R3HAB And Julie Bergan Team Up For the Soulful 'Don't Give Up On Me Now'

Quixotic house music full of infectious vibes.

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Globetrotting Dutch-Moroccan DJ and producer R3HAB, aka Fadil El Ghoul, hooked up with Norway's Julie Bergan to deliver a new romantic house track "Don't Give Up on Me Now."

Bergan, a mega-star in Norway, with a laundry list of platinum records, a Spellemann Award (Norway's Grammy Award), a double-platinum album, Turn On The Lights, and more than 320 million Spotify streams, highlights the song with her dazzling, soul-infused voice.

On his part, R3HAB has been featured in Forbes and Billboard. His 2017 debut album, Trouble, grabbed over a half billion streams, while his second album, The Wave, has accumulated 200 million streams in just a few months, resulting in a sold-out tour of North America.

R3HAB & Julie Bergan - Don't Give Up On Me Now (Official Video)

"Don't Give Up on Me Now" is the twosome's first collaboration, and follows on the heels of R3HAB's collaborations with A Touch Of Class, Icona Pop, and remixes for Sofi Tukker, Danny Ocean, P!nk, and The Chainsmokers, among others.

"Don't Give Up on Me Now" opens on vibrant guitars flowing into a compelling house groove topped by the cool, vibrant surfaces of Bergan's voice. Radiant synths ring out bright sonic textures, infusing the tune with wavering shimmers of color. A thumping kick drum and throbbing bass line blanket the rhythm in contagious dynamic pulses.

"Don't you even think 'bout giving up on me now / Don't you even think 'bout walking out of my life / Everything I do, I do it for you / I need you to stay, stay tonight / Don't give up on me now."

Cool and stylish, "Don't Give Up on Me Now" conveys magnetic energy.

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