forgotten — he lives on in the dog tags around his owner's neck. And if that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.

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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have welcomed their second child into the world.

What really deserves our congratulations (and admiration) though, is the fact that she had the baby TWO WEEKS ago and nobody knew!

The baby girl, named Amada Lee Gosling who was born on April 29, is a sister to their 20 month old daughter Esmeralda.  The unusual name Amada is after Eva's grandmother, which Eva revealed in 2014 means "beloved" in Spanish.

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The notoriously private couple met on set of The Place Behind The Pines in 2011 and since then have kept their relationship to themselves.  It was only in mid-April that news of Eva's second pregnancy broke when she was spotted hiding her baby bump—which bearing in mind she was pretty much nine months pregnant by that stage is kind of hard to do.

The only reason the news of the baby's birth has come out now is that some lowlife at the hospital told TMZ, who then obtained a copy of the baby's birth certificate.

I really hope the hospital (Providence St John's Health Center in Santa Monica) find out who sold out the new parents' privacy for a fast buck and fire them.  Seriously, we all love a bit of celebrity gossip (some of us even make a living out of it), but just because a person's job makes them famous, it doesn't entitle us to know every single detail of their private lives when they patently don't court 24/7 publicity.

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Gosling and Mendes have always kept a low profile and are most definitely not cut from the same celebrity cloth as the Kardashians, who are such media whores they had to be treated for the DTs in Cuba last week when they only had intermittent wifi. Seriously.

The couple don't call up the paps every time they leave the house and they don't update us via social media every time they fart.  I mean, can you imagine a world where every second of a Kardashian pregnancy from conception to afterbirth isn't pimped out by the Momager™ on Instagram and E!? No, us neither. Pimp Momma Kris's head must be spinning permanently right now until she can come up with a way to kash in on son Rob's impending fatherhood (she'll have to wrestle kontrol from Blac Chyna)—you can imagine her sitting behind her desk in her darkened office screaming hysterically at her assistants as they feverishly crush up Xanax to sneak into her morning cheeseburger.

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Anyway, I digress...back to Eva and Ryan.


And before anyone points out the irony that Popdust too are writing about the secret baby...we know!  But it's out there now so the news is fair game—our point is, it's totally unfair that they've had this news made public before they were ready.



Eva Mendes revealed on the Today show this week that Ryan Gosling is a hands-on dad who is comfortable changing their baby's diapers.

For anyone who thinks it's a big deal for a father to change diapers, wake up, it's not the 1950's! Men do diapers, they go to pediatrician appointments, they sometimes even show their feelings!

For the rest of us, the news here is that we need to stop believing those 'reports' that Ryan and Eva have split up.

They are a real couple, who try hard to maintain their privacy by not appearing on red carpets together and by avoiding the usual paparazzi hang-outs.

We want to live in denial, but studies have shown that pretending Ryan Gosling is going to find you in a crowd and fall in love with you is a poor defense mechanism against reality. It was okay before he met Eva but now, no.

Since we can't have Ryan personally, in the biblical sense, we may as well just go back to admiring him as the bar every other man must try to reach.

Sensitive, brainy, strong, heroic, muscular, humble, talented, and comfortable with his feminine side while flexing his six-pack abs. He probably sings to the baby too, in perfect pitch.

And let's not forget the time he wrote this daughter Esmeralda's name on his knuckles: Wearing his leather jacket, it is the perfect defining juxtaposition of tough and tender.

Back to those diapers, though. Eva agrees that men changing diapers is a given and doesn't call for a Dad of the Year award. In the same interview, to promote her new clothing line, Mendes reveals that this is only the third time she has been separated from from the baby, who is safe at home with 'Papa.'

You know what, on second thought, let's try denial for just a little while longer. Who are we hurting, right?

Watch the interview, below.


Ryan Gosling has come to the defense of his Baby Mama Eva Mendes after she enraged the world with a joke about sweatpants.

Eva's response to a silly question that essentially asked 'How to keep a man happy' was a tongue-in-cheek admonishment against wearing sweatpants.

You can't do sweatpants. No! Ladies, No. 1 cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants. No. Can't do that.

Only an idiot would take her answer seriously, right?

Well, no. You'd think Mendes had told women to have their feet bound.

Years ago, Jerry Hall confided her secret to keeping her man happy: She always gave Mick Jagger a blowjob before he left the house. Clearly, this did not work forever, but the women I knew thought it was pretty good advice.

But that was before Twitter.

These days, you can't say a damn thing about anything. Gisele Bundchen took a beating on social media when she insisted that breastfeeding be mandatory for all mothers. Naturally, she had to apologize.

Eva has now apologized for her harmless joke with a photo of her own sweatpants and these words:

But Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling is a gentleman, and he won't just sit there while Eva is bullied on twitter and lectured on every blog and news portal except possibly Field And Stream.

Internet People, has it occurred to you that you are bullying when you go ballistic about every personal opinion you read online? Do you really think it's an affront to female equality if an actress makes a joke about sweatpants? Or feels strongly about breastfeeding?

No wonder Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes try to avoid the spotlight and keep their private lives on the down-low.

Eva Mendes is opening up on how she keeps the flame alive with Ryan Gosling (other than trapping him with a child, amirite?) - and it's as basic as you'd expect.

Continuing her campaign to be the most relentlessly unlikable actress in Hollywood, Eva's response to how she keeps Ryan happy is absolutely ridiculous.

When asked if she ever gets cozy in her sweatpants at home, the 41-year-old acted as if someone just asked her if she likes to pee in his cornflakes:

"No, no, no!" she told Extra. "Sweatpants, no, no, no, no. No, no, you can't do sweatpants. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. No, you can't do that."

Jesus, calm down, Eva. WE GET IT. If you're not in full hair and makeup your partner, who is the father of your child, will not find you attractive.

Got it.

Also, do you believe for a second - ONE SECOND - that this tiresome woman has never been in sweatpants around Ryan? If she really, truly hasn't, what a freaking sad, weird relationship.

Ryan... it's still not too late!

So let's say you're sitting around your office at Star magazine, cooking up stories for tomorrow. Jennifer Aniston has already had several sets of twins and secret weddings. Kanye has abandoned Kim, with a messy divorce to follow. Princess Kate and the Queen have pummeled each other with blunt objects. The Willis girls have shaved their heads or their nipples.

Brainstorm! How about if Brad and Angie invite Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes over to hang out and talk about babies! This is so perfect, a complete no-brainer! Two high-powered couples who have nothing to do with each other and no known close friends on either side.

Ryan and Eva like a low profile existence, Angie and Brad contact the paps whenever it's time to buy their kids a toy or for Angie to pretend to eat a bag of McDonald's fries. A perfect match!

Best of all, no one will bother to deny such a fatuous but benign story. So it's on. And the Daily Mail earnestly quotes the imaginary sources who told Star:

Angelina Jolie, 39, and Brad Pitt, 51, had new parents Eva Mendes, 40, and Ryan Gosling, 34, over for lunch at their sprawling Los Feliz mansion in Los Angeles. Recently. Brad and Ryan have been getting to know each other ahead of shooting their film The Big Short.


Also along for the visit was Eva and Ryan's new baby Esmeralda, born in September 2014. Brad and Ryan have become really close buddies,' a source told the weekly.'And Eva has been a huge fan of Angelina's for years. She was dying to meet her.'

Oh, how nice! It's lovely when stars make friends, even if it's not true! Better yet, it's so cute when their kids play together, even when the age differences clearly prohibit that.

'They relaxed for a few hours while the kids played,' added the insider.

I just wish it didn't stop there. And you know, why should it! Let's have them all get into a hot tub when the sun goes down. Angie will wear a minimalist topless swimsuit, ready to compete if Eva should start breast feeding.

The men can smoke cigars or even pot, while they talk about production deals and back end profits. Man-talk.

Which couples would you like Star to place in imaginary situations next week? Reese Witherspoon and J Lo could get together to talk about their divorces, while the kids dye their hair and watch Novellas on Telemundo!