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5 Tracks That Inspired Maggie Lindemann

Watch her break down songs by Evanescence, Beach House, and more

Since releasing her breakout track "Pretty Girl" in 2016, Maggie Lindemann has never stopped evolving. Singles like "GASLIGHT!" introduced a darker side, and last year's PARANOIA made it clear she had no intentions of ever being a standard pop princess.

Lindemann's latest, SUCKERPUNCH, is a loud, thumping, rock album with elements of pop punk, grunge, and Y2K metal. "she knows it," the most popular track so far, could slide into a playlist with Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday.

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This Haunts Me: "My Immortal" May Be One of the Greatest Works of Postmodern Art

Was "My Immortal" a genuine work of terrible fanfiction, or was it a big ironic joke all along?

For fiction enthusiasts in the early 2000s, was the place to be.

In 1998, launched as a hub for fanfiction stories. The Internet was still in its Golden Age of lawlessness and creativity, with decentralized fan communities spread across personal websites and niche forums. Each brimmed with their own politics and drama, and for fans of children's novels, especially Harry Potter, fanfiction was serious business.

Battle lines were drawn over which Harry Potter characters you shipped (in explicit detail, usually). Fanfiction with the correct ships would be lauded as the greatest thing since real Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and bad ships would be derided as blasphemy. Dissent could mean being banned forever from the biggest online communities for your favorite series.

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